Spending a Day at Jerico’s Botanical Garden

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Spending a Day at Jerico’s Botanical Garden

TLDR? Jerico has a smaller but just as gorgeous Botanical Garden as the one in Medellín! 

So, you decided to make a side trip to Jerico from Medellin. But, you’re not sure what attractions to see and tourist spots to check out. Well, how about visiting Jerico’s Botanical Garden?

Known for being an outdoor haven, Jerico boasts beautiful hikes and tons of scenic viewpoints. And, the botanical gardens fit right into this theme.

Let’s take a look at how you can spend a day exploring Jerico’s botanical gardens! 

Getting to Los Balsos Botanical Garden 

You can find Jerico’s Botanical Garden at the base of Morro El Salvador Hill. If you’re coming from Medellin, renting a car or driving your own is the fastest way to get there. However, be prepared because it’s still a long car ride. 

The estimated travel time by car is about 3 hours. And, that would still depend on whether you’re making bathroom stops, what the weather conditions are like, and how bad the traffic is. There are also toll plazas to go through, so be prepared. 

If you’re staying in Jerico and coming from the central square, on the other hand, Los Balsos Botanical Garden is only a few blocks away. When that’s the case I’d recommend walking so you get a feel for what the town is like, too.

The Best Time to Visit Jerico’s Botanical Garden 

The best times to visit the botanical garden are late afternoon or early morning. It’s also great to visit this place and go for a jog. If that’s the case, I’d recommend going in the morning before it gets too backed.

During the late afternoons, the garden can get a bit hot. That’s why most people steer clear during that time of day.

On top of that, in the afternoon the crowds tend to set in. If you’re wanting to get some good selfies, it’s best to head there during earlier hours (think before work gets out).

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s better to visit the park on sunny days. You won’t enjoy its entirety when it’s raining. Plus, the hiking trails are more slippery on rainy days, making it a bit hazardous to get around.

Other than that, just make sure you go on a day when you’ve got a few hours to spare. Most people spend somewhere between two and four hours in the park.

Inside Jerico’s Botanical Garden

One of the main reasons why Los Balsos Botanical Garden is a tourist favorite is because it’s free. You don’t need to pay any entrance fee. And, there are no extra charges when you start exploring inside. 

Upon entering, you’ll notice that it feels a bit more like an arboretum than a botanical garden. Sure, there are various manicured gardens, but there are also just some big open picnic areas or nature trails.

In the garden, you’ll find lots of cute little bridges, streams, and koi ponds. Other favorite sections include the bamboo forests and manicured gardens. The bamboo forests are pretty unique, so be sure to check those out. 

Also, visiting Los Balsos Botanical Garden is the best way to admire Jerico’s native flowers. There are a ton of them, and you’ll learn about them from the little placards along the path.

While there’s not much to do other than walk around, this garden is perfect for relaxing and stretching your legs. Check out Los Balsos Botanical Garden and enjoy a day to chill, escape, and breathe in the fresh air. 

If you want to do more than just see the botanical garden, it might not be a bad idea to book a tour. There are a couple of great tour packages that take you out to this place.  

Tour to Jerico 

This tour leaves from Medellin, and you get to enjoy the following:

  • Climb and see Cerro El Salvador
  • Hike along Los Balsos nature trail
  • See the place where the first saint from Colombia was born
  • Check out a museum
  • Stroll down Commerce Street, where you can check out leather products and Antioquian gifts

The tour to Jerico includes breakfast and lunch. And, you’ll be accompanied by a professional tour guide who can give you information about the places. The tour takes about 10 hours. 

Coffee and Rainbow Waterfall Eco Tour 

If you want a shorter tour, the coffee and rainbow tour might be for you. This trip lasts 6 hours.

Aside from visiting the botanical garden, you get to enjoy central Colombia’s unique coffee culture. And, because groups are limited to 10 people, you get personalized attention. 

This eco-tour lets you take on an adventure and visit a family-run coffee farm. Afterward, you’ll take an ATV tour out to nearby waterfalls.

You can splash around in the water, which is a great way to cool off.

The package includes lunch, free coffee or tea, and private transportation from Medellín. 

Las Nubes Hike 

This hiking tour is best enjoyed during sunset. It’s also one of the quickest tour packages because it will take you less than 4 hours. The Las Nubes Hike allows you to see the beautiful valley’s viewpoint. 

After taking a tour of the Los Balsos Botanical Garden, you get to explore Cauca River Canyon. It’s the world’s greenest canyon.

And, it’s also an amazing hike because you will be experiencing Jerico when the sun sets. 

Get the Most Out of Jerico with Los Balsos Botanical Garden

Los Balsos Botanical Garden is one fascinating tourist destination you should not miss out on. It’s packed with greenery, native flowers, and fantastic wildlife. Head to this place and see what Jerico has to offer!

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