A Quick Guide to the Ecological Parks of Sabaneta

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A Quick Guide to the Ecological Parks of Sabaneta

TLDR? Sabaneta is famous for its beautiful ecological parks packed with hikes and outdoor activities.

Sabaneta is a small town in Columbia with traditional-style establishments and friendly neighborhoods. It’s the perfect day trip to take when you’re in Medellin and want to escape the big city

Sabaneta has a different vibe from Medellin but is only five stops from El Poblado if you’re taking the metro. 

If you are looking for a unique way to get out of Medellin for a minute or two, check out this guide. I’ve curated a list of some of the best ecological parks in this town that you don’t want to miss. Let’s dig right in. 

Parque Ecológico El Salado

Parque Ecologico El Salado is the perfect hideaway when travelling to Sabaneta. It’s the ideal destination when you want to explore and experience more of Colombia’s natural beauty. Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, there’s something to do in this serene ecological park. 

Inside The Park 

When you enter this park, you’re immediately greeted with a beautiful landscape and a stream running through it. Even though it looks shallow, you’ll be surprised that the stream has deeper spots where you can swim. That is, if you bring your waterproof gear, of course! 

The ecological park also has several huts with picnic tables. They’re ideal for families who would love to eat while enjoying the beauty of the country.

If you love the local stew, Sancocho, you can find a store inside the park that offers the ingredients you need to make it, including the following:

  •  Kettle
  • Chicken
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Yucca 
  • Carrots 

Right next to the huts with picnic tables, you can see fireplaces where you can prepare the Sancocho.

Continue walking, and you’ll see lookout spots or miradors. Don’t worry because the entire park has paved walking trails, so that you won’t get lost. Pick a spot and post up for a tasty lunch!

If you’re not into cooking your own meals, a restaurant is available if you want to eat inside El Salado Ecological Park. It serves typical Columbian cuisine, which is good when you’re a tourist and want to taste local meals. 

How To Get To Parque Ecologico El Salado

Getting to this ecological park from Medellin takes less than an hour. It would take 25 minutes on the metro and 20 minutes riding the bus. 

From Medellin, ride the metro until you reach Envigado. After that, switch to a bus that says “El Salado” on its front. 

If you’re visiting the park via rental car, take the El Poblado road. It gives you the shortest and easiest route in the fastest way possible. 

When you reach the entrance, you can avail of the admission tickets at a few dollars each. If you want to ride the zipline, there’s an extra fee. 

The Activities You Can Do 

Parque Ecologico El Salado is a versatile park packed with various activities you can do. As mentioned, you can swim in the deeper areas of the stream as long as you have your water gear. 

The best activity you can do in this ecological park is to go hiking with your family. Even when you’re not a professional hiker, it’s easy to follow the trails because they’re properly mapped out. 

You can also cook your version of Sancocho with the park’s fireplaces and buy your ingredients from the nearby store. And for food lovers, don’t worry because a restaurant offering Colombian cuisine is also available in the park. 

Parque Ecologico La Romera

Another ecological park with beautiful scenic spots is Parque Ecologico La Romera. You’ll love the amazing ecosystem in this park. Here, you can take in views of the unique flora and fauna of Colombia in this lush park with tall trees and unique plants

Surrounding the Abura Valley, Parque Ecologico La Romera is where 10% of the birds in Medellin live. Most tourists loved this park because of its amazing bird reserve. 

Inside The Park 

Entering this ecological park gives you an exceptional view of the lush Medellin forest. You’ll also find a vast range of butterfly species as you hike. 

Parque Ecologico La Romera also features high mountains you can climb, if you’re more of a professional hiker. Also, the park is filled with biking trails. On top of the mountain is a unique coffee shop you can try. But, it’s not always open. 

This ecological park also features beautiful waterfalls and rivers that are Insta-worthy, too. Snap some pics and get ready to make a great post!

How To Get To Parque Ecologico La Romera

Going to Parque Ecologico La Romera takes approximately 45 minutes if you’re coming from Medellin. You can also travel by metro and the bus, but it might take a bit longer. 

The Activities You Can Do 

The most common activity at Parque Ecologico La Romera is to go hiking. You can reach the mountaintop, but it might take an hour or longer. Also, the hike can be challenging because the trail is steep. 

When you decide to hike all the way to the top, it’s best to wear waterproof shoes because you’ll be crossing streams and rivers. 

And, even though the hike to the mountaintop is challenging, it sure is worth it when you reach the top. The view is breathtaking, and the air is fresh. You can take lots of beautiful pictures as well. 

Of course, this ecological park is also an ideal location if you just want to relax. Go sightseeing and enjoy the diversity of animals, including horses, dogs, and more. 

Reserva Limona Manguala

A natural reserve that features the beautiful ecosystem of Romera is Reserva Limona Manguala. It’s within the Aburra Valley and serves as the great green lunch for the entire San Antonio District. 

Reserva Limona Manguala is an ideal ecological park for professional hikers. What makes hiking unique in this location are the pre-Hispanic paths. But, it’s also because of these paths that the hike is challenging and requires some physical effort. 

Inside The Park 

The moment you enter the park, you’ll be greeted by lush green plants and unique flowers. Reserva Limona Manguala is also famous for its unique wildlife, especially horses. The Cauca River is also nearby. 

Aside from the wildlife, river, and lush green forests, that’s basically it. Reserva Limona Manguala prioritizes the preservation of nature. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the serenity and tranquility of nature, this is the perfect place to be. 

How To Get to Reserva Limona Manguala 

Making a side trip to Reserva Limona Manguala from Medellin takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes when traveling by car. It’s not really accessible by public transportation, so you’d need to organize either a rideshare or car rental to get there.

The Activities You Can Do

Aside from sightseeing in Reserva Limona Manguala, the following are other activities you should try:

  • Visiting the Cloud Forest
  • Hiking through Pre-Colombian trails
  • Checking out Little Lagoon
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Aburrá Valley
  • Watch cloud formations 

When visiting this ecological park, it’s best that you wear lightweight clothes. Don’t forget your hiking shoes because the trails can be challenging. 

La Laguna Encantada, Reserva Natural El Romeral

La Laguna Encantada, commonly known as The Enchanted Lagoon, features beautiful forest landscapes. If you want to really take the Aburra Valley and the peaks of the Estrella Mountains, this ecological park is the perfect destination. 

You’ll also be amazed at the diverse wildlife this lagoon offers. You can find mammals, birds, reptiles, and butterflies here. Immerse in Colombian nature and take a breath of fresh air in this beautiful park. 

Inside The Park 

What you see when you enter La Laguna Encantada is pretty straightforward – wildlife, lush green plants, trees, and river streams. Nevertheless, the view is breathtaking, and the hike is worth it. 

Trails are also evident, so you won’t get lost if you decide to hike. But you might also see a few pieces of garbage littered around the park. 

How To Get to La Laguna Encantada

The hike to reach The Enchanted Lagoon is a little bit challenging but worth it. I recommend hiking in groups so that you can support each other. Don’t forget to bring snacks and lots of water because it can take a long time. 

There are two routes to get to the lagoon, and both can take you at least an hour or two. You can follow Comfama Park or take the route crossing Guava. 

The Activities You Can Do

The most common activity done by locals and tourists who visit the lagoon is hiking. But, expect the trail to be challenging both uphill and downhill. Still, the view at the trail’s end is breathtaking. 

If you only want to relax, La Laguna Encantada is also ideal for enjoying a picnic. Remember to clean as you go because pieces of litter are starting to build up around this natural reserve. 

Experience Columbian Nature with These Ecological Parks 

The best way to appreciate nature is to be immersed in it. And, these ecological parks give us the opportunity to do just that. When you’re in Medellin, try checking out these beautiful destinations and admire scenic landscapes in tranquility. 

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