Where to Stay in San Francisco, Antioquia

Where to Stay in San Francisco Antioquia

San Francisco, Colombia, is known for adventure, and what’s more adventurous than a hike through the green forest of Antioquia? You’ll want to relax after trekking through the stunning landscape by booking a room with a gorgeous view of Antioquia’s majestic nature. 

Lucky for you, I’ve been searching for the best place to stay, and found one that’ll leave you wishing your trip was longer! 

Keep reading to find out the best place to stay in San Francisco!

Eco Hotel Aguas De La Montaña

Eco Hotel Aguas De La Montaña

Careful research lead me to the Eco Hotel Aguas De La Montaña, a hidden gem and the perfect place for nature-loving tourists to stay when visiting San Francisco. 

On the upper level of the hotel are the Aguas de la Montaña cabañas. Constructed from bamboo, these little houses have a natural vibe you’ll love staying in. 

The lower part of the hotel allows guests easy access to the crystal clear waters of the Santo Domingo River, so make sure you find time to take a dip during your stay! 

The Eco Hotel

The bamboo cabins’ hilltop location was chosen specifically by the owner to guarantee each room a stunning view of the surrounding river and mountains. 

The rooms are set at an affordable price, especially when considering room service and cleaning – not the mention the fabulous views and beauty of the hotel itself! Each cabin boasts a private bathroom and handcrafted bathtub supplied with the crisp, cold water of the Mountain. 

The Eco Hotel Aguas de la Montaña provides accomodations for all kinds of travelers, from single tourists, to couples, to large families. Smaller groups of two to four people can book a regular room, while the Family cabins can comfortably house up to sixteen guests. And no need to worry about finding a pet sitter – the hotel is also pet-friendly. 

The Camping

The Camping

Those looking to fully immerse themselves in the natural world of Antioquia should check out the Aguas de la Montaña campground, located on the hotel’s lower level, close to the Rio Santo Domingo. 

Spend an evening star-watching in the wilderness before the relaxing sound of water flowing down the river lulls you to sleep. 

Bring your own tent, or rent one from the hotel. If you need to rent a tent, make sure to book it in advance of your trip. The hotel’s tents are limited and sell like hotcakes, especially on the weekends! 

The Restaurant

The Restaurant

The restaurant at the Aguas de la Montañal is another plus. Their Bandeja Paisa is one of the best I’ve ever had, and the Chicharron was so crunchy I had to order an extra portion!

Breakfast is done in the traditional Colombian style: salty, not sweet! Enjoy a meal of freshly squeezed orange juice, mixed local fruits, eggs, arepa, cheese, bread, and a hot chocolate or coffee. 

At night the chefs whip up a BBQ, so dig into a plate of Colombian deli. The menu includes meats, sausages, cheeses, potatoes, corn on the cob and yuca, topped by a variety of sauces. Everything was delicious! 

Vegetarians, don’t fret: the friendly staff will be more than happy to provide you with vegetarian options. 

The Aguas de la Montaña offers combo packs suited to different guests and their accommodations. Travelers staying at the campsite or in the cabanas are offered three full meals a day at a discount, but you can also simply pay for the meals you wish to consume. 

The Activities

The Activities

The Eco Hotel Aguas de la Montaña provides a ton of fun activities for guests to enjoy. During my stay, I had a great time jumping from one activity to the next. I didn’t want to miss any of them! Here are a few of my favorites: 

The Swimming Pool

The hotel pool is perfect for kids and adults alike. Supplied with cold, fresh water from the mountains, this family-friendly pool is an amazing way to refresh during a hot day. There’s even a slide crafted from the trunk of a tree that kids are sure to love. 

The Cascada del Amor 

A short trek along the river brings you to the Cascada del Amor, or “the Waterfall of Love.” This romantic natural waterfall boasts seven different falls into clear water. The Cascada del Amor is easy to reach from every cabin. Simply go down the river and follow the signed trail. 

The Rio Santo Domingo

The Rio Santo Domingo

The Rio Santo Domingo is truly the crown jewel of the Eco Hotel Aguas de la Montaña, so make sure to spend some time relaxing in its cool waters. Grab a beer or your favorite cocktail from the friendly bartenders at the nearby bar and chill out with family and friends. 


Did I mention the farm? Yes, you read that right! The hotel maintains a little farm cute ponies, horses, pigs, and a tank full of red tilapia, a famous Colombian freshwater fish. 

The area is free to visit for all guests of the Agua de la Montaña and carefully supervised by Max and Bruno, the hotel dogs! 

Activities Around the Hotel

The Rio Santo Domingo

San Francisco is known for the outdoors and adrenaline sports. The hotel will help you find the best tour for you if you are interested in:

  • Rafting
  • Kayak
  • Rappelling
  • Canyoning
  • Trekking and Hiking

San Francisco has beautiful landscapes, and a good way to admire that is by practicing some adventurous activities!

How to Get There

How to Get There

The Aguas de La Montaña is about a ten minute car ride from San Francisco, going up Cocorná, and has free parking. 

There’s no public transport that takes you directly to the hotel, so if you want to stay here, you’ll definitely need to rent a car or rideshare to get there. 

Here’s some helpful additional information: 
Address: Cocorná, Antioquia

The Best Hotel to Relax And Connect With Nature

Enjoy your stay in this stunning natural place with family and friends. Relax and fall in love with all San Francisco and Antioquia have to offer! 

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