Medellin Manicures: The Best Nail Salons in Laureles

TLDR? Lindas y Famosas is one of the best nail salons in Laureles

There’s something about having your nails done that inspires confidence. I don’t know about you, but the click-clack of my acrylics on the keyboard just makes me feel gorgeous.

The one issue is that I have to keep getting them redone. 

Now, since you have to re-do your acrylics every 2-3 weeks, I’ve managed to check out a lot of nail salons around both Poblado and Laureles. 

If you’re on the Laureles side of town, this guide is for you. Here’s a guide to the best nail salons in Laureles!

Lindas y Famosas

Lindas y Famosas

Lindas y Famosas is a pretty well-rounded nail salon in Medellin (and beauty salon in general) which is why I’m putting it at the top of the list. 

They’ve got a ton of services, such as: 

  • Hairdressing
  • Hair color services
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Professional makeup
  • Eyelash lifting
  • Hair extensions
  • Threading and waxing
  • Eyebrow lamination

In terms of what they offer for your nails, they’ve got a spa experience, traditional manis and pedis, gel nails, and acrylics. 

They do an excellent job at sculpted acrylics, so that’s the way I’d go if I were you. 

Website: @lindasyfamosas

Address: Calle 35 #76 37, Edificio Estonia, Medellín, Antioquia

EMA Beauty House

EMA Beauty House

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your Airbnb in Medellin. As an introvert, I totally get it. 

But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to treat yourself to gorgeous nails like anyone else!

EMA Beauty House offers mobile nail services that come right to your door. They’ll also take care of eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair styling, too.

If you’ve got a big event (say a bachelorette party) coming up, this is a good way to get ready without racing around all over town. 

Website: @emabeautyhousee

Address: Cra 80AA # 36-20 Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Ágora Nail Spa

Ágora Nail Spa

If you’re a fan of sipping on sangria and being spoiled then Ágora Nail Spa should definitely be on your Laureles bucket list.  

The spa is an experience, so you’ll get a bit more than just nice nails walking out of this place. 

They have a super-cute indoor garden where you can wait your turn to get your nails done. As you do, you can sip on tea, coffee, cappuccinos, or the aforementioned sangria. 

Once it’s your turn to get your nails done, you can pick from sculpted acrylics, tips, gel, or traditional nails. 

Whatever you pick it’s a nice place to get your nails done and the environment is incredibly relaxing. Plus, I’ll never turn down a free glass of wine!


Address: Cq. 76 ##38-8, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Candy Nails

Candy Nails

Candy Nails can do some pretty crazy stuff with acrylics. I’ve seen people walk out of the salon with some absolutely stunning nail art. 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I stick to neutral colors and don’t get too wild. 

But, if you’re looking for a place that won’t charge a ton of extra cash for crazy designs, Candy Nails is definitely the way to go. 

The one thing I’ll say about them is that they don’t run a ton of promos. If you’re wanting a place that’s got a lot of discounts, this isn’t the place to look. 

Website: @candynailsmedellin/ 

Address: Cra. 79 #49-35, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia 

Cristina Sierra Nail

Cristina Sierra Nail

Cristina Sierra Nail actually has a few locations. You’ll find them here in Laureles as well as across the way in the El Poblado neighborhood

Cristina Sierra Nail has bright, colorful designs that really get you ready for summer. 

What I personally like about their nails is that they don’t use that many stickers but they still paint designs on your nails. 

The result just looks so much cooler than a pre-designed sticker, and is a nice addition to an already gorgeous set of nails. 

Website: @cristina_sierranail

Address: Cl. 36 ## 80B 58, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Thalita Spa de Uñas

Thalita Spa de Uñas

Thalita Spa de Uñas has four different options for you to choose from in terms of nails: 

  • Traditional
  • Gel
  • Sculpted acrylics
  • Dip powder acrylics

Now, I personally love dip powder acrylics. I feel like they last a lot longer and look way more natural. 

What’s different about their dip powder technique is that it’s more like what you’d find in the US. They dip your nails into colored acrylic powder right off the bat. 

Then, your nails come out in the color you wanted without having to add nail polish on top. 

This method isn’t as common in Colombia, and it tends to be even longer lasting than dip powder nails with polish. 

If you’re not wanting to retouch your nails all the time this is definitely a good choice. 

Website: @thalita_spa_de_unas

Address: Transversal 39 # 70 a 48, Medellín, Laureles, Antioquia

Uñas de Encanto Nails Spa

Uñas de Encanto Nails Spa

Uñas de Encanto Nails Spa offers traditional, gel, and acrylic nails. 

What they’re really great at, however, are definitely the acrylic nails. What I personally love is that you can get matte nails. 

Matte nails have been getting more and more popular lately, so if you’re looking to keep up with the trends, these guys have got it down. 

They also let have both sculpted acrylics and tips. I recommend sculpted nails as they look more natural and tend to last a bit longer. 

Website: @unas_deencanto

Address: Cl. 47 #79-39, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Oh, Nails Studio!

Oh, Nails Studio!

I wouldn’t say Oh Nails Studio is the best place on this list, but it’s still nice to check out. They have pastel, vintage accents that just makes the place seem inviting. 

They, of course, do an awesome job on their nails. But, they don’t really go above and beyond in anything. 

Where I would say they stand out is with the discounts. 

They frequently run promotions and discounts so that you can get some pretty sweet deals, especially around holidays. 

Website: @ohnailsstudio 

Address: Cq. 2 # 72-50, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Crisalida Nail Professional

Crisalida Nail Professional

Crisalida Nail Professional offers great acrylics and gorgeous gel nails.

But, that’s not what really stands out about this place. 

If you’ve been keeping up with the Baby Boomer nails trend on Insta, this is the place to come. They do a fantastic job and specialize in this technique. 

Not sure what Baby Boomer nails are?

Let me explain. 

They’re basically an ombre twist on your classic French nails. They look super classy and are awesome for a party, a date night, or even a wedding. 

IG: @crisalidanailspa/ 

Address: Calle 33 Nº 81 A 28, Medellín, Antioquia

Vintage Spa de Uñas

Vintage Spa de Uñas

Vintage Spa de Uñas has to be one of my top picks in the Laureles neighborhood

Not only is the vibe super cute (it takes me back to my indie photographer days in LA), but the nail art is great. 

Plus, they’re attached to a coffee shop so you can sip on cozy lattes and cappuccinos while you get your nails done!

The options here include acrylics, mani-pedis, gel nails, and more. Plus, you can get additional beauty services such as eyelash extensions and waxing. 

Overall, it’s a nice place to pamper yourself for an afternoon and treat yourself to some much needed R&R. 


Address:  Cl. 48 # 77a -6, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Arlina Nails 

Arlina Nails

If you’re wanting a cheap manicure in Laureles, I hear you. Retouching your nails every couple of weeks can get pretty expensive, which isn’t the best if you’re a nail-aholic. 

The good news is Arlina Nails is actually not just a nail spa, but also an academy. 

In other words, the technicians are still learning how to do nails. 

Sure, they’re practicing on you, but they actually do a great job. Plus, it’s close to a ton of restaurants, so you can head out and grab a bite to eat after your nail day. 

IG: @arlinanails

Address:  Av. 80 #37 9, Medellín, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Spend a Day at One of the Best Nail Salons in Laureles

If you’re looking for the perfect place to pamper yourself with gorgeous nails Laureles seems to have you covered. The neighborhood has a wide variety of salons available for you to pick from!

Plus, now that you know what the best nail salons in Laureles are, I’m confident you’ll be able to get a real glow up going. 

Just make sure to reserve your appointment in advance. Appointment slots fill up fast, and you wouldn’t want to miss out!

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