The Best Place to Go Shopping in Medellin

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In need of some retail therapy? Meet the best shops in Medellin

Want to pick something special up for your loved ones back at home? Rather than just grabbing a bag of coffee at the airport, explore Colombia’s rich artisanal heritage and pick the perfect gift. In the land of a thousand different hats and bags, there’s plentiful options for souvenir shopping in Medellin. Explore the city’s impressive selection of designer boutiques, art galleries, flea markets, and expansive malls for an uplifting shot of retail therapy.  

Local Fashion // Provenza
Via Primavera, just above Parque Lleras should be celebrated for bringing together Medellin’s most talented local designers. Showcasing the city’s rich textile traditions, Medellin’s fashionistas and design talent, have made this street a must for those in search of unique 

Chic boutiques mix with great cafe’s and two of our favorite brunch joints to create an idyllic, Saturday experience for shopaholics. Carrying everything from recycled sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts up-cycled from plastic bottles to haute-couture, Via Primavera’s boutiques are obligatory for a hit of retail therapy in Medellin. These are just two of our favorites. 

Mon & Velarde
For excellent locally-produced menswear, Mon & Velarde (Calle 8 #37-25) stocks tailored floral shirts, trendy hats, shoes. boots and leather accessories to combine with the brand’s superbly tailored suits. They have a second branch in Laureles (Circular 2, #72-44) .

Calle 8 #37-25, Poblado, Medellin
T. +57 302 413 3008
IG: @mon_velarde

Makeno Concept Store
Ground zero for fashion, art and jewelry by Medellin’s best designers, Makeno is a stylish warehouse-style space with a carefully curated mix of Colombian talent. Ceramics, swimwear, jewelry and Colombian artisanry with a designer flourish make this a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of Colombian creativity.   

Cra 37 #10-35, Int 402, Poblado, Medellin
T. +57 305 223 2590

Gifts & Souvenirs
Show someone you love them with a little something from Medellin. Whether it’s a miniature Botero sculpture or a bag of magical beans from the country with the world’s best coffee, going home empty handed is not an option in the land of a thousand hats and bags. Here are some of our favorite places for gifts for your loved ones back at home. 

Loto del Sur
This sophisticated Colombian cosmetics, skin care and perfume company, works in the fragrances of the Andes into its luxury soaps, potions, creams, aromatherapy oils and scented candles. Bonus points guaranteed with every box of delights. You’ll probably be sent back to Colombia to get more when they run out. The brand has a store in El Tesoro Shopping Center.

T. +57 305 231 2425
Web: Loto del Sur

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin
The MAMM has one of the best stocked museum shops in Medellin, with some great coffee table books on Colombian art, photography, architecture and culture as well as a selection of creative gifts for kids. There’s art-inspired mugs, notebooks, pens, Designer Ts, hoodies and tote bags that will impress your hipster friends back home.

T. +57 4 444 2622
Cra. 44 #19a-100, Ciudad del Rio, Medellín

Museo de Antioquia
Stocking all things Botero and much more, Museo de Antioquia has the sorts of stylish gifts and 100% Medellin souvenirs that will make you very popular with your friends and family when you get home. 

T. +57 4 251 3636
Cl. 52 #52-43, Centro, Medellín

Books, Records & Bric-a-Brac
If you are a collector of all things old like vintage books, vinyl or antiques, Parque Bolivar holds a flea market on the first Sunday of every month, although it may leave visitors who’ve perused the flea markets of Buenos Aires, Paris or London, feeling underwhelmed by the experience. There are a handful of quaint shops selling vintage finds in Poblado. If you want top notch antiques, Jorge Ramos’ institution, Anticuarius on Carrera 40, No. 10a-65 is a treasure trove of objets d’art and there are some other smaller aladdin’s caves like El Viejo Almacen on Calle 9 below Parque Poblado and in the barrio Manila on Calle 8. The undisputed mecca for random shopping is Centro, and the area that surrounds the Palacio Nacional, which used to be home to Medellin’s courts in the 19th century. Nowadays the ‘National Palace’ is home to a selection of fake fashion brands and all sorts of household goods. The area around it is known as “El Hueco” the hole, is where you’ll find congregations of second hand book sellers and hawkers of second hand vinyl selling their wares on the street or run-down 1960s shopping centers. 

If it’s vintage vinyl you’re looking for, there are some record shops clustered near the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana where Laureles meets Belen. 


High quality decorative art & furniture

T. +57 305 353 2121
Cra 40, No. 10a-65, Poblado, Medellin

El Viejo Almacen
Vintage finds for every budget

T. +57 4 311 5934
Cl. 9 #43B-37, Poblado, Medellín


Eclectic vinyl collection

Cl. 33 #66b 142, Medellín, Antioquia

Food & Drink
For those people that are difficult to shop for, you really can’t go wrong with a bag of organic coffee, chocolate or Colombian rum. The magical triumvirate go brilliantly together so consider taking a little hamper home with you. For tips on the best places to get some locally-grown and roasted coffee, check out our guide to the best coffee in Medellin. All of the places on our list of local roasters have a great selection of small estate coffees to take home with you. Pergamino also stocks a strong selection of organic chocolates and some lovely retro mugs that make great gifts or a daily reminder of your trip to Colombia. If you want to blow someone away with some world class chocolate, Lok is producing some special bars mixed with dried Colombian fruits that can be found in most large supermarkets. For connoisseurs of high-grade cacao, Urbania stocks chocolate by Cacao Hunters. Cafe Velvet Medellin is also wonderful for chocolate. The cafe was founded by a Belgian who has created the perfect blend of Colombian cacao and Belgian mastery of the dark arts of making chocolate to create some sublime taste sensations for choco connoisseurs.  

To tantalize your taste buds to the point of sensory overload try doubling down on your chocolate and caffeine kicks with a world class tipple of rum. Local distiller Parce, produces a premium bottle of award-winning rum that’s hard to beat but the 8-year old Ron Medellin is pound-for-pound the best bottle of rum in the world. All major supermarkets stock it. 


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 8:00pm
Sat: 9:00am – 2:00pm
Sun: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Contact & Address:
IG @pergaminocafe
Pergamino Via Primavera
Cra 37 No.8a-37, El Poblado, Medellin
Pergamino Calle 10b
Calle 10b, No.36.32,  El Poblado, Medellin
Pergamino San Lucas
Calle 16a Sur, No.30-68,  El Poblado, Medellin 


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 7:00pm (Urbania 14 y Calle 8)
Sat – Sun: 9:30am – 5:00pm (Calle 8 only)

Contact & Address:
IG: @urbaniacafe
T. +57 (314) 769 3978

Urbania 14
Calle 14, #30-100, Sector Lalinde, El Poblado, Medellin

Urbania Calle 8
Dirección: Calle 8 # 43b-132, Astorga, El Poblado, Medellin

Cafe Velvet Medellin

Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs: 8:30am – 7:30pm
Fri & Sat: 8:30am – 9:30pm
Sun: 8:30am – 7:30pm

Contact & Address:
Via Primavera. Cra 37, No. 8A 46, El Poblado, Medellin
IG: @cafevelvetcoffee

Big Name Brands
Medellin is the Colombian capital of malls and the paisas love to spend the day checking each other out in a centro comercial. The biggest malls are all home to the same collection of popular Colombian clothing brands, Tennis, Carlos Nieto, Arturo Calle, Gef, Velez while the more exclusive malls in Poblado – Oviedo, Santa Fe and El Tesoro stock some better known international brands. If you’re staying in a Casacol luxury vacation rental or penthouse in Poblado you probably won’t need to venture much further than this triumvirate of temples to consumerism for a dose of retail therapy. Both Oviedo and El Tesoro have more open-air space and you can’t beat the view from El Tesoro. If you’re looking for something for a first date then you’ll find something comforting and familiar at H&M, MNG, Pull & Bear, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara or if you’ve been invited to leave town by some new friends but didn’t pack your trekking gear, there’s a branch of The North Face in El Tesoro. 

Oviedo Shopping Center
T. +57 4 321 6116
Web: Oviedo Shopping Center
Cr 43A #6S-15, Av. El Poblado, Poblado, Medellin

El Tesoro Shopping Center
T. +57 4 321 1010
Web: El Tesoro Shopping Center
Loma El Tesoro con Transversal Superior
Carrera 25A #1A Sur-45

Santa Fe Shopping Center
T. +57 4 460 0737
Web: Santa Fe Shopping Center
Carrera 43A, Calle 7 Sur #170, Poblado, Medellín

CTA: If you’re looking for the ultimate tailor-made retail therapy experience in Medellin contact one of Casacol’s concierges to arrange a session with a personal shopper, someone who loves nothing more than helping you to spend your money wisely.

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