The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Fe de Antioquia

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The Best Coffee Shops in Santa Fe de Antioquia

TLDR? The best coffee shop in Santa Fe de Antioquia is Cafe Canelo.

If you’re a die-hard coffee lover, you probably scope out the best coffee shops when you’re in a new destination. Of course, Colombia is no exception.

Now, while you might think that venturing out of Medellin will result in limited coffee shops, you’d be surprised. And in fact, western Antioquia is a coffee zone, so the coffee there is a “must try”!

So, if a visit to Santa Fe de Antioquia is on the agenda, and you want to know what strategic stops you can make to get your daily caffeine kick, this guide is for you.

These are some of the best coffees you can enjoy in this town!

Cafe Canelo 

Canelo is a cafe recognized in western Antioquia for serving drinks with locally grown coffee beans as well as for the variety of waffles on the menu.

Located in the best hotel in town, Hotel Mariscal Robledo, this cafe offers every kind of coffee you can imagine. Due to the warm climate of Santa Fe de Antioquia, their specialty is cold beverages, such as iced coffee, coffee frappe, espresso, latte, and many more! 

The vibe is colonial, just like the town, with vintage chairs, tables, and countertops providing a comfortable and quiet space to enjoy a drink and a snack at any time.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi zone, Cafe Canelo’s also perfect for getting some work done and even having business meetings while enjoying a slice of cake or a sandwich. They also have a menu suitable for vegetarians.

Canelo offers catering for events such as cycling races, supporting this sport through coffee culture.

La Roussette Cafe

Diagonal to Canelo is La Roussette, a coffee workshop attached to Piso Alto. It’s a cultural project based on artistic and curatorial practices. It’s a space for experimentation and local products, as well as just a great place to grab something to sip on.

In this cafe, the atmosphere combines a retro vibe with minimalism. The place has art pieces hanging on the walls and in every corner that really brings the place to life.

La Roussette specializes in craft coffee but also offers other products such as iced tea, coffee sodas, milkshakes, and muffins as well as other baked goods. It’s the perfect place for taking a quick snack break after a walk around the town.

The space hosts several workshops and meetings. A few they’ve run in the past include local food sales, art exhibitions, a workshop on the design of fair stands, and a contest of the best collections of mini-stories.

If you’re interested in contemporary art, go to La Roussette and take in the cozy and artistic surroundings while you sip on a fresh mug of local coffee.

Al Alma Cafe y Pizza

Al Alma Cafe has several locations in Medellin and also a hotel in Santa Fe de Antioquia called Al Alma Hotel Boutique & Cafe y Casa Al Alma.

It’s a luxury cafe in Santa Fe de Antioquia, serving high-quality foods in a private environment with a modern colonial style.

This place serves a great brunch, as well as other tasty snacks, sandwiches, and pastries. If you want a proper meal, order one of their pasta dishes, pizzas, or vegetarian options.

And, well, all this without mentioning the coffee menu! You can choose different hot or cold brews, ordering anything from an americano to a caramel macchiato or an icy frappe.

Mon y Velarde

Mon y Velarde were two man who, in the colonial era, developed public works in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

This cafe that bears their names is one of the most striking in town. It has well-lit two-story facilities, with touches of wood and rattan, which, like all the previous coffee shops on the list, retains that colonial design that’s signature of Santa Fe.

In Mon y Velarde, you can sit indoors or out. The outdoor patio is an excellent option for watching the sunset and passers-by from the comfort of a wooden chair.

This place offers coffee beverages for all tastes. You’ll also find Argentinian empanadas, sandwiches, and desserts on the menu. If you prefer non-caffeinated beverages, you can also choose a craft soda.

Make sure to visit it with your furry friends, too—Mon y Velarde is a pet-friendly cafe!

La Colonia Pasaje Gastronómico

La Colonia is a restaurant bar and cafe that combines the best of national and international cuisine, from breakfast to dinner, as well as different styles of more traditional coffee drinks.

This cafe, located in a typical Santafereña colonial house, offers comfortable spaces for meeting up with family and friends.

There you can celebrate and occasionally enjoy live music. If you go on a bike, you can also have a free coffee under the motto of being bike-friendly.

Order a typical Paisa tinto montañero or a carajillo coffee with brandy. If your preferences lean towards cold caffeinated drinks, a cold brew or cold americano is the ideal drink to try in this place.

Enjoy a Coffee in Santa Fe de Antioquia!

This Heritage Town of Colombia, a treasure of the Antioqueños, is a place you can’t miss.

You can have a good cup of coffee in one of the hotels in Santa Fe, enjoy craft drinks accompanied by artistic workshops, or simply sit down to cool off with an iced latte in a colonial-style house. It’s up to you!

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