Medellín Meditation: Silent Retreats in Antioquia 

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Medellín Meditation Silent Retreats in Antioquia

Sometimes, we deserve to reward ourselves for being too busy working or even studying. And one of the best ways to do that is to make ourselves feel better. Silent retreats are the perfect choice when you want to relax, breathe, and escape from everything that’s causing you stress. 

Personally, retreats have been my go-to activity when I want to step back and calm myself down. I got the chance to visit one in Antioquia last year during the fall season, and it was one of the best experiences I had. 

If you’re looking for the best silent retreat center in Colombia, I got you. La Casa de Loto is a famous retreat center on Colombia’s mountainside. And in this blog, let me share my awakening adventure in this beautiful place. 

La Casa de Loto 

I was looking for a good retreat center online when I encountered this place. When I did my research, I discovered that it was one of the best yoga and meditation centers in Colombia. I also read some excellent reviews online, so I knew booking this place was the right thing. 

La Casa de Loto is only an hour and fifteen minutes away from Medellin International Airport. But if you’re coming from Guatupe, it’s only five minutes away! What I booked was a tour package, so there was a driver who picked me up when I landed in Medellin. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this place, La Casa De Loto is meant for awakening your inner souls by transmitting you to a peaceful path. The founder of this place was Karma Pema. He was also responsible for formulating the programs and activities for this retreat package. 

The Tour Package 

The package I booked was good for seven days, and several activities came with it. To give you an overview, all the programs included were centered on the following:

  • Calm abiding
  • Pranayamas or breathing exercises
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Yoga asanas

The main goal of this tour was to strengthen and relax our minds and body. I booked this tour alone, so I had the chance to interact and meet new people. 

Another great thing about this package is that only eight of us were there. The reason behind this was to promote peace and quietness within the retreat center. 

The center also practices noble silence daily, from 6 pm to 8 am. I asked one of the staff regarding this, and he told me it was for our self-awareness. 

Check-ins happen every Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm, while check-outs are every Thursday at 2 pm. 

The Accommodation

Because the package is good for seven days, it comes with free accommodation. You can choose from two options:

  • A shared room good for 2 to 3 people
  • A private double bedroom

Because I wanted privacy even at night, I chose the private double bedroom. Yes, it was more expensive. But I wanted my alone time after an entire day of meditating and interacting with new people. 

I cannot say it was the best bedroom accommodation I had, but it was good enough to stay a week. The bed was comfortable, and I loved the homey wooden designs. I also had great nights of sleep. Maybe because I felt too relaxed from all the medications and yoga classes I attended. 

The Food

The seven-day retreat camp came with three healthy and delectable meals daily. Because it’s a retreat center, everything is organic, vegetarian, and vegan. And if you want snacks, you can have fruits all day long. 

This is why I loved this experience. It was really all about taking care of yourself and becoming healthier. And even though all the meals were vegan, they tasted delicious! I enjoyed every dish; some tasted like they were not organic and healthy at all! 

But if you wish to get other snacks besides those offered in the center, it’s your choice to go out. There are convenience stores nearby where you can get chips, drinks, and anything else you’re craving. 

The Program

So now for the star of the show: the program. Silent meditation will begin daily at 6 am. And it’s your choice whether you want to join the group or meditate alone. After meditating, you can eat your breakfast at 8 am. 

I always made sure to eat mine at 8 am so I had enough time to prepare for the yoga class at 10. Yoga classes were different every day, but they centered on the following:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vipassana
  • Iyengar Yoga 

At 12 noon, it’s time for silent meditation again. But I usually skip this part to rest and prepare for lunch at 1 pm. There is a walking meditation at 3 pm and a meditation class at 5 pm. Dinner is served every 7 pm, and then it’s time to rest. 

I would normally go back to my room a little before 8 pm, and my day is done. The daily routine is certainly relaxing, and I felt no pressure or stress during my seven days here. 

Additional Treatments 

If you want to experience more treatments, you can do so, but not for free. As for me, I was already happy with the yoga and meditation classes. I did not try other treatments anymore. But to help you out, here are the additional services you can try:

  • Chinese Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Treatment

The Overall Experience 

It’s my first retreat tour, but it’s something I would want to do again in the future. Everything was in my control, and I learned to put myself first during the entire seven-day silent retreat. It was like I reconnected with my body and felt relaxed again after so long. 

If you’re asking me whether I recommend this package, I most definitely do. For seven days, you’re alone and allowing yourself to strengthen your mind. It’s also the best time to escape from your troubles and reward yourself for your hard work. 

Find Your Inner Peace at La Casa de Loto

If you want a break from your city life, check out the seven-day retreat at La Casa de Loto. It’s everything you desire for relaxation. The yoga and meditation classes are great choices to improve your mental health and find inner peace. 

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