Where to Go Fishing in San Francisco, Antioquia

Where to Go Fishing in San Francisco, Antioquia

TLDR? Eco Parque Rio Santo Domingo is the best place to go fishing in San Francisco, Antioquia!

San Francisco is a town in Antioquia with a mountainous landscape, home to a wide diversity of wild animals. 

It’s the perfect place for those who like crystalline rivers, forests, waterfalls, and trekking. It’s also a great location for catching some fish. 

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a fishing town, there are three good places to catch a few different types of fish. Here are some of the best places to go fishing in San Francisco.

Eco Parque Rio Santo Domingo

If you want to spend a few hours or a day or two relaxing by the river, lost in nature, this eco-park is the place to go.

Not only will you be able to catch some fish, but you’ll also see many birds: the park is well-known for its great bird-watching.

Along the river, you’ll find many spots and little islands to unpack your fishing bag and catch some freshwater fish. Bring a foldable chair and sip on some fresh drinks while you cast your line!

There’s an area equipped with grills and an open fire where you can barbecue or cook your food by the river. However, if you just want to relax and not think about cooking, you can try the traditional food in their restaurants. 

There’s also a camping area that you can book if you want to stay overnight. You can rent a tent and mats or just the lot if you already have a tent.

Family cabins are also available if you prefer the comfort of a house. You can even rent the Campestre House, which has room for about 18 people. It’s a nice place to host a bachelor getaway or another fun group trip.

The entrance fee and the parking lot are inexpensive, with different prices for motos and cars.

If you’re a fan of hikes and long walks, you should check the Cascada del Amor, which translates to the Waterfall of Love. The waterfall is about 20 minutes from the Eco-park and is a nice place to spend an afternoon.

Website: https://www.riosantodomingo.com/

Address: Cocorná, Antioquia

Balneario Pailania

Balneario Pailania is between Cocorná and San Francisco, about three hours from Medellin. The entrance is free.

With the massive waterfall Las Aguadas and the Santo Domingo River, Balneario Pailana is perfect for an afternoon of fishing. You can swim in the refreshing waters of the river Santo Domingo and enjoy the green surroundings, too.

Here you can try the experience of wild fishing, rather than hanging out at one of the many farmed fish lakes in Medellin. All you have to do is find a spot along the river and cast your line. 

If you don’t feel like fishing, there’s a nature walk along the Santo Domingo River, which passes through Balneario Pailania. Go for a stroll and take in the sights and sounds of the area. 

Next to the waterfall, you’ll find a kiosk where you can try some local food. It’s a tradition for Colombian people to eat soup, or Sancocho, near the river while enjoying a family outing.

The place also offers campsites that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, accident coverage, and an area for the tent. There’s no rental service for tents, supplies, or accessories though, so you’ll have to bring those with you.

Website: https://orienteantioqueno.com/turismo/balneario-pailania/

Address: Vereda, Pailania, San Francisco, Antioquia

Balneario La Poceta

This place is also in Pailania, about 15 minutes by car from San Francisco. In Balneario La Poceta, you’ll find many trails to take where you can admire the landscapes of Antioquia.

The entrance fee is slightly higher than the others but still modest. The parking lot has different prices for cars and motorcycles. 

Here you’ll be able to enjoy the Santo Domingo River while catching some of the biggest river fish you’ve ever seen!

If you’re planning to sleep there, don’t worry. There’s a campground where you can bring your tent, or rent one with the park. The prices are affordable and include accident coverage.

Remember that fishing at night is prohibited because the water level may rise dangerously fast.

Balneario La Poceta also has a restaurant service with traditional dishes. I suggest asking for a glass of wine to sip on close to the river!

Website: https://balneario-la-poceta.negocio.site/

Address: vereda, Pailania, Cocorná, Antioquia

Enjoy Fishing in San Francisco, Antioquia!

These three spots are the best for practicing your favorite hobby without resorting to fish farming. The fishing here is wild and free, and you’ll learn from the local people of Antioquia the proper names of the fishes and how to cook them. 

It’s definitely a relaxing experience and one that’s well worth checking out if you’ll be spending some time in San Francisco.

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