How to Celebrate Father's Day in Medellin

a father with his son

TLDR? Medellin features unique and eventful ways to give your dads the Father’s Day celebration they deserve. 

Father’s Day around the world is always celebrated every third Sunday of June. It’s the day when your dads get the recognition they deserve for being modern-day superheroes in your daily life. 

In Colombia, celebrating Father’s Day means empowering the locals’ deeply rooted strong family values. And because it always falls on a Sunday, it’s the perfect day to have the entire day with your family and spoil your father figures. 

If you’re in Medellin for Father’s Day and are looking for unique ways to celebrate it, we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to find out how! 

Learn Fútbol 

While no games are scheduled during June for the two biggest teams (Independiente Medellin and Atletico Nacional), you can always take your dad to Estadio, Medellin’s local neighborhood park, or Jardin Botanico. Hang out with your dad by playing friendly kicks, which can also be great exercise! 

It’s free, but we suggest reserving the stadium or park in advance. Plus, it’s also a great way to meet other families celebrating Father’s Day by playing football. Who knows? Maybe you’re lucky enough to create a team of Niños versus Padres!

Sip and Groove: Afro Meets Latin

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating Father’s Day a week late, is there? 

And if your dad loves music, beats, and rhythm, he’ll definitely enjoy Sip and Groove: Afro Meets Latin. It will happen on June 25 at 9:30 pm at Purple Reign Hookah Bar by AfroFiesta Entertainment! 

The Sip and Groove party showcases Dancehall, Amapiano, and Afrobeats rhythms with expert DJs and live performers present at the event. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways to celebrate Gather’s Day, with an electric atmosphere buzzing as your dads make their way to the dancefloor. 

Tickets are USD 20 for general admission and USD 100 if you wish to secure VIP alcohol bottles.

Father’s Day Lunch at Abbioco

A simple Father’s Day lunch is still an eventful celebration. 

And if you’re looking for a prime dining spot in Medellin, why don’t you check out Abbioco? It’s one of the perfect restaurants for meaningful celebrations with refined dishes and a beautiful ambiance. 

And because it’s Father’s Day, Abbioco will be inviting live performers to sing their hearts out with your favorite music. Plus, your dads can also request songs they would want to hear live! 

This event will take place on June 18, from 12 midnight to 4 pm, and tickets cost 120,000 Colombian pesos per person. Kids will also have to pay 50%. Each bought ticket comes with pizza, pasta, and unlimited beer. 

But you can still order other dishes from the restaurant, not inclusive of the Father’s Day ticket. 

Enjoy Ciclovía

Ciclovía is another way to celebrate Father’s Day, especially when your dad is a fan of wheels. It’s one of the unique ways to do it on Sundays because the main road closes between El Centro and Envigado. 

Ciclovía allows locals to skate, cycle, and run throughout the entire city. But you must wake your dad before 7 am to avoid large crowds. You can also plan a surprise route, where you can also stop by coffee shops for some coffee and breakfast.

Why don’t you challenge your dad to a race to make it even more thrilling? You can also invite your friends and family to watch your friendly competition. At the end of the match, gather together for some well-deserved drinks. 

Moreover, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have a bike. EnCicla, a bike-rental company in Medellin, can provide you with bicycles for rent. But you must first register using your Civica card to enjoy riding.

Nice Picnic At Cerro El Volador

It’s no surprise that Medellin is famous for its beautiful picnic spots and lush greenery. And if your dad is a nature lover, we have the best idea to make him feel loved on Father’s Day. 

Take advantage of the warm weather and hike to reach Cerro el Volador. With more than 106 hectares, Cerro el Volador is one of the city’s largest natural parks. And you can even get picturesque spots to savor the experience. 

Hiking should take 45 minutes, and the trails are clearly-marked, making them relatively easy. You’ll also spot a fresh juice stand, a butterfly sanctuary, and impressive rooftop snippets along the way. 

Prepare a picnic box of all your dad’s favorite snacks you can enjoy once you reach the top. Have a picnic with a view as you admire 360-degree spots of the entire city while toasting with your dad.

Landmark Hotel’s One-of-a-Kind Art Show by Ache

Medellin also features renowned artists and cultural enthusiasts. It’s also one of the primary reasons tourists love returning to this Colombian city. 

Happening on June 23, Landmark Hotel will sponsor a one-of-a-kind art show by Ache, and you must bring your dad there if he enjoys seeing art exhibits. 

The Landmark Hotel is located within El Poblado, a few minutes from Medellin’s prime tourist spots. It has suites and family rooms, so you can bring your whole family and spend a luxurious night after watching and seeing beautiful art pieces. 

The art show showcases creative paintings about nature and diversity. You’ll also see a brief description of the masterpiece beside each painting displayed. 

After witnessing the magnificent art show, hang out by the hotel’s pool or rooftop bar. Ultimately, Landmark Hotel will not let you run out of things to do on Father’s Day!

Spend A Day at the Planetarium

Jesus Emilio Ramirez Medellin, the city’s famous planetarium, is also a favorite family attraction in the neighborhood. It’s an ideal location to bring your dad obsessed with learning about the solar system. 

Medellin’s planetarium features a 54-foot dome, with a series of films portraying alien lifeforms, gravity, the moon, and space depths. A tiny science museum inside with incredible displays and interactive exhibits is even better. Plus, the exhibits are written in English and Spanish! 

There’s no fixed entrance fee for the Planetarium because the price differs in each stratum. But if you bring your child under 2, she’s free.

Appreciate Outdoors at Parque El Salado

If your dad is a wildlife fan, you should take him to Parque El Salado. It’s packed with a stream, canopy, climbing wall, picnic areas, and a fantastic blend of wildlife. Plus, your dad will also enjoy several nature walks. 

Why not head to the cool waters when the weather is warm and swim with your dad? Then, have a hearty lunch after. There’s a high chance you’ll also spot exotic monkeys and birds while enjoying a day at Parque El Salado. 

Moreover, the park also features lookout points of the famous skylines in the city. It’s a great way to relax with nature or spend an entire day swimming and climbing. 

Parque El Salado is easily accessible by public transport if you’re coming from the Envigado metro station. The entrance fee costs 4,500 Colombian pesos, and there are extra charges for the canopy and wall-climbing activities.

Medellin Food Tour

Another way to celebrate Father’s Day is to appreciate delicious Colombian and international cuisines in Medellin. The city will hold its annual food tour on June 17, 2023, a day before Father’s Day. 

Participants will get a chance to taste various dishes from four restaurants while learning about Medellin’s rich history and culture. Plus, there are also shots given to toast to celebrating your fathers. Tickets for the Medellin Food Tour range from $49 to $59. 

Try Out A Steakhouse in Medellin

A fine dining experience will not be complete without ordering a steak or two. Fortunately, Medellin has a wide variety of steak restaurants where you can bring your dad for lunch or dinner. This premium-cut meat is indeed popular in the city. 

We recommend Sam Carbon in Las Palmas for their premium-quality steaks served in a vibrant atmosphere. Plus, you can enjoy your steak dishes while leaning to live music, performing, and dancing. 

Another famous steak place is Lucio Carbon y Vino. You can find it in Envigado, and features an intimate ambiance. It’s ideal when you want to treat your dad to a sophisticated or classy dinner. 

But if you prefer something more casual, there’s also La Pampa, known for its friendly service and affordable dishes. There’s also Don Diablo, one of the newest steakhouses in Poblado. Don Diablo has become famous because it infuses various American cuisines, creating delicious twists in its best-selling dishes. 

Give Your Dads What They Deserve this Father’s Day

There’s no need to splurge to make your dads feel special on Father’s Day. And you can find several tourist attractions and scenic spots where you can take your dad to celebrate in Medellin. 

From art shows to hiking, picnicking with a view, or visiting museums — you’ll surely find something to do to make your dads feel loved and blessed this upcoming Father’s Day. Plus, a quiet lunch or dinner is also possible with a wide variety of steakhouses and fine dining restaurants in Medellin. 

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