Camping in San Carlos: Where to Go and What to Know

Camping in San Carlos: Where to Go and What to Know

TLDR? If you’re looking to marvel at nature without losing comfort, San Carlos Glamping El Tabor is your best option.

After a week of hard work, you know that you deserve a weekend unlike any other.

San Carlos is one of the preferred Paisa destinations to disconnect from the city. Just three hours from Medellín, this jewel of Antioquia has different natural paradises waiting for you.

To make it even more perfect, I’ll show you the best places to camp in San Carlos!

Finca Cielo Escondido

Finca Cielo Escondido

Living up to its name, less than ten minutes from the town of San Carlos, this place’s a beautiful paradise hidden in the middle of nature.

Finca Cielo Escondido is an ideal place to do adventure activities, rest, and recharge your batteries. For camping, you should bring your own tent and set it up wherever you prefer on the farm.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy while camping:

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Swim in river
  • Watersports

You can also take advantage of the space to socialize with other visitors. Cielo Escondido isn’t a place for you to work: leave everything behind and just connect with nature.


Address: Granada, San Carlos, Antioquia, Colombia

San Carlos Glamping El Tabor

San Carlos Glamping El Tabor

This glamping restaurant has the best view of San Carlos.

El Tabor is a simple place with enough amenities to spend a good weekend.

In addition to the incredible views, you can enjoy the bonfires, the bar, and the hammock areas. You can also go hiking and enjoy the nearby river and its beautiful waterfall.

Its rooms are comfortable. You can enjoy Jacuzzi showers and a beautiful view of the green areas of the place from the bed of your cabin.

This place is very close to the second largest stone in Antioquia, after the well-known Peñol stone in Guatapé. The monolith’s name is El Tabor, a natural viewpoint.

The Glamping is just ten minutes from San Carlos’ central park.

Address: San Carlos, Antioquia

Centro Turístico y Recreativo San Antonio

Centro Turístico y Recreativo San Antonio

If you don’t expect many luxuries, and like El Parche Guerrero, this is your best option!

One of the cheapest glamping options, San Antonio is a simple place with a river and a tent space. You should bring your food and don’t leave any trash behind.

You can also go hiking and enjoy the proximity of the small mountains next to the river.

Address:Centro turístico y recreativo San Antonio, San Carlos, Antioquia

Ecocamp Cabin Love

Ecocamp Cabin Love

Ecocamp Cabin Love offers different amenities, including a kitchen with a fridge and a private bathroom.

You won’t have to share the environment with other people. With green areas and crops, Cabin Love’s best feature is the balcony offering views of the river and lake.

You can enjoy the river’s clear water in the morning, chill by the tables on the lake’s shore in the afternoon, and take a walk around.

Address: Via Principal San Rafael – San Carlos, San Carlos, Antioquia

Centro Turistico La Planta

Centro Turistico La Planta

In this space full of nature, camping is ideal!

La Planta is a beautiful place to enjoy the rivers and learn the famous Spanish word, Charco, which refers to small spaces within the same river in which the depth of the water is more significant compared to the general level of the river.

Just be careful with the current, and remember: don’t leave any type of residue in the area.

Address: San Carlos-Granada, San Carlos, Antioquia.

Hotel Casa Campestre La Cascada

Hotel Casa Campestre La Cascada

Hotel Casa Campestre really makes you feel in casa.

This lodging’s a simple country house surrounded by green areas, many trees, and mountains, where you can find different types of animals – especially birds.

Its location allows you to access natural formations such as waterfalls (no wonder the lodging’s name is La Cascada) and nearby puddles.

You can also go hiking, take a walk in the surroundings, or enjoy the common areas of the house.

A comfortable option for enjoying nature, you can find it five minutes from the town of San Carlos.


Address:KIlometro 3 Via San Antonio Vereda la Viejita, San Antonio de Prado 

Get Away a Weekend to San Carlos, Antioquia

Putting the mind in off mode is the best feeling.

Now you know a new place in Antioquia where you can do it. San Carlos is a town that invites you to enjoy nature in different presentations! 

You just have to choose a weekend and select your best option on the list.

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