The ultimate guide to furnished apartments in Medellin

The ultimate guide to furnished apartments in Medellin

Finding somewhere to stay in a new city can be daunting. Ensuring the location and accommodation type is right can be time-consuming, while finding a rental that matches your budget and taste can sometimes mean compromising on other important criteria. We created this rental guide to help you find the perfect place for you while you stay in Medellín.

Short term rentals

Whether you are a business traveler or travel with friends or your couple and you are looking to rent a furnished apartment for less than 28 days, click here!

Long term rentals

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to move to Medellín on a long-term basis. If you are staying in Medellin for minimum a month, click here and find the most suitable furnished apartment for you.

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5 tips to rent a furnished apartment in Medellín

In Casacol we are experts in sale, rental and administration of furnished luxury apartments in Medellin , especially in El Poblado and Laureles, as we have more than 300 apartments in these sectors. We know that the process to rent a furnished apartment can be stressful for foreigners and Colombians who do not know Medellín, and that questions like " is this neighborhood safe? Am I paying the right price or are they cheating me? Is the apartment really good or is it the effect of the photos? "To make planning your trip easier and more pleasant, we decided to create this list of 5 things that you should always keep in mind when renting a furnished apartment.

# 1 - Be clear about the budget:

One of the questions we hear the most is how much does it cost to rent a furnished apartment in El Poblado ? The answer, of course, is "it depends". It is possible that in the search find apartments for $ 2-3M COP per month , but the safest thing is that they are old apartments, without amenities (like swimming pool and gym) and with an old or poor quality furniture. If you are looking for an apartment with modern amenities, you should have a budget of at least $ 3M COP, which is the range in which the best one-bedroom apartments begin. The price for a two-bedroom apartment can start at $ 3.6M COP, for one of three at $ 4M and for a penthouse at $ 5M. If you do not have such a high budget, we suggest you look for apartments in nearby areas, such as Envigado and Laureles. The daily leases in Medellín are highly regulated , so there are certain requirements that the owners of the apartments must meet. Otherwise, you would be at risk of being evicted or being forced to pay fines. To prevent this from happening, we recommend asking if the owner of the apartment has the RNT (National Tourism Registry) and the daily fire safety inspection.

# 2 - Contracts

Are leases for days, weeks or months, you should always sign some type of contract. This is a tool that helps protect you and the property manager. When you make daily leases, services are usually included, but other times you will be those responsible for the payment of these, so it is important that they have this information clear before making any decision. It is very likely that they must pay a deposit for the payment of these services, and also, a deposit for damages within the property. The above is normal and legal. What Is not legal is that the owner or administrator of the property take a deposit to secure the lease fee. Note: Make sure that the contracts you sign are written in accordance with Colombian law. The forms of payment vary depending on the property manager. In some occasions this can request 50% of the canon to secure the apartment, especially when it is a monthly rent, but there are also cases in which 100% is requested. When it is time to check- in, it is safest that before the apartment is delivered it is requested that 100% of the payment has been made. For daily leases, the most common is that 100% of the payment is requested and in addition Have a contract signed before your arrival. Avoid being scammed: Do not make any kind of payment to an administrator without having signed a contract. At Casacol we received many calls from people who were scammed by unscrupulous administrators.

# 3 - Obey the rules

Each building has its own rules of coexistence regarding issues such as pet ownership, noise, guest policies, cigarette consumption, among others, which are always contained within the coexistence manual of each residence. According to the type of residents of the building, the rules can be more or less strict. Important advice! Take into account the new police code. If they break any of the code's rules, they may be fined or arrested for "trivial" behaviors, such as having noisy parties in their apartment or in more complicated situations such as being involved in a prostitution case in residential areas.

# 4 - Location

Regarding location, there is no correct answer since it is very relative and depends on your preferences and priorities. Everything can vary if you like to be in the hustle and bustle of the city or if you prefer to live an experience like a local in a residential area or if you like to move around the city by taxi or if you prefer to walk. To find the best possible location you must identify your priorities and " rank " your options according to these. Some of the most popular neighborhoods are El Poblado, Laureles and Envigado. If you want to be very close to the best restaurants, cafes and bars, Provence is the ideal place for you, you can also look elsewhere in El Poblado. If you prefer a little more calm, but still be close to good restaurants, Laureles may be the best option.

# 5 - Read the comments and inform yourself all right

Nowadays, all online transactions are supported by comments about the experience of both buyers and sellers. Reviewing these comments should be one of your priorities before choosing a place to stay, as these can help you avoid a bad experience like staying in a very noisy area, or that the apartment is not well located, that the water heater damage very often or many details that could make a holiday less pleasant. Make sure that the apartment has good comments as these will be the reflection, not only of a good space, but also of a clean place, a good administrator with whom it is easy to communicate and of many other aspects that will make your stay more pleasant. It is very important to review a good number of comments since some clients leave negative reviews to damage the reputation of the apartment or the tenant based on a small detail that they did not like or a problem that they never reported, so it was not solved. If the proportion of positive and negative comments is 10 to 1, it is possible to think that this bad criticism was made by a client who just wanted to download all his rage in the comments section. To be sure that this bad evaluation is an isolated case it is best, as I said many times, to review a good number of comments.