Where to Buy a Bathing Suit in Medellin

Where to Buy a Bathing Suit in Medellin

TLDR? In Medellin you can find a bathing suit for all tastes and body types!

Summer’s just around the corner, but there’s still time to find the best outfits, sunscreen, sunglasses, and most importantly, the best swimsuit!

In Medellin, you can find many local stores that sell swimsuits of all styles and colors. Be it one-piece, two-piece, long sleeves, classic, elegant, extravagant – they’ve got it all!

If you’re interested in purchasing one (or many) for this season, I’ll show you some of the best swimwear stores in the city so you can sunbathe in style.

Agua Bendita 

Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita is a swimwear brand known not only for selling handmade garments but also for creating gorgeous paintings and illustrations.

The 500 artists that work with Agua Bendita make each piece with ancestral techniques, embroidery, and finishes that add character to the products.

Agua Bendita’s swimsuits aren’t just for wearing in a pool, a jacuzzi, or on the beach. Instead, they allow you to create summer outfits that you can transform from day to night in a heartbeat. You can create looks by combining the swimsuits with the brand’s garments, such as dresses, tunics, t-shirts, skirts, pants, and more.

Agua Bendita’s concept for swimwear and clothing is sober, elegant, and classy. The designs are modern, but keep Agua Bendita’s personality in the prints and colors.

Despite its focus on women, clothes and swimwear for men and children are also available. If you’re traveling with family, Agua Bendita offers an opportunity to get beautiful swimwear for everyone!

Their prices reflect the quality and height of the designs and garments. You’ll find several Agua Bendita stores in Medellin in the south of the city and shopping centers.

Turqsa Swimwear

Turqsa Swimwear

Turqsa is a brand inspired by sophisticated and avant-garde women. Its clothes and bathing suits are perfect for enjoying a day at a country club or on the outskirts of the city.

This brand focuses on women and has a variety of swimsuits, accessories, and outwear in several lines. Some of them are:

  • Bikinis: Two-piece sets in solid colors or prints. Long-sleeved tops, thong-type panties, and single-sleeve are just a few of the different designs you can find here.
  • Trikinis: One-piece designs with subtle and sexy necklines and steel details.
  • Cover Up: Accessories that are ideal for wearing over a swimsuit.
  • Basic: Very simple bikinis with traditional tan designs.
  • Resort Wear: Capes, pants, sets, and dresses with elegant and summery touches to combine with bathing suits or wear at parties on a rooftop or to a romantic dinner on a summer night.
  • Comfort: Garments to sleep in or relaxing in after a day of sun and salt water.

Turqsa Swimwear offers affordable prices and regular discounts. You can find a store in El Poblado.

Towers Swimwear

Towers Swimwear

This brand is environmentally friendly! The swimsuits are made of ecological fabrics from recycled plastic bottles, assuming a commitment to sustainability.

All products are made in Medellin by women. They’re unique, atypical, irreverent, and daring looking. Here you’ll find bathing suits with psychedelic and holographic prints and out-of-the-ordinary designs, such as long sleeves with bare shoulders and panties with straps.

Towers also has other urban style lines, such as:

  • Accessories: Cuban chains, knitted cover-ups, jumpsuits to combine with bathing suits, hats, skirts, sunglasses, and towels. With these, you’ll be comfortable, stylish, and ready to rock!
  • Going out and sportswear: Bikers, leggings, and crop tops that are perfect for a day in the sun or a walk around town.

On top of that, you’ll also find bathing suits for men and children at the store. Better yet, the prices of each bathing suit in Towers are affordable, and you’ll be contributing to the environment.

Find a Towers Swimwear store in Via Primavera, one block from Parque Lleras, and get an outfit for summer days in Medellin.



Entreaguas is a brand heavily dressed by influencers and models in Medellin.

This store focuses on the concept of wearable art. All their bathing suit options are handmade by women who are part of the Entreaguas foundation.

You’ll find two-piece swimsuits, one-pieces, panties, skirts, pareos, dresses, accessories, and woven garments of hand-dyed vaporous silks. In addition, they come in any size and shape, making this store perfect for every body type.

Plus, if you want to be trendy by wearing artistically, fresh fabrics and dresses, Entreaguas is the best option in Medellin.

Visit the store located in the El Tesoro shopping center. There, you can acquire a piece of art for this summer, with prices that indicate quality and authenticity.

Find Your Next Bathing Suit in Medellín!

Elegant, urban, artistic, classical: what defines you? Don’t let this summer go by without buying a swimsuit or a perfect summer outfit for your vacation in the City of Eternal Spring!

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