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Your Ultimate Guide to Short and Long Term Stays in Medellin

Apartment Rentals

• Prices can vary based on occupancy and seasonality.
• Contact your property manager for up to date availability.
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FAQs when renting with Casacol

1) How much is a furnished rental in Medellin?

It all depends: Views? Rooftop pool? AC? Location? 50-250 meters? While we have many sub-$1000 USD apartment rentals in Laureles, most of our Poblado inventory falls within $1250-$1750 per month. Luxury penthouse rentals can range from $2000-$5000. Daily rentals can range from $50 all the way up to $350/night in some outstanding units in the Energy Living Medellin building!

2) Do I have to sign an apartment rental contract?

For all monthly rentals you will Docusign an apartment rental contract prior to your payment. For daily rentals you will sign a check-in form. Both contain most of the same T&Cs. Please read carefully to avoid misunderstandings or if you aren’t in agreement, please don’t book.

3) What is the Casacol guest policy?

Casacol generally has rather strict guest and (no) party policies. Many rental apartments are contained within family buildings where you have many neighbors that are easily disturbed. Violating these policies can result in fines, eviction, or not being invited back. There are agencies in Medellin that specialize in party houses/apartments, Casacol is not one of them.

4) What is your refund and deposit policy?

Rental refunds or credits can be granted within certain windows and for certain reasons. We ask that you don’t book your rental apartment until you are absolutely certain of your travel dates and needs. Policies for many apartments can vary, please consult with the property manager. Deposits are required for most units to account for utility overages and incidentals.

5) How safe is it for foreigners in Medellin?

At Casacol we serve more than 2000 guests per months in our apartment rentals and condo-hotels with infinitesimally low incident rates. Medellin is a city where if you are looking for trouble you will find it, and if not, you almost never will. We deliver a security guide to each guest in each welcome letter.

6) What rental locations do you offer in Medellin?

We offer condo and apartment rentals in Poblado and Laureles. We don’t serve Envigado, Sabaneta, Belen, Centro or other areas because of low demand. Airbnb has many options in the far flung areas of Medellin.

7) Do you offer unfurnished rentals?

No, in fact it is rare for local property owners to rent unfurnished property to foreigners. Unfortunately rental insurance (required by most landlords) is not available to most foreigners, and foreigners don’t tend to be long term (multi-year unfurnished apartment renters). We specialize in furnished apartment rentals and hotels only.

8) Do you offer long-term apartment rentals?

Yes! We generally define short-term as less than 30 days and long term as anything longer. Of our monthly apartment rentals the average contract is 3-6 months with some clients negotiating 1-2 year contracts, other clients have been in the same apartment rental for 5 years! Negotiations are specific to each apartment owner.