A Perfect Stay at Loma Verde

Looking for quick answers? Loma Verde has fantastic amenities, is easy to reach, and is close to some of the best restaurants in Medellin!

I have always loved arriving in Medellin. Right after the airport, you have one of the longest tunnels I have ever seen…and when you finally emerge… you find yourself up in the hills looking down at the city below.

At night there are a thousand glimmering lights in the valley.

It’s safe to say Medellin has something special. 

On Friday night I arrived in Medellin slightly before midnight and was completely exhausted from a stressful day of traveling. Luckily, I arrived at the stunning Loma Verde, a true oasis in Medellin.

Here’s my complete review of staying at this stunning hotel.

Arriving at Loma Verde

Living full-time on the road– I’m no stranger to the occasional check-in fiasco and I was one mishap away from a tired breakdown. Hoping for a smooth experience, I grabbed an Uber from the airport.

Loma Verde was easy to find both in the Uber app and on a map. Upon arrival, reception carried my suitcase inside and checked me in quickly. I even got free tickets to a jazz show nearby at Zbar! 

Inside the apartment, there was a little gift basket with water bottles, local chocolate, and the most important of all…local coffee.

The apartment wasn’t the biggest but everything inside was of exceptional quality: a smart TV that easily connected to Netflix, a large rain shower with L’Occitane en Provence essential oils soap, shampoo and conditioner, and a giant comfortable bed. In summary: Loma Verde was a relaxing oasis after a day of heavy travel. One long shower later, I was a new person.

Pro Tip: If grabbing a taxi, it’s important to ask for the price before you get in. Even with “set” pricing, taxis in South America are known to occasionally take advantage of tourists.

Arrival Tips

If you’re just arriving in Medellin, there are a couple of tips that you should keep in mind. That way, you’ll be able to get to your hotel in no time at all!

Transport: Uber (recommended) or airport taxi

Cost from Airport: approximately 80k COP (prices will be higher if arriving super late like me!)

Driving Time to Loma Verde in Poblado: 30 minutes but factor in at least 45 because of occasional tunnel closures or traffic.

All About the Location

Loma Verde is located just a few blocks from the main Poblado area. You are close to the best Poblado has to offer with the benefit of being on a quiet residential strip… not next to a nightclub.

During the day this looks like a short walk to restaurants (10 minutes), and at night a very quick uber or taxi (5 minutes). Loma Verde was always happy to call a trusted taxi for us!

Poblado is teeming with good food and even better nightlife but my favorite part of Poblado is the nature. Although in the city, you have a river and lots of tropical foliage on all sides. Every morning I sat on the balcony drinking coffee and watching the birds… such a nice way to wake up! 

Address: Cl. 11 #30a- 117, Medellín, Antioquia

Loma Verde Amenities

Although the location is fantastic, my absolute favorite part of Loma Verde is the amenities.

After a busy day out- we went for an afternoon swim in the rooftop pool and enjoyed the dry sauna and turkish steam room before taking a quiet rest in our room.

Loma Verde also has a lovely gym on the lobby level! The best part of the pool is the panoramic view of Medellin. 

Brunch at Pergamino

After a refreshing night’s sleep at Loma Verde, it’s time to check out a nearby favorite: Pergamino Cafe! There are two Pergaminos close by in Poblado…the quieter & closer one is a quick 10-minute walk downhill from Loma Verde.

This is your brunch spot!! Try one of their specialty coffees and get something delicious to eat. There is often a line, but I promise it’s worth it.

What to Order

We ordered the Pinches Huevos: an egg cazuela with a delicious green tomatillo sauce, mozzarella cheese, and all the normal Tex-Mex toppings of beans, corn, avocado, and more. We also ordered the Grilled Cheese (Queso al grill) after seeing it come out… yum!

Last but not least, we got a piece of carrot cake to split. I cannot recommend the food here enough…even the simplest dishes (Grilled Cheese!) come out beyond flavorful. Don’t miss out on sampling their cold brew, either.

Address: Vía Primavera San Lucas 10B Oviedo

What to Do During Your Stay

There are tons of things that you can do while staying at Loma Verde. Regardless of whether you want to hang out indoors or outdoors, there’s some fun to be had!

Outdoor Activities

After you’re full from brunch–you need to go explore Poblado! The mornings have the least amount of rain normally but I rarely explore without a rainjacket.

Take a walk down Calle 10 until you get to Via Provenza (Carretera 35)…in this area, you can find a variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, and boutique shops.

There are also a few nail studios or spas! Check out the artisan crafts in Parque Poblado towards the bottom of the hill.

Indoor Activities

If you get hit with a little rain… you can always check out one of the nearby shopping centers (centro commercial) or museums.

Take a quick uber/taxi to Santa Fe Centro Commercial or to Tesoro. In El Tesoro, you are likely to find more upscale and western brands along with better food options. On the other hand, Santa Fe has brands with a bit more local flair!

Tesoro also has an incredible view looking down the hill. If interested in eating in Santa Fe check out SushiLight for delicious sushi.

There are also some Medellin museums located nearby. You can easily head over there after strolling around town!

Your Dinner Spot: Peruvian Food at Rocoto

Rocoto is conveniently located a short taxi away (about 5 minutes). The front desk can call the car for you ahead of time. Make sure to message Rocoto beforehand to make a reservation.

I personally messaged them on Instagram and found them extremely responsive. Rocoto has delicious and authentically Peruvian food. Everything is flavorful and fresh!

The dining room is an urban-jungle-covered patio… enough music for a vibe without making it difficult to hold a conversation.

What to Order

I highly recommend starting with their Pisco Sours. Rocoto makes a variety of flavors but their traditional & passionfruit Pisco Sours in particular were delicious. This was the best Pisco Sour I have had outside of Peru! Everything here exceeded our expectations. 

We started with the Tornado Trufado appetizer which is white fish stuffed with avocado, sweet potato, cream cheese, and a creamy aji truffle sauce. For the main course, we split the Piqueo de Mar, a ceviche sampler.

This was delicious! Definitely get one of their samplers so you can try different things. Without an appetizer and dessert, the ceviche sampler probably would’ve been too small to split alone.

The Piqueo de Mar comes with a Leche de Tigre Traditional Ceviche, a crab Cause, a shrimp ceviche, and a mix of prawns with avocado in a tamarind sauce. They have another sampler as well that features favorites other than ceviche.

For dessert, we split a delicious brownie! The table next to us had the Nutella spring rolls and said they were underwhelming. The best part of Peruvian food is that it’s filling and flavorful but not overly heavy feeling food.

Address: Cra 33 #8a-14, Medellín, Antioquia

Nightlife Recommendations Nearby

After dinner, if you want to cause some trouble, there are a few closeby (and good!) options for every taste. Here were my top picks:

  • ZBar Jazz: upscale local sounds. ZBar is a beautifully decorated vintage feeling time capsule underneath the Marquee Hotel about a 4-minute walk from Rocoto. Their house band is spectacular and their cocktails are as well. Sometimes reservations are needed so potentially message them ahead of time. 
  • 7 Pulgadas Vinyl Bar: Funky hidden disco bar. 7 Pulgadas is slightly further away, just past Parque Poblado. There’s no sign but look for the door that says “Listening Bar”. Inside expect a cozy two-level spot with DJs mixing vinyls Friday & Saturday nights. Great cocktails!
  • El Social: casual local vibe. El Social is very close and has a fun local crowd. Come here for a beer or mojito sitting in the street. Great on a clear night to feel the nightlife energy while relaxing!
  • Envy Rooftop: an upscale rooftop with a great view of the city and DJs. Can sometimes get loud on the weekends at night.
  • MadRadio: radio station streaming, house music bar. This is a hip alternative spot that gets very popular with live DJs. 

Healthy Breakfast

Everybody in the area has a soft spot for Betty’s Bowls. This breakfast spot hits on the lighter side– it’s a short walk from Loma Verde and specializes in healthy smoothie bowls and avocado toasts to help with your recovery from last night.

The Amarillo (Yellow) and the Charcoal bowl are the most popular and both fantastic. I recommend getting a small (cup) sized smoothie bowl and a toast or bagel in case a smoothie alone doesn’t fill you up. The best part of Betty’s Bowls? The owner’s cute dogs! 

If vegan is more your vibe, other than Betty’s Bowls, you can check out these spots in the area!

Book a Stay at Loma Verde

Loma Verde is a wonderful place to spend a night, weekend, or even an extended stay! No matter how long you’re in town, I’m confident it’ll be a delight in every sense of the word.

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