The Cutest Cozy Cabins in Santa Fe de Antioquia

The Cutest Cozy Cabins in Santa Fe de Antioquia

TLDR? There are some amazing cabins and farm stays for eco-friendly travelers to try in Santa Fe de Antioquia!

Tired of the hustle and bustle of the crowded city? Consider taking a few days of rest by renting a cabin in beautiful Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Whether you want to connect with nature or enjoy the gorgeous weather, there are many wonderful places to stay close to the village. Or, you can go for something further away in the humid tropical forest. 

Tired of the city and crowded places? Then you should take a few days to rest in a cabin in Santa Fe de Antioquia.

In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide on the best cabins in Santa Fe de Antioquia. Read on to learn more!

Finca Hotel Morichal

Finca Hotel Morichal

By far my favorite spot, the cottages at the Finca Hotel Moricah are simple yet modern, with everything you need to enjoy a pleasant holiday. Rooms include a queen bed and a single bed, air conditioning, TV, and free WiFi. 

Santa Fe de Antioquia is only five minutes away from the hotel, an easy walk for guests looking to see the village and visit some tourist attractions. Bikes are also available to borrow from the hotel –  all you have to do is ask! 

The hotel offers guide services for activities such as: 

  • Horseback riding
  • Rafting in the Cauca river
  • Bike tours
  • Nature trails

Enjoy breakfast or lunch in the restaurant area overlooking the pool, or check out the picnic area! My boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday with a picnic in the evening, and the hotel provided us with everything we needed for a fabulous outdoor meal. 

The hotel’s traditional menu is delicious, and I highly recommend trying out the sancocho. I guarantee you’re going to want a second plate. 

Keep in mind that the hotel does not allow guests to bring their own alcoholic drinks or food. Instead, try out one of their speciality cocktails like a Daiquiri while watching the Santafereño sunset. 

One of the things I love most about the Finca Hotel Moricah is watching ducks, squirrels, and even iguanas come out during the evening. 

The hotel is pet-friendly, so bring along your furry friend, but be careful – you don’t want him to get into a fight with an iguana! 

Address: La yeye, Recta principal Vereda, Santa Fé de Antioquia.

Hotel San Martin Campestre

Hotel San Martin Campestre

The Hotel San Martin Campestre’s colorful cottages are cozy and fresh, built in the traditional paisa style. You’ll be greeted with a cocktail at your arrival, as a wonderful welcome to a wonderful hotel. 

The comfortable rooms are suitable for couples or small families, but if you’re traveling with a bigger group, larger cabins with several beds are also available. The cabins include mini bar service, TV, and airconditioning to keep your room cool. 

The cabins are equipped with kitchenettes, so feel free to bring your own groceries if you’re looking to save some money on room service and cook for yourself! 

The hotel also offers a diverse menu suitable for all tastes. I also recommend grabbing some drinks in the village bars or restaurants! 

If you’re looking to take a dip, the hotel pool is very spacious, and depending on what season you visit, you might able to get it all to yourself. 

The hotel also provides other activities such as: 

  • Camping
  • Paintball 
  • Pool table
  • Ping pong
  • Football
  • Playground for children 

Address: Vereda el paso real, Brisas del cauca, Santafé de Antioquia.

Tonusco Campestre

Tonusco Campestre

Last but certainly not least is the Tonusco Campestre, located in the village of Santa Fe de Antioquia. 

This is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday or spend a romantic holiday with your partner. 

My boyfriend and I stayed in a special cabin built for couples, which included a two person jacuzzi tub, minibar, hammock, air conditioning, safety deposit box, TV, and free wifi. 

The jacuzzi tubs are inspired by chromotherapy, a form of alternative therapy meant to improve your mood through the use of colors. You would not believe how happy and surprised I was when the jacuzzi water turned pink! 

Keep in mind that cabin amenities vary depending on your budget. Like many cabin rental locations, prices may also vary depending on the tourist seasons of Sante Fe. 

Prices are at their peak during the high season, which takes place during Colombia’s Holy week and feast days. Mid season takes place during the weekends, while low season takes place during weekdays. 

  • High season: Holy week and feast days. 
  • Mid-season: Weekends
  • Low season: Weekdays

The Tonusco Campestre provides packages for special events like birthdays or honeymoons. Packages include cake, champagne, decorations, and meals. 

The hotel offers a wide selection of activities and amenities. These include: 

  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Horse riding
  • Swimming pool, social jacuzzi, sauna, and turco.
  • Meeting room
  • Mini golf
  • Playroom
  • Bike rental
  • Laundry 

The Tonusco Campestre is also a great choice for travellers looking to visit Santa Fe de Antioquia during the Holy Week. 

Address: Calle 7 con Carrera 7. El Gualí. Santa Fe de Antioquia

Relax in Santa Fe de Antioquia’s Cutest Cozy Cabins 

There are so many options for both and low budgets in Santa Fe Antioquia, and you’re sure to find a place perfect for enjoying the wonders of the colonial town while taking a rest from big city stress and noise. 

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