Where to Catch a Sunset in Medellin

Where to Catch a Sunset in Medellin

TLDR? You can enjoy a sunset in Medellín from one of the hills that surrounds the city, as well as paragliding! 

The beautiful mountainous city of Medellín boasts one of the most pleasant climates in the world. Or at least, that’s what the locals say.

Now, while I’m not one to argue with the locals, what I can say is that the City of Eternal Spring has some pretty incredible sunsets. If you’re looking to catch a sunset while in Medellin, this guide is for you.

Read ahead to discover the best outdoor spaces to watch the transition of a sunny day into a gorgeous night in Medellín!  

The Las Palmas Lookout

Las Palmas Lookout

If you’re looking for a spot with a bit of street style, the Las Palmas viewpoint is the place for you. 

The area is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. There are even events you can attend, such as La Alborada, which takes place each year on November 30th.

Here, you’ll have the best of everything: a panoramic view of Medellin, a cool climate, an adequate space with parking, and traditional street food. A couple of the things you can try there include chorizo ​​with arepa paisa, hot chocolate with melted cheese, and meat kebabs.

Surround yourself with good food and good company, and see why Medellín’s valley-like shape is called La Tacita de Plata or “the Silver Cup” as the sun goes down. 

Museo El Castillo

El Castillo

The Museo El Castillo can be one of the most romantic, elegant, and charming places to watch the sun go down. 

Keep in mind that the area is only open at certain times. For example, museum tours last until 5 in the afternoon, while the garden is open until 6. 

Don’t worry; you’ll still be able to see the sunset. The sun usually sets between 5:45 and 6:15 in the evening, so you’ll be able to enjoy the event before having to leave the gardens. 

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can enjoy a picnic in the gardens of the Museo El Castillo, whether you set it up yourself or hire the museum staff to help. 

The museum provides a couple of different types of picnics, including: 

  • For two
  • Family
  • Arab
  • Vegetarian

Guests can request special food and decorations for the picnic, as well as the cliche checkered tablecloth! It’s a wonderful way to watch the sun go down. 

Cerro Nutibara – Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is a tourist attraction on the top of a hill meant to represent a traditional Antioquian-style neighborhood. Pueblito Paisa is the ideal location to engage in Paisa culture and traditions against the beautiful landscape and the setting sun.

Atop the hill Pueblito Paisa resides on, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the city and sky. There are also some nice walking paths to climb the hill if you’re feeling athletic. 

Better yet, in the village, you can chow down on some typical paisa dishes such as skewered meats and sausages or get a table at one of the nearby restaurants. 

I recommend spending the afternoon into the evening there. Purchase some handicrafts or souvenirs to remind you of Medellín, or check out the local museum.

San Felix

San Felix

San Felix is ​​a corregimiento located in the northern area of ​​Medellin bordering Bello and is the best-known place in the city to practice paragliding.

You can find dozens of tourist and sports houses providing the opportunity to glide in a colorful paraglider over the mountains of Medellín.

Alongside its mountain top location and incredible views, there are also some great restaurants where you can share a meal while appreciating the city from above. 

Enjoying the sunset while flying in a paraglider over Medellin sounds like a dream, and trust me, it really is!

If you’re into extreme sports, this is the perfect way to watch the sun descend over the City of Eternal Spring’s mountains. After that, fill your stomach at one of the area’s restaurants: 

  • Vista al Vuelo
  • San Anteo Restaurante Bar
  • Waira Restaurante 
  • Mira Pues

I recommend bringing some warm clothes, as temperatures in the area tend to drop significantly at night. 

Comuna 13 or San Javier 

San Javier

This neighborhood is located to the west of the city, bordered on the north by the commune Robledo, on the east by La América and Laureles-Estadio, on the south by the Altavista corregimiento, and on the west by San Cristóbal and Altavista.

It’s said to be one of the best lookouts in the city since you can use the electric stairs to enjoy the stunning views of the colorful houses and the green mountains.

Currently, this place is a symbol of peace and innovation. Although back in Medellin’s past, it was one of the most feared areas, the city has been transformed. 

Now it’s one of the Medellin must-visit spots; there, you can take the famous graffiti tour and enjoy a family evening while admiring the views

To get there, you can take the metro, bus, a taxi, or an Uber. Once you arrive, be sure to check out the following:

  • Juan XXIII viewpoint 
  • San Javier library
  • Kolacho house

Make sure to post up at the viewpoint around 6pm!

Cerro Volador Natural Park 

Cerro Volador Natural Park

This is the largest natural park in Medellin, located in the west center of the city. Cerro el Volador is an ideal place where locals and tourists like to work out while enjoying the view of the city.

In 1992 it was declared a historic and natural heritage of the nation. So, the park is completely free to visit!

Today, it promotes outdoor recreation thanks to the numerous outdoor activities in the area:

  • Bird watching 
  • Raise kites
  • Hiking 
  • Cycling
  • Picnics
  • Camping

Take advantage of being in the middle of the Aburrá Valley to get the best views of the Antioquian sunsets.

Cerro El Picacho Ecopark

El Picacho Ecopark

Cerro El Picacho is located in the northwest of the city, bordering Bello. Some historians and geologists say that Cerro El Picacho was an active volcano in the Paleolithic era.

This incredible natural formation was a place of passage for ancestors from the 18th century to the early 20th century. Since that time, the Hill has been a place of pilgrimage. Because of this, a statue of Christ the Savior was erected at the top.

At the top of the hill, you’ll be more than 2000 meters above sea level. That’s why it’s one of the most popular places to catch a sunset in Medellin.

After you admire the sunset, stay a little longer and appreciate the night view of the entire city. It’s a great experience that gives you another way of seeing the city.

El Cielo Viewpoint

El Cielo Viewpoint

Now, if you prefer to add some adrenaline to your evening, El Cielo viewpoint is the place I recommend. You’ll have great panoramic views of the city but also a chance to have some funl. It’s located on the outskirts of the city by the Vereda Manzanillo road in the Altavista Corregimiento.

Admission is free. However, you can’t bring food or drinks because there’s an onsite restaurant. They’ve got a wide menu of main courses, snacks, drinks, and cocktails, though, so you won’t go hungry!

My recommendation is that you have lunch there and spend the rest of the day enjoying all the activities in the area. The place has a family-friendly atmosphere and tons of things to do. A couple of them include:

  • Paintball
  • Extreme swing
  • Sky jum
  • Rock-climbing wall
  • Ball pit 
  • Superhero (Children’s trampoline)
  • Zipline
  • Target shooting

There’s also an animal farm where children can ride horses and feed sheep and pigs!

Cerro Pan de Azucar

Cerro Pan de Azucar

One of my favorite places to connect with nature and appreciate the views of the city is definitely Cerro Pan de Azucar. It’s located in Comuna 8 or Villa Hermosa, towards the central-eastern area of Medellin. 

This small forest reserve in the middle of Medellin is the favorite place for the neighborhood’s residents to get outdoors or walk their dogs. 

Besides watching the sunset, among the other things that you can enjoy in the Cerro Pan de Azucar are:

  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Visit the agroecological gardens
  • Picnics
  • Camping

Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat, because at the top of the mountain the sun does its thing. However, the hike is worth it: you’ll get one of the most beautiful views of Medellin.

La Cruz Viewpoint

La Cruz Viewpoint

A small resting spot where you can get one of the best views of Medellin is right next to Cerro Pan de Azucar. 

If you’re a beginner hiker, you might want to make this the first viewpoint you visit. The walk is very mild, so it’s perfect for the elderly and children.

Along the way, you’ll find a small natural tunnel where you can take cute pictures. Overall, it’s a nice place to get out of the monotony and watch the city from above.

Enjoy the Sunset in Medellin! 

Medellín’s mountains offer amazing places to see the sunset. Whether you go for an informal picnic or sip on wine from atop a hilltop, witness an unforgettable night in Medellín! 

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