Which Are the Most Important Trade Fairs in Medellin?

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TLDR? In Medellin, there are many trade fairs for all kinds of industries throughout the year.

Medellin is the cradle of great national and international events that take place throughout the year in Colombia. 

In addition to the renowned festivals and fairs such as the Feria de las Flores and Colombiamoda, the City of Eternal Spring is the center of large-scale trade events where businessmen from all over the world meet to buy locally, export, negotiate and learn about the new industry trends.

In this guide, we’ll go over the most important trade fairs in Medellín. Here’s what to know about the biggest trade fairs of the year in the City of Eternal Spring!

Colombiatex de Las Americas – January 23-25

fashion designers exhibitions

The textile industry in Medellin is pretty big, so it’s no surprise that there’s a large trade fair celebrating it. 

Colombiatex is the biggest trade fair, in which the raw materials, fabrics, materials, machinery, and processes are celebrated. This event takes place in the Plaza Mayor convention center, which is the biggest event center in the city. 

Each year, hundreds of local exhibitors demonstrate the new capabilities in front of people from all over the world. There, investors can make decisions about investing in the local textile industry in Colombia. 

In 2023, the focus for this event is circular awareness and sustainability, two rising topics in the business world in general. 

Expofitness – February 17-19

women's weightlifting exhibition

If you love fitness, health, and all things wellbeing, then Expofitness is the palace for you. This trade fair is a business and exhibition platform that consists of a national and international business meeting of the fitness and wellness industry. 

It’s actually the largest in Colombia, and one of the most important in Latin America, meaning it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

At this event, you’ll find gyms, sports clubs, wellness centers as well as professionals setting up pavilions to talk about their offerings and give you a rundown of what they do. This is the tenth year running of the event, making it a pretty big deal!

Feria de Las Dos Ruedas – May 4-7

motorcycle exhibition

Another big event coming up this year is the Feria de Las Dos Ruedas, or the Two-wheel fair. 

As you might guess from the name, this trade fair is to celebrate motorcycles! Motorcyclists abound in Colombia in general, not just in Medellin, which is why this is such a popular trade fair. 

This fair, which has been held for 14 consecutive years in Medellin, showcases new advancements and trends in the motorcycle industry. It’s also a great place to learn about new models and perhaps invest in a two-wheeled ride yourself!

Feria de Autopartes – June 5-7 2024

exhibition of new and old cars

Not too long after the motorcycle trade fair is the Feria de Autopartes, or the Autoparts Trade Fair. 

This event takes place every two years, when it takes over the Plaza Mayor convention center to put on an event in front of a national and international public. Here’s you’ll find exhibitions from parts sellers, mechanics, and automotive professionals.

2023 is one year where the Autoparts Trade Fair will take place, and it promises exhibitors and visitors from 16 different countries, a trends forum, auto mechanic student gatherings, and special events.

If you’re interested in investing in the automotive sector, this is a great opportunity to network and get your foot in the door. 

Expocamacol – Date to Be Defined

heavy machinery exhibition

One of the largest international fairs in Medellin is focused on the construction, architecture, and design sector. The fair is called Expocamacol, and it takes place every year in the Plaza Mayor convention center in Medellin.

Expocamacol is led by Camacol, a nonprofit association of companies in the Colombian construction sector. The organization focuses on building strategic alliances, and one way they do that is through this trade fair. 

In this fair, people will be able to participate in business roundtables, product launches, exhibition and demonstration spaces, a national and international exhibition, an academic agency, and an innovation showcase.

This is one of the biggest events in the industry where partnerships can be created between participants, dealers, and exhibitors from anywhere in the world. If you’re already in the design sector or are interested in getting into it, this is a good event to attend. 

Expoinmobiliaria – March 4-6 

exhibition of housing projects

Real estate also has a leading role within the trade fairs in Medellin. Expoinmobiliaria is an event where businesses can showcase and offer new housing projects and other buildings for sale in Medellin and its surroundings.

This fair is an ideal space to invest in property such as houses, apartments, lots, premises, offices, hotel suites, and offices in and around Medellin.

Besides learning about available investments, the event also offers information from financial institutions, family compensation funds, and companies that supply finishes, endowments for the home, among others. In other words, you get a complete picture of what you need to know about investing in Medellin. 

Expoinmobiliaria takes place annually in Plaza Mayor. This year it’s set to take place in March. If you want to attend, make sure to register early!

Colombiamoda  – Date to Be Defined

modeling and clothing exhibition

Colombiamoda, like Colombiatex, is an event of international stature whose main focus is the textile industry. However, the big difference between the two is that the first focuses more on design, and the second on raw materials. 

Colombiamoda is usually held a few days before the Feria de las Flores begins, in the middle of every yea. It’s a platform for the exhibition of local work in clothing design and fashion-related items, as well as a space for learning about new trends. 

In fact, you can pretty much summarize this event as the Paris Fashion Week of Colombia!

The event is so important that it gets as many as 60,000 annual visitors. Talk about an unmissable event!

Where to Stay in Medellin during a Business Trip?

view of the laureles neighborhood with the stadium in the middle

If you’re heading to Medellin for a business trip or to attend any of these trade fairs, it’s important to know where to stay

There are tons of great places to book in Medellin, but a couple top picks for business travelers are laid out below. 

Laureles Factory Lofts

Laureles Factory Lofts terrace

Laureles Factory Lofts offers industrial-style studios in the Laureles neighborhood, very close to the Plaza Mayor convention center, where the trade fairs in Medellin usually take place.

The units all have a small kitchen, living space, bathroom, and bedroom, making them a true home away from home. Best of all, the units are equipped with fiber optic internet, a coworking space on the second floor, and a rooftop pool to take a break from work.

Just 4 minutes by car, and 2 kilometers away from the city center, these studios are an excellent option for a business trip in the City of Eternal Spring. Plus, they’re located in one of the best neighborhoods in Medellin.


view of the interior of the room

Also located in Laureles, in the central-western area of Medellin, Moderatto is a group of furnished apartments for short-term rentals. It’s ideal for spending a business trip in Medellin. 

Just like Factory Lofts, Moderatto is located close to Plaza Mayor. You’ll find it in the Conquistadores area. That’s just about a 15 minute walk from Plaza Mayor!

You can choose apartments with 1 or 2 rooms and enjoy shared facilities such as a sauna, gym, and a roof terrace.

It’s got all the amenities you need to enjoy a comfortable stay while easily traveling for work. 

Loma Verde

view of the green loma hotel

El Poblado is one of the best neighborhoods in Medellin, which is what makes it another great place to stay while visiting the City of Eternal Spring. 

If you’re wanting somewhere a little more closer to tourist attractions and food venues, this neighborhood might be a better pick. In El Poblado, Loma Verde is a great place to stay. 

Although it’s a little further from the convention center, Loma Verde is located just 11 minutes by car from Plaza Mayor (6 kilometers).

The best thing about this stay is that it promises luxury and tranquility as well as proximity to Provenza and Parque Lleras, two of the most acclaimed areas for tourism in the city. 

Loma Verde has apartments with one or two bedrooms and is fully equipped with fiber optic internet. There are also common areas to get some coworking done, if needed. 

Energy Living

view of Energy Living apartments

Another great place to book in Medellin, whether it’s for business or tourism, is Energy Living. This is an apartment rental building coveted by hundreds of tourists and foreigners due to its luxurious amenities and award-winning architecture. 

This building is located in El Poblado and offers apartments with up to three rooms. In addition to being fully equipped, Energy Living has common spaces such as an infinity pool on the roof, jacuzzi, gym, and internet fiber optic for you to enjoy.

To get to Plaza Mayor for trade fairs, it only takes you 10 minutes by car. So, it’s still pretty close to any major business events. 

Medellin, a City for Doing Business

Medellin, in addition to its tourist attraction, is a city that is home to many trade fairs. In fact, it plays host to some of the most important in Latin America!

Although we’ll welcome you with open arms if you’re just here for a holiday, it’s a great place to do business in as well. With multiple industries setting up regular events, there’s plenty to invest in or learn about. 

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