Medellin Spa Day and Massage at the Celestino Hotel

Spending A Day at the El Celestino Spa

All of us need a breather from time to time. For me, I get exhausted after days hunched over the computer, and when that happens, a massage is just what the doctor ordered. 

So, with the Celestino Spa newly renovated, I figured it was high time I booked myself in for an afternoon of pampering. And boy, am I glad I did. 

If you’re thinking of spending a day at the spa, this is the place to go. Here’s what to expect when you spend a day at the spa.  

Where Is the Celestino Spa?

Where Is the Celestino Spa?

The Celestino Spa is right inside Celestino Boutique Hotel. You can locate this famous boutique hotel in Medellin, Antioquia. I loved that this hotel has bilingual staff, so communications are easier. 

Also, Celestino Boutique Hotel is very accessible. There are tons of local restaurants, coffee shops, and things to do nearby so it’s super convenient to get to. 

And of course, if you’re actually staying in the Celestino Hotel, all you have to do is waltz downstairs and book in. 

Getting There

If you take public transportation, you can hop on the metro and take off at Poblado Station. From there, it’s a 17-minute walk to the boutique hotel. 

If you’re coming by car or motorbike. The only problem I had was the traffic because Celestino Boutique Hotel’s location is right at the heart of Medellin. 

To be totally honest, if you plan to try out the Celestino Spa, I recommend booking an overnight stay at the hotel. It’s a great hotel and it just makes everything super convenient.

A Day at the Spa: What to Expect

A Day at the Spa: What to Expect

Okay, now let’s get into the good stuff. What’s the spa actually like?

When I checked out the spa all signs pointed to the signature botanic relaxation experience being the one to book. 

The treatment includes: 

  • A massage
  • A facial
  • A body scrub
  • Access to the Turkish bath or sauna

Here’s what my personal experience was like. 

Before the Treatment

Before the Treatment

I actually got to my spa appointment a few minutes early, so I figured I’d probably have to sit around and wait for a while. 

But, it really wasn’t an unpleasant wait at all. The staff gave me a cup of herbal tea to drink while I filled out the intake form. 

The form is in both English and Spanish, so it’s super accessible no matter what language you speak. 

On the form, you can pick whether you want a deep tissue, aromatherapy, or sports massage as well as if you’d like to add on hot stones (it’s free!). 

You can also pick what type of body scrub you want (sea salt or coffee therapy) as well as whether you want scented or unscented oil. And, there’s a section to pick the pressure of the massage.

During the Treatment

During the Treatment

After I got changed, it was time for the massage to start. 

I’m used to massages starting out with me lying face down, but this one actually started on my back. The technician started with the facial

Towards the end of the facial, the massage technician applied a face mask. Then, she let that work its magic while getting to work massaging my legs, feet, and arms. 

This part lasted about an hour.

Then, the masseuse removed the facial mask and had me flip onto my stomach so she could get to work on my back. 

The whole back massage took about 50 minutes and ended with her applying the body scrub (I picked the coffee treatment).

After the Treatment

After the Treatment

At the end of the treatment, you get a chance to take a shower and rinse off the body scrub. 

Be warned: you do get your hair dirty. The shower has a nice quality shampoo and conditioner though, as well as a hair dryer, so it’s not a big deal. 

Once you’re clean, dry, and ready to go, head back out into the lobby. Normally, you’d then head into the Turkish bath or sauna. However, during my visit, they were still renovating these so I skipped them. 

Instead, I was treated with a cold glass of water. It was a nice way to finish off, especially after dehydrating in a hot shower.

Other Spa Treatments

Even though I picked the full package, the Celestino Spa also has other spa treatments if you don’t want to try the botanic experience. These treatments are sort of like a la carte options instead of an all-in-one spa package.

Here’s what to know about these individual treatments.

Classic Massage

The classic massage uses an eastern technique, which combines medium pressure and softened movements that can help relieve stress. This treatment can also help blood circulation and remove any tension you feel. 

This is pretty much what I’d recommend if you just want a quick de-stressing experience.


The aromatherapy experience combines a facial treatment and a Swedish massage. Basically, the technician takes care of your skin and then uses soothing essential oils to create a nice ambiance during your treatment.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is perfect for athletes. It involves using high pressure to relieve your body of muscle tension and fatigue. I’ve had this before and let me just say that for working out kinks, it’s great, but if you just want to relax and fall asleep, this is going to be a bit on the rough side.

Spa Add-ons

Spa Add-ons

If you want to make your spa treatment extra, the Celestino Spa also has various spa add-ons you can try. 

Most of these things are included in the botanic experience, but if you’re picking and choosing a la carte options, these are the things you can add to your experience.

Turkish Bath

A Turkish bath or Sauna helps with your nervous system stimulation. It improves your general blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. This spa add-on can reduce stress levels and remove any pain you feel.

Coffee Massage

The coffee massage is a body scrub treatment that uses the best-toasted coffee beans combined with natural oil. It massages and exfoliates your skin and you come out smelling great!

Deep-Sea Salt

Deep-sea salt relaxation is another body scrub experience. It uses different natural essential oils that can soften your skin mixed with large sea salt to help exfoliate your body.

Head and Shoulder Experience

If you’re always experiencing headaches, try this add-on. It’s a relaxation treatment that soothes your head and shoulders, relieving muscle pain and tension.

Treat Yourself at the Celestino Spa

The Celestino Spa is definitely a place for relaxing, disconnecting, and soothing sore muscles for an hour or two. Not only was the massage fantastic, but all the little details amounted to a super soothing experience. If you want the ultimate calming spa massage experience, book an appointment at El Celestino Spa today.

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