Marinilla Antioquia’s Best Camping and Glamping Spots

Marinilla Antioquia’s Best Camping and Glamping Spots

TLDR? Glamping Villa Esterlina is one of the best places to spend a weekend in Marinilla.

Is there a better way to escape from the city than to enjoy nature?

In Marinilla, you can find different options for camping and glamping! Be close to nature without leaving comfort behind.

All you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

Why Stay In Marinilla?

Why Stay In Marinilla?

Marinilla is one of the closest towns to Medellín, which makes it one of the best options if you want to go sightseeing for a day.

However, this town’s also well worth visiting for a whole weekend, so you can properly enjoy your accommodation and the good places to eat and visit.

For example, you can spend the day visiting the renowned museums in town. Marinilla has the largest museum of crosses in the world, where you can find different crucifixes, crosses, and Christs from various countries and cultures.

In addition, it also has a historical and archaeological museum, where you can find pieces from the 17th and 19th centuries.

Spend a Weekend in Marinilla

Now that you know why you should stay in Marinilla, let’s move on to the next step: where to stay and have a good experience.

I know it isn’t easy to choose just one, so read each option carefully.

1. Glamping Villa Esterlina

Glamping Villa Esterlina

Approximately 15 minutes from Marinilla’s central park, Glamping Villa Esterlina’s one of those perfect places to escape for a weekend as a couple.

In this glamping, you have beautiful views of the mountains and sunny days with intense green. When night falls, you can enjoy a beautiful night watching the stars.

Glamping sites have different places to take a break. You can do it from under the nearest tree, lying on the mesh catamaran, or sitting near the balcony.

This lodging has different things to offer you, among them:

  • Individual thermal water pools
  • ATV  tour
  • Foodservice
  • private fire pit
  • Bar
  • Picnic

Come with your loved ones, as a couple or in a group!

Address: Finca villa esterlina vereda Aldana, Marinilla, Antioquia

2. Glamping Monte Sky

Glamping Monte Sky

If you like hidden places, this is your type of glamping!

You can find this accommodation just ten minutes from Marinilla. Glamping Monte Sky is an ecolodge surrounded by nature, trees, and plants.

It has different lodgings that you can choose depending on who you escape with from the city noise. You’ll find places fit for couples and more spacious ones with two floors.

You can also enjoy the place without staying overnight.

Among its most striking general benefits are:

  • Jacuzzi 
  • Spit
  • TV
  • Shower
  • Kitchen
  • Fridge

You can also enjoy the common areas, take a walk along the ecological trail, or go to the campfire area or the bar.

Parking is free.


Address: Marinilla, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

3. Glamping La Luisa

Glamping La Luisa

This isn’t the fanciest place you’ll find, but that’s the idea, right?

This glamping is farm-style, surrounded by the region’s typical crops and trees.

It isn’t glamping full of different options: it’s a single place where you can stay alone or as a couple. It’s small but very stylish. You can enjoy the jacuzzi, a romantic campfire, and catamaran mesh.

You can also wake up to the different sounds of the birds that you’ll find during your ecological walk.

Although it has a fully equipped kitchen, you can order a typical paisa breakfast or a nice romantic dinner.

You can find Glamping La Luisa just 40 minutes from Marinilla. The public transport that leaves you nearby is a chiva, which you can ask for in town.

Address: Vía hacia Guatapé, Vereda Salto Arriba.

4. Glamping Vital Spa

Glamping Vital Spa

As they define it, Glamping Vital Spa is a luxury camping. You can find natural spaces and styles between rustic and elegant.

Among the reservations, you’ll find:

  • Crystal cabin plan
  • Natural tent plan
  • Forest cabin plan
  • White cottage plan
  • Spring villa plan
  • Zen cabin plan

You can include food in the reservation or give yourself a relaxing massage to end a day of tourism in Marinilla.

When you’re back in Medellin, you can take a detour to the Mejía path, 20 minutes from Marinilla.


Address: Vereda Mejía, Guarne, Antioquia. 

Get To Know Marinilla in the Best Way

There are many places worth visiting close to Medellin.

Antioquia has many options to visit, but don’t forget to include Marinilla in that extensive list!

Pack your bags! It may be time to take a break in the middle of nature.

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