The Best Places to Stay in Carmen de Viboral

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The Best Places to Stay in Carmen de Viboral

TLDR? Even though you can just go for a day trip to Carmen de Viboral, there are also some great places to stay in the area.

Carmen de Viboral is well known for its many ceramic workshops. Many people take a day trip to get there and then return to Medellin at night. 

However, if you want more time to enjoy Carmen de Viboral, you should know that Carmen de Viboral has some excellent hotels to spend the night in. Keep reading to find the right one for you and your family!

Casa Rosé Hotel 

This new and exclusive hotel has a modern and warm design. It’s perfectly located in the center of Carmen de Viboral, so it’s especially convenient for anyone who’s going to be spending some time exploring the town.

Casa Rosé Hotel often hosts cultural, artistic, and culinary activities so you can really get a feel for the culture of the area. I particularly like this because since Carmen de Viboral is known for ceramics (and that’s what most people do here), this is a nice way to learn about something different.

In terms of the rooms the place is small, with just 25 rooms ranging from the superior suite, junior suite, and suite deluxe, to the grand suite. 

Casa Rosé also offers different vacation packages:  

  • The Getaway Plan: A romantic plan for two which includes a decorated room, breakfast, wine, and strawberry chocolates.
  • The Ecological Plan: A room for two, breakfast, transport to a nearby hike, or a workshop on vegetarian cuisine. 
  • The Pottery Plan: Includes a room for two, breakfast, a three-hour workshop on ceramics (with a souvenir), and snacks. 
  • The Mosaic Plan: A room for two, breakfast, a 6-hour workshop (divided into two days), a ceramic souvenir, and a snack.
  • The Pottery Expert Plan: Pottery experts will explain everything about pottery. This plan includes a room for two with breakfast, a 6-hour ceramic workshop (divided into two days), a history lesson on local ceramic and its process, glazed decorations, a snack, and a souvenir.

Casa Rose is also perfect for digital nomads, thanks to their co-working space with fast WiFi.


Address: Cra. 30 ## 27 – 20, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Hostal Macondo Inn

Hostal Macondo Inn is not just an average hotel. It has a café that hosts cultural and artistic events and live music by local artists on the weekend. It’s the perfect place to meet your friends and just hang out with a drink or two.

The rooms are basic, and the prices are cheap, so it’s also a great option if you want something casual and low-key. They have two, three, or four-people rooms with shared or private bathrooms. 

Hostal Macondo Inn also has a restaurant, a terrace, a garden, a shared kitchen, and excellent free WiFi. The best part is the bar with pastries and freshly-baked bread every morning!


Address: Cra. 31 ###28-60, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Seven Woods

Seven Woods is perfect if you prefer to rent a little apartment instead of a room in a hotel. This will give you the freedom to cook your food and comfortably enjoy your private terrace.

Seven Woods includes: 

  • A terrace with a great view
  • A queen-size bed
  • A washing machine
  • TV
  • Sofa and a desk
  • A kitchen with microwave, oven, fridge, and coffee machine. 

The cleanliness and cozy decor will make you feel right at home. The house owner will help you with everything you need. Also, its location is perfect, especially because it’s close to the city center.


Address: Cl. 25 #32-23, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Hostel Vista Hermosa 

This is a different hotel. Hostel Vista Hermosa is a recreational wellness center that’s a tourist attraction in and of itself. This place is great if you want to let go of some of the stress of life on the go.

They offer plans for different kinds of activities, including:

  • Horsing ride for two: The perfect romantic weekend, which includes accommodation for two, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a Turkish bath and pool, and horse riding with a guide. 
  • Horse ride with a group: (Without accommodation) spend a day with a guide that’ll bring you around Carmen de Viboral while you ride your horse.
  • Camping experience: An excellent way to reconnect with nature, including camping for one night for one or two people and a Turkish bath with a therapeutic swimming pool.
  • Under the same sky plan: Perfect for couples, it’s an experience to deeply connect with your partner through the yoga class included in the program. This plan comes with accommodation, three meals, a Turkish bath, and a welcome cocktail. 
  • Let’s be one plan: Perfect for a birthday or anniversary! It includes a room decorated for two, wine, three meals, and the therapeutic swimming pool.
  • Family plan: Includes a welcome drink, accommodation for the whole family, three meals, games and activities for your kids, and a Turkish bath.
  • Yoga plan: A day in nature with a yoga expert teaching you the best techniques to find peace of mind, including a healthy lunch and a therapeutic bath. 

Hostal Vista Hermosa is located about 10 minutes from the center of Carmen de Viboral. It offers rooms for up to five people, with a private or shared bathroom.


Address: Vereda Alto Grande, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Eco Hotel Naturnia

This is perfect for you if you want a place to stay that also offers a lot of activities.

The most popular activity here is fishing in the big lake on the hotel’s property. You can catch your fish and ask the chef to cook it! This eco-hotel also has a big green park and a waterpark with a swimming pool for your kids to enjoy!

The accommodation is basic but has a nice view over the lake. Eco Hotel Naturnia also offers romantic plans with decorations, flowers, and wine for the perfect weekend with your loved one.

It also offers a plan for a day in the hotel (without accommodation) to fish and have lunch without staying overnight. 


Address: El Santuario – El Carmen De Viboral, El Carmen de Viboral, Antioquia

Choose the Best Hotel for You in Carmen de Viboral

These are the best options for accommodation in Carmen de Viboral. You can stay overnight and enjoy fun activities besides ceramic workshops. Find the perfect hotel for you and enjoy the art and culture in this unique town of Antioquia. 

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