Spending a Day at Tutucan Park in Rio Negro

Spending a Day at Tutucan Park in Rionegro

TLDR? If you have a late-night flight in Rio Negro and don’t know what to do, Tutucan Park is one of your best options.

Rio Negro is a mandatory stop if you’re visiting Medellin since it holds the city’s main airport. And once you’re there, you should know that this place has many things to enjoy!

Besides the food, the many little artistic towns close to it, and the landscapes, Rionegro also has a fun park for every age: Tutucan Park! 

Swimming pools, a little Pueblito, a navigable lake, and many attractions make this place a must-visit during your time in Antioquia.

The day I went to Tutucan Park, we were looking for something to do close to Rionegro Airport because of our late-night flight. We arrived in the morning, stayed there all day, and took the bus to the airport just before the closure!

What about the baggage? This park probably knows the benefits of being close to the airport and offers a locker space. It costs just a few Colombian pesos to leave your luggage all day. It’s the best way to get ready for a flight!

Keep reading and find out everything you can do in Tutucan Park!

The Pueblo Tutucan

The Pueblo Tutucan

Inside the park, at the top of the hill, you’ll find a town with many handcraft artists’ shops and colorful houses resembling Guatapé.

The town of Tutucan was born in 1995.

In the principal square, surrounded by flowers and tropical plants, you can still see traditional music shows, stand-up comedy shows, and other cultural Antioquian activities that might interest you.

Close to the square, you’ll also find a little farm with llamas, sheep and goats, donkeys, and ducks.

Tutucan Park is also known as Parque Comfama, a social enterprise offering different entrance rates for its associates and employees.

The Fun Park

The Fun Park

Tutucan Park has many inside and outside attractions for all ages. These are some of them:

  • Panoramic wheel: this is a not-so-high panoramic wheel. You can enjoy the ride even if you’re scared of heights!
  • Adventure Park: close to the restaurant area, you’ll find this extreme park with obstacles, perfect for kids and adults.
  • Little train: a train that goes around the park to show you all the green spaces and the attractions. You’ll even pass upon the lake.
  • Viking Boat: a swinging boat for a fun ride!
  • Horse Carousel: the classic carousel.
  • Mega Drop: a 20-feet-drop that’ll take your breath away.
  • Playground: an area for kids to play safely. There’s also a ball pool.
  • Spinning Teacup ride: spin round and round in this classic ride.
  • Icaro Airplane: you can get into this airplane and feel like you’re in a real one!
  • Bumper Cars: this ride is fun for kids but funnier for adults.

The price depends on the activities, but generally, they aren’t expensive.

The Lake

The Lake

The park has a massive lake in its bottom part. You can get inside a boat and follow the ducks!

Here you can rent a boat for two people or a group, and get around the lake for thirty minutes or one hour. We rented a boat for two, and it was fun trying to coordinate the paddling!

The best part was Sonidos del Agua, a water show with a fountain playing music rhythms. Ask at the ticket office about the show’s hours.

And when the show finishes, you can walk around the lake on the marked trail. 

The Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool

In the park, there’s a swimming pool for kids with a slide and two big swimming pools for adults – one with warmer water!

You’ll need a bathing cap to enjoy the swimming pools: get one close to the shower area if you don’t have yours!

How to Get There

How to Get There

Getting to Tutucan Park is super easy!

If you’re going from Medellin, you can get a bus every half an hour from the Terminal del Sur that goes to Rio Negro through the Santa Elena road.

You can also go to the Terminal del Norte and take a bus to Rio Negro that’ll pass through the Medellin-Bogotá highway, the same route you can take if you’re going by car.

Another option’s going by taxi, but it’ll take about one hour to get there. The taxi option will be less expensive if you’re going from the airport or downtown Rio Negro: it’ll take about 10 minutes. 

Have Fun With Your Family in The Tutucan Park

If you have some free time before your next flight from the Rio Negro airport, allow yourself to spend some time and have fun at Tutucan Park! 

Pack your bathing suits and get ready to enjoy this place in Rio Negro!

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