A Quick Guide to Necoclí: Antoquia's Coastline

Where to Stay in Necoclí

TLDR? From Medellin to Necoclí. A Paisa and coastal town in Antioquia.

When you visit Medellin or anywhere in Antioquia, really, you don’t expect to find a small town with the sea in sight. That’s because most people think Antioquia is land-locked.

However, there’s actually a small Antioquian town called Necoclí that is on the coast. Necoclí is located northwest of Antioquia, about eight hours from Medellín. It’s an ideal place to escape for a weekend and get some great ocean views.

Thinking of checking out Necoclí? Then keep reading, cause I’ll show you where you can chill and have fun in this lovely coastal town!

Where is Necoclí?

Where is Necoclí?

Necoclí is a small coastal town in Antioquia, surrounded by mountains and greenery. It’s 237 miles (382 kilometers) from Medellín.

It’s normal to think that Antioquia’s the same wherever you go: bandeja paisas, cool spring-like weather, and the famous paisa accent and culture everywhere.

However, this department of Colombia is big, which means that it also has a coastal area. And, the culture and customs in this part of the state are entirely different.

Here, don’t expect to find buildings or city luxuries. But you’ll still get some great temperatures. Necoclí’s average is 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit—perfect weather!

How to Get There

There are several ways to get to Necoclí. Choose the one that suits your budget, or just pick the one that’s the most comfortable.

Here’s what to know about the various ways to get to Necoclí.

Take a Bus

Take a Bus

Traveling by bus is always your cheapest option.

The bus journey to Necoclí lasts approximately eight and a half hours. There are two routes from Medellin’s north terminal with two corresponding bus lines. Ticket prices and departure times change, so you’ll want to check those beforehand.

It’s a long journey, but the buses have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, sound equipment, and chairs to facilitate travel time. There are also outlets on some buses so you can charge your devices while you go.

Take an Airplane

Take an Airplane

Flying is the fastest way to get to Necoclí.

However, being a small town, the closest airport is Los Garzones International Airport in Montería, Córdoba. The flight takes about fifty minutes from the airport in Ríonegro in Medellín.

Then, you’ll have to take a taxi from the airport to the municipality of Montería and, from there, take the bus to Necoclí. The total road travel time is roughly three hours.

But, once you get to the place, with its perfect beaches and gorgeous weather, the whole trip there’ll be worth it!

What to Do in Necoclí

What to Do in Necoclí

Necoclí’s main attraction is its five beaches: Playa Linda (it got its name for a reason), El Totumo, Zapata, Casa Blanca, and Mulatos.

However, if you don’t just want to hang out at the beach, there are a few other places to go. Here are some of the other things to do in Necoclí.

Where to Get Food

Necoclí has ​​a habit of making you believe you aren’t in Antioquia, not only because of the sea but also because the food is very different.

Most dishes utilize products grown and produced locally in Necoclí. Normally, in the coastal areas of Colombia, fish is the star dish in restaurants. Necoclí is no exception to that rule!

I’d recomend you visit El Ganadero Restaurant. You can order a fish soup accompanied by the main course, fish that’s either grilled or pan-fried and topped with tasty sauces. 

You can also try other dishes, like Ceviche.

Don’t forget to have a coffee after a good lunch. In many parts of Colombia, it’s a tradition, and it helps you to digest the huge meal you just enjoyed.

Where to Have a Drink

Where to Have a Drink

Of course, you can’t miss out on the drinks, especially if you’re a lover of Colombian beers!

There’s nothing more perfect than having a drink and chatting after a good day of sea and sand. Here are some places you can enjoy yourself.

Zion Beach Bar

Zion Beach Bar is, as you might have guessed a beachside bar. Here, you can enjoy music and light snacks. The drink selection isn’t huge, but it’s a nice place to chill out in the evening.

Mangata Café

This place’s known for its cocktails! It’s basically a wood shack next to the beach where you can either post up at the bar or grab a beach chair for lounging on the sand.

They have partnerships with local restaurants, so you can enjoy snacks like ceviche and tacos to go with your drinks.

Other Places Where You Can Hang Out

Other Places Where You Can Hang Out

Apart from its five beautiful beaches, you can also visit the Necoclí Pier and watch the sunset. As the town is small, everything’s close. So, you won’t have any issue getting from one place to another.

Taking a short nature walk, you’ll arrive at the San Carlos Mud Volcano. There, you can take a morning mud bath and enjoy some natural mud therapy!

It might sound odd, but they say that the mud has healing properties that leave your skin as soft as a baby’s, er, cheeks.

Weekend in The Necoclí Beach, Live The Experience Paisa/Costeña

Necoclí is a very different place to visit in Antioquia and now you know what you can do in this famous town. Pack your suitcase and get ready to venture out to this amazing town!

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