How Many Days Do You Need in Jerico, Antioquia?

How Many Days Do You Need in Jerico, Antioquia?

TLDR? Three days may not be enough, but it’s the minimum time to get to know Jericó.

If Jerico isn’t on your list of places to visit in Colombia, think again!

Medellín is a city full of surprises and things to do and see, so you know you should spend a prolonged time there. But what if you want to visit a small town like Jerico? How many days would you need there?

Close to Medellin, Jerico has an average temperature of 71.6°F, so most of the year, you’ll see a beautiful mixture of cloudy skies that contrast with the region’s colorfulness.

In Jerico, you’ll see a lot of nature and enjoy many different dishes.

In this post, I’ll suggest activities for your trip to Antioquia’s most picturesque town and how much time you need to have the best experience.

How Long Does it Take to get to Jerico?

How Long Does it Take to get to Jerico?

Jerico is approximately two hours from Medellín. You can get there by different means of transportation: a comfortable ride in your rental car, taking a taxi, or going by bus.

You can even include the Subway in your options if you don’t mind changing from one mode of transportation to another to get there faster.

Like any trip around Antioquia, you’ll find its particular beauty on the roads.

Since it’s a relatively far trip from Medellín, I recommend you spend three days enjoying what Jericó has to offer.

Allow yourself to get to know this beautiful corner of Antioquia in depth!

What to Do in One Day?

What to Do in One Day?

To spend a day in Jericó, you should initially start by taking a tour with a guide to explain the town’s history and architecture.

During the tour, you’ll see handicraft souvenirs representing the place and meet the artisans.

Include a visit to Santa Laura’s Sanctuary if you’re curious about the religious side of the town. Also, the particular architecture of Colombian churches is always a pleasure to see!

Jerico also has some museums that are well worth checking out.

You can choose to visit the MAJA museum, a typical Antioquian house full of art. You can also visit the Casa Museo José Tomas Uribe or La Casa de la Música.

To end your one-day tour, you cannot miss the best Café in Jericó: in Saturia Café, you can taste different coffees and even prepare your own.

Where to Book a Place to Stay

Where to Book a Place to Stay

Choose your accommodation!

You can camp or go glamping in Jericho. You’ll find many luxury rooms with various comforts in the middle of nature, made of wood with beautiful views of the surrounding green areas.

On the other hand, you can stay in the town, in a cheaper option. Parcerito’s Hostel is located just one block from the Sanctuary of Santa Laura. It’s a colorful place full of gardens that combine perfectly with the hostel.

What to Do Before You Go

What to Do Before You Go

There are some activities that you shouldn’t miss before you leave Jericho! Here are the most recommended.


This place is a gem for tourists. It’s a small neighborhood with a large patio, where you can find an art gallery, an Italian restaurant, and, on many occasions, enjoy a music concert.

Enjoy a drink in one of the neighborhood bars and finish your day perfectly.

Address: Cl. 7 #2-13, Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia

Jardín Botánico Los Balsos

You can spend a day in the Botanical Garden. The entrance is free!

There’s nothing better than a relaxing walk through the trails getting to know the flora, trees that give a lot of freshness, and humid areas such as streams and ponds.

Address: Cra. 3 #2-1, Jericó, Antioquia, Colombia

Get To Know Jerico From Above

Get To Know Jerico From Above

From its mountains, you can see the beauty of this place.

If you’re a fan of extreme activities, Jericó has two places you can contact to do one of the favorite sports of many tourists.

La Nube Extrema’s one of these options. You can choose your route according to the minutes you want to be in the air!

Try Some Food

Try Some Food

In addition to finding a good restaurant in Bomarzo, you can also try different ones within the town.

La Comedia is a small restaurant in front of Santa Laura’s Sanctuary, where you can have food outside and enjoy the lights and the freshness of the Jerico climate.

Another good place to eat is the Isabel Parrilla Arte Café restaurant, with a vintage style and food for all tastes.

Schedule Your Trip to Jerico, Antioquia

Add Jerico to your list of towns to visit around Medellín!
Three days are enough to experience the best of Jerico, but who knows? You might even want to stay longer!

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