Being a Kid for a Day at Yamba Adventure Park, Rionegro

Being a Kind for a Day at Yamba Adventure Park, Rio Negro

TLDR? From trampolines to virtual reality, Yamba Adventure Park is an indoor fun zone for both adults and kids.

Is it your friend’s birthday and you don’t know where to celebrate? Is it a boring Sunday, and you’re looking for something different to do? Or, maybe you just want to eat tasty dishes with your friends! Whatever it may be, the answer is to head over to Yamba Adventure Park.

Yamba Adventure Park is a place for families, couples, and groups of friends that’s located in Rionegro, right outside Medellin. Kids ages 0 to 100 years old are welcome here, and Yamba Adventure Park’s also pet friendly.

If you’re ready to learn more about what this adventure park is all about, keep reading. Here’s a guide to the many things you can experience at Yamba Adventure Park.

The Trampolines

The Trampolines

The park’s main attraction is the trampoline area. The kids’ trampolines are separate from the adults’, so you don’t have to worry about getting in each other’s way. At the park, you’ll also find a playground climbing wall, a circuit with obstacles, and some slides.

The prices are affordable and charged by the hour. Kids shorter than three feet (1m) pay half price.

You’ll need Yambamedias to get on the trampoline. These are special socks with grips to prevent slips. Buy them at the entrance, or bring your grip socks from home and enjoy a super fun accident-free time.

La Feria

La Feria, translated to the fair, is an outdoor space to put your aiming to the test. I prefer to throw darts, but there are many things you can do.

A few of the activities you can try include getting balloons into holes, shooting bows and arrows, and even firing shotguns. Challenge all your friends and find out who has the best aim!

Virtual Reality Space

Virtual Reality Space

Enjoying this area was one of the best parts of my experience at Yamba Adventure Park. I’d always wanted to try virtual reality games, but this technology’s a bit pricey for me to invest in it at home.

So, I took the opportunity and tried on one of the VR sets. I played a game about Zombies, and the game’s so realistic that you feel the zombies breathing on your neck.

Ok, that might not sound all that enticing, but I’d do it again and definitely recommend it.

Of course, the zombie game isn’t the only one you can try in the virtual reality zone. Various options are available, including sports, bowling, and dancing games.

This attraction’s also surprisingly inexpensive, and the price covers about ten minutes of activity.

Shows and Theme Parties

Shows and Theme Parties

Almost every Saturday, this park puts on shows. They host different shows every week, and some of them are free! A couple of shows they’ve had in the past include dance and magic shows, live music, and the Candy Circus show.

And, when no shows are on the calendar, they’ll come out with a theme party. Examples include the neón party (a glowstick party) or the Saltarin Comelón party. The latter is a night where you can get a cheaper combo for the trampolines, the socks, and a portion of chicken nuggets.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

What kid wouldn’t love to commemorate their birthday at an amusement park? Yamba Park offers a special combo pack for birthday parties.

The package includes 150 minutes of time on the trampolines, socks for each guest, and a virtual invitation with a birthday design. The package also reserves the table area for half an hour to sing the happy birthday song and enjoy a slice of cake.

The cost of this package depends on the day you want to throw the party.

Schools and Companies

There’s also a special package for schools and companies. Ask for information in the this section of the website and check their prices!

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

This restaurant’s one of the best in the area. It’s full of different food to pick from. The menu’s separated into sections: Yambalitas, La Taqueria Mexican Food, La Parilla for the meat lovers, JP Fast Food, and Pizzas J&M.

I ordered the Tacos Al Pastor, which I enjoyed with a margarita to complete the Mexican vibes! Speaking of margaritas, the cocktail and drinks menu is also full of delicious options.

How to Get There

Yamba Park’s in Barrio El Porvenir, in Rionegro, about 20 minutes from the city’s main airport and 10 minutes from the bus terminal.

You can catch a bus directly from Medellin or can drive there in a rental car.

The park opens during the week as well as on the weekend, so you can go whenever makes sense for you.

Let The Kid Inside You Have Fun at Yamba Adventure Park!

Yamba is a great place to hang out and have some fun with your friends for a day. Yamba’s events are always changing, so it’s better to follow them on social media and check what floats your boat.

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