Where To Get Reiki Done in Medellin

TLDR? Reiki is a type of energy healing, and in Medellin, the best place to get it done is at Ivy Wellness.

In the past few years, Medellin has begun to become a bit of a mecca for the health and wellness tourism industries. It’s equipped with a relaxing and beautiful climate and a plethora of affordable and high-quality caregivers.

This has made the city an environment where people feel comfortable seeking the care they need to look and feel their best.

This is well known for the traditional allopathic forms of medicine. But also true for the softer, naturopathic modes of wellness traditions. Here are some places in Medellin where you can go get a Reiki treatment for yourself!

Some Background on Reiki

Some Background on Reiki

Reiki is a form of “energy healing” that has recently become very popular. The aim of the practice is to cleanse someone’s energy field or aura.

If you’re someone who regularly seeks out this kind of treatment, then here are a few places that you can go to seek out a session. Not everyone buys into this kind of stuff, but I believe that life holds many mysteries, so I’m willing to try almost anything at the end of the day.

The practice of Reiki originated in Japan with a man named Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui claims that the methods of Reiki came to him when he was in the midst of an extended meditation session.

Reiki practitioners utilize a method called the “laying on of hands.” This is where energy is transferred from the practitioner’s hands into the body of the recipient.

Although the benefits of Reiki remain unverified by science, the practice has spread worldwide and enjoys burgeoning popularity. Those who have found benefits in the sessions swear by the effects that they come by.

So with all that out of the way, here are some places I found where you can try Reiki out for yourself!

Ivy Wellness

Ivy Wellness

Ivy Wellness is smack dab in the middle of one of the most central sections of Laureles, just around the corner from the Primer Parque de Laureles.

The clinic offers a ton of different services, with a large number of massage services provided. One of these is the Reiki massage. All of the massages at Ivy Wellness run you about 150,000 pesos, which amounts to around USD 35 (subject to change).

The facilities at Ivy Wellness are spacious and comfortable. There are shower areas for you to rinse off before you go and check in with the practitioner of your choice.

Given that there’s such a wide variety of services offered, it’s quite feasible that you could find yourself booking multiple wellness treatments for one afternoon. This might find you feeling quite nice indeed!

In addition, the clinic’s central location means that there’s a lot more to do once you’re done with your session. There are dozens of bars and restaurants just a stone’s throw away.

Address: Cq. 4 #73-64, Medellín, Laureles, Antioquia, Colombia

Website: https://ivylaureles.com

Merak Terapias Energeticas

Merak Terapias Energeticas

Merak Terapias Energeticas is a very cool space that lies just under the verdant pastures of Nutibara Hill. The space offers a number of different services, all based on holistic healing and health.

The space is generous and comfy feeling, and I found it to be a wonderful place to access a serene mindset and attempt to meditate.

Merak also hosts some group work kinds of events that include group energy healings and various kinds of rituals. So if that’s something that you’re into, consider this a destination.

Merak also comes with the added bonus of being right under the nose of the big Medellin attraction Pueblito Paisa. I had a killer afternoon getting a Reiki massage done by one of their practitioners and then took to hiking around Nutibara Hill. Fun times!

Address: Calle 32 F # 63 B -309, Urb. Conquistadores Sur, Bloque 2, Medellín, Colombia

Website: http://merakterapiasenergeticas.com/

Sananda Reiki

Sananda Reiki

Sananda Reiki is the personal practice of a Reiki master who directly studied the methods of Reiki founder Mikao Usui. The treatments take place in a small but cozy space that lies just outside of the borders of Laureles in a neighborhood called Santa Monica.

If you’re staying in Laureles, the trek to the Santa Monica location isn’t bad. If you’re staying in a different part of town, you might want to hitch a ride on Cabify and the like.

One thing to note is the clinic lies vaguely in between Laureles and the infamous Comuna 13. So there’s a chance you could squeeze that in if it’s on your to-do list.

In the same way that Ivy Wellness focuses on the more physical aspects of Reiki by combining it into a massage, Sananda Reiki emphasizes the spiritual aspects.

So if you’re a skeptic with no time for a little woo-woo mysticism, this will not be something that’s up your alley. But, if you’re open to those kinds of things, the space is quite comfortable and nice and the practitioner is kind, professional, and thorough.

Address: Cl 43 # 86A -25 Int. 401 Barrio, Antioquia, Colombia

Website: https://sananda-reiki.negocio.site/

Maria Gomez Terapeuta Psicoespiritual

Maria Gomez Terapeuta Psicoespiritual

This is another one for people who are a little more open to the great beyond. Maria Gomez is a local psychic who is based out of the southern El Poblado area of the city. She works in a small office that’s not too far from the center of the Poblado hustle and bustle.

She offers a number of services, ranging from the aforementioned Reiki sessions, as well as other psychic and intuitive services. These range from things like past-life regressions to palm readings.

Even if you’re not totally on board with those kinds of things, it can be quite entertaining to have something like that done. And regardless of your belief system, it’s always nice to hear someone else talk about your life (or many lives).

One thing to keep in mind is that Maria Gomez’s first language is Spanish, and English is their second language. So you might not get the fully articulated download of your assessment unless you speak fairly competent Spanish.

Now that we’re talking about auras, I found Maria Gomez’s energy to be particularly soothing. I thought that she was a very calming presence to be around.

I felt like she facilitated the kind of work that she does in a very serene way. It all seemed to fit with the kinds of messaging and intentions that the work set out to create. A big bonus.

Address: Edificio Colmena, Cra. 43A #1A SUR 29, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Catching More Great Vibes in Medellin

Reiki is pretty far-out stuff, and because of that, it might not be for everyone’s taste. However, if you approach things with an open mind, you never know what’s going to happen.

You might be surprised sometimes at some of the benefits you might receive from something you’ve never considered. And, for a couple of these places, the treatments come coupled with a physical massage, so you can’t complain about that.

I found visiting these places interesting and thought-provoking, and who knows? I might have even realigned my chakras in the process.

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