Indulge Yourself with a Spa or Wellness Retreat in Medellin

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Short on time? Dra Castro Anti-Aging Clinic offers some of the best spa and wellness retreats in the city.

Medellin is the perfect place to gift yourself some self-love and maybe some biohacking in Medellin’s top spa and wellness centers

The body-beautiful paisas certainly know how to take good care of themselves. And, even if the locals don’t want to put in the hard yards to stay in shape, or don’t always treat their bodies like a temple they definitely know where to go to find a shortcut to feeling and looking good again. 

Perhaps you’re in town to tear it up and need help putting yourself back together again post-party. Or, perhaps you treat your body like a temple and want to reward yourself with an indulgent visit to the city’s most opulent spas.

Either way, keep reading. Let’s check out the top spas and wellness retreats around the city.

A Rundown on Medellin Spas

Many of the best spas in Medellin cater to those looking for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The city’s wellness centers are a box of life hacks that can send  you home after your Medellin vacay looking younger and fresher than ever.

If father time hasn’t been kind and you’re in the market for some even more drastic interventions, the city’s surgeons have had plenty of experience putting people back together again.

So, it’s no surprise that Medellin is one of the world’s top destinations for nip and tuck tourism.

There’s some serious geographical arbitrage to be had for visitors from the US in need of plastic surgery. There are also doctors who can offer more serious operations for health problems, dental work, hair weaves, or even ground-breaking stem cell treatment.  

Pretty much whatever beauty treatment you’re looking for in Medellin, you’ll be able to find. And, most of them are located conveniently close to Casacol’s rental properties.

Dra Lucia Castro Anti-Aging Clinic

You can’t miss this purple anti-aging clinic in Poblado. Beyond the terrible name and the gaudy mirror glass lies a four-story temple dedicated to your every indulgence and the healthy pursuit of human optimization.

There’s a long menu of fantastic spa treatments that will leave you feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

The multiple pools of the Mexican-style Cenote is a special place to reinvigorate aching limbs and revive weary spirits and the quirky massage rooms are fun even if they feel like an amorous trip to one of Medellin’s thematic love motels.

There’s botox, collagen and chocolate massages on tap and machines that will tonify even the flabbiest of gym-shy midriffs and glutes.


Address: Cra. 34 #11b-10, Poblado, Medellín

Nirvana Spa Colombia

There’s a very good reason that some of the best hotels in Medellin and the Medellin Country Club have all chosen this heavenly spa operator to take care of their upscale guests and exclusive members. 

You really are in good hands when you treat yourself to one of Nirvana Spa’s trademark therapeutic treatments.

Enjoy a massage with volcanic rocks or the sensual Llanero odyssey, a four-hour immersion in Hotel Diez. This experience includes:

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Herbal wraps
  • A nutritious mud bath
  • Energizing crystal treatments
  • Facials
  • A warm wax massage. 

As well as relaxation treatments there are specialist Pilates instructors and other invigorating activities like Thai KickBoxing.

Website: Nirvana Spa Colombia

El Tesoro Location: Cra 25a #1a Sur 45 Piso 1, El Poblado, Medellín

Hotel Park 10 Location: Cra 36B #11-12, El Poblado Medellín

Hotel Diez Location: Cra. 34 #34-11, El Poblado, Medellin

Atman Yoga Foundation

For mental and physical wellbeing, nothing beats yoga to help put your mind and body into balance.

Whether you are a regular practitioner comfortable throwing a handstand scorpion or the formidable face pose, or if you’re just starting out on your journey to peace and happiness through yoga, Atman Yoga Foundation, is your yoga family in Medellin.

Here, you can work on your flexibility and strength with some of the most hospitable people on earth.

The school organizes. very special weekend gatherings in the Jardin Botanico, a beautiful and FREE place to work on your asana.

Additionally, they coordinate overnight yoga retreats in Altman’s leafy Vanadurga ashram near San Rafael, three hours drive from Medellin.  

Website: Atman Yoga Foundation


This business promises to take years off your life. And, it promises to ease some of the wear and tear of a misspent youth.

As a result, beaten-up celebrities, ex-MMA fighters, sportsmen, and millionaires with a Peter Pan complex have all made the trip down to Medellin for stem cell treatment with BioXcellerator. 

If something’s been bugging you for years and you’re ready to give it a shot, the revolutionary treatment has yielded some miraculous results at a fraction of the cost of similar treatments in the USA.

Website: BioXcellerator

Address: Torre Medica, Cra 25a #1a Sur-45, Ste. 733

Treat Yourself to Top-Notch Spa and Wellness Retreats in Medellin

Medellin is the perfect place to get your body back in shape. Whether you want some plastic surgery (we won’t tell) or just want a good old massage, there’s something for everyone in the city.

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