Top Tips For Getting Around in Medellin

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From ride-hailing apps to bullet proof four-wheel drive vehicles here’s some help getting around Medellin.

From bilingual drivers with air-conditioned vehicles and bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruisers with armed security guards to hopping on a local bus with the rest of the city, this guide takes care of all your transport needs in Medellin Make sure you don’t miss a thing during your vacation in Medellin with a tailor-made guide to getting to and from your exclusive Casacol vacation rental.

Hail a Ride with an App
Familiar, super easy, and ultra-safe. One of the simplest ways to get around Medellin is right there on your phone. The two most popular ride-hailing apps in the United States – Uber and Lyft – might not be as popular in Colombia but there are other alternatives that work just as well. InDriver, Didi, Beat or Cabify are the apps to have on your phone in Medellin. If you want more information on the best apps to help get around in Medellin read more about the in our guide here.

Metro and Public Transport
Medellin has a great public system and if you’re a social butterfly, let’s face it you’re far more likely to meet someone on a bus or metro than in a private vehicle. The system is cheap (each ride is less than USD$1) although it can be a little confusing getting yourself set up at first. You’ll need to get yourself a card from one of the principal stations but once you have done so you have a fleet of trams, buses, cable cars, bikes and a metro system at your disposal. If you need help making sense of it all, download Moovit, which provides step-by-step guidance on how to get from A to B and it provides helpful notifications when to get off the bus and what to do next. 

Car Rental
If you like to drive and feel like hitting the road on your vacation in Colombia, be warned the country’s roads wind their way through the mountains which can be an arduous task for even the most hardened of self-drive fanatics. If you just love the convenience of having your own vehicle and enjoy putting the pedal to the metal, car rental in Colombia has come a long way in the last few years. Previously very few people hired a car because it was so affordable to get someone to drive for you, but now there are plenty of self-drive options in Colombia. All of the international brands are present in the international airport in Rionegro or the domestic terminal at Olaya Herrera. One of the best South American companies, Localiza, has a good presence in Colombia and it has a conveniently located office in Parque Poblado. 

Contact Details:
Web: Localiza
T. +57 1 800 052 0001
Cra. 43b #9-33, Pobldo, Medellin

Hire a Car with a Driver
If you’re heading out of town or are planning on taking multiple trips around the city during a busy day for whatever reason it’s still very affordable to get someone to drive for you so you can occupy yourself with other matters en route. Hiring a private vehicle really isn’t as expensive as you might think in Colombia with prices starting from USD$100 per day depending on the mileage you have in mind and the number of passengers.

CTA: Hire a private vehicle

A Private Vehicle with a Bilingual Guide
If you want your driver to come with a bilingual guide who can fill you in on Colombia’s fascinating history en route then you can’t beat hiring a certified guide with the answers to all your questions. Scratching beneath the surface of Colombia’s complicated past with an expert on hand will not only elevate your stay in Colombia, you’ll also be able to download some top tips on what to do on your trip. For a top quality experience we recommend reaching out to Palenque Tours Colombia. They have a great team and the German owner is a stickler on punctuality as well as having one of the most sustainable travel companies in Medellin. Depending on the number of passengers a private vehicle with a bilingual guide to accompany you for the day can cost as little as $35 per person.

T. +57 4 312 89 65
Web: Palenque Tours Colombia
IG: @PalenqueToursColombia

A Bullet Proof Vehicle with Armed Security
Medellin really doesn’t require armed guards unless you feel your profile puts you in a high risk category. If you, or your client, is a celebrity, or high-profile business executive and you’d like to ensure you have extra security provided by a local expert, Willy Security is a safe pair of hands and has most of the world’s biggest reggaeton stars on speed dial. Whenever singers J Balvin or Daddy Yankee are in town he provides the muscle and a fleet of bullet-proof Cadillac Escalades and Toyota Land Cruisers. He also takes care of senior executives from Colombia’s most important companies when they are moving around Medellin on business. With the most luxurious fleet of bullet proof vehicles in Medellin and fully bilingual security teams, Willy Security delivers peace of mind for those that need it.

T. +57 301 632 3514
Web: Willy Security
IG: @WillySecurity

Helicopter and Private Plane Rental
If you or your client want to travel in style and don’t want to travel in coach, helicopters and most private jets can take off from the Olaya Herrera Airport in the center of town for an altogether more stylish exit stage left. Private jets and helicopters in Colombia can save a lot of logistical pain and simplify a trip to somewhere suitably remote. Depending on the number of people travelling they don’t have to be exorbitantly expensive. A private plane to go whale watching on the Pacific coast can cost as little as $300 per person. There are some spectacular helicopter trips to be had in the region. Both private jet and plane rental plus helicopter trips cab be organised relatively painlessly through, a startup that’s revolutionizing private jet travel in Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

T. +57 305 436 8697

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