Visiting the Parque Nacional Natural Paramillo in Antioquia

Visiting the Parque Nacional Natural Paramillo in Antioquia

TLDR? Parque Nacional Natural Paramillo is perfect for experiencing Colombia’s biodiversity.

It’s priceless to visit the different ecosystems in Colombia.

The Paramillo Natural National Park is a place full of biodiversity and nature wherever you look at it. One of the best places to escape the routine and enjoy the natural beauty of Colombian landscapes.

Come with me! I’ll tell you all about this beautiful experience.

Where Is Paramillo


Also known as the Nudo de Paramillo, this natural reserve’s located on the border between Antioquía and Montería, Córdoba.

Although its distance from Medellín may seem long, it’s recently become one of the most visited parks due to its natural beauty and the total conservation of its environment, which is full of different types of Colombian flora and fauna.

How to Get There

How to Get There

Unfortunately, there isn’t direct transport to Paramillo from Medellín, but you can travel to one of its nearby towns and get a bus to the national park.

Go to Medellín’s North Terminal and take a bus to Peque. Here you have two options of routes. Peque is one of the municipalities close to the national park!

The trip lasts approximately six and a half hours. Once you are in Peque, transport to the park takes only fifteen minutes.

I don’t recommend you go on this trip on your own. There are unknown roads where you can find different climates, conditions, and inconveniences.

What to See in Paramillo

Paramillo is one of Colombia’s protected areas due to its great variety of biodiversity and being a rich source of rivers.

The park has various ecosystems, including humid jungle forests and very cloudy plains. Because each one offers different conditions, the fauna and flora also vary.

The humid jungle is a beautiful place, for which I recommend you should dress well!

You can also contact the indigenous people of the region, who remain faithful to their culture.


Oso de Anteojos

In my experience, in addition to the beautiful birds and their particular songs, you get to see some pretty cool animals here!

I’m a fan of monkeys, and here I could see their version in cappuccino and the titi monkeys, which are one of the funniest and friendliest species.

You may also come across some alligators. The park’s also home to a bear species called Los Osos de Anteojos (spectacled bear).

What to Expect From the Flora in Paramillo

What to Expect From the Flora in Paramillo

Paramillo’s frequent rain favors diversity: I assure you that you wouldn’t be able to count how many species of trees, flowers, and plants there are in the nature reserve.

It’s a place of research due to the number of species.

Avoid touching or taking any type of plant with you as a souvenir. In this national park, they try to conserve endangered plants. 

Pay attention to the enormous ancient trees that’ll make you feel tiny.



One of the best things I could see were the rivers.

Paramillo is one of the primary sources of different rivers, which means you can observe crystal clear and clean waters without contamination.

The rivers in Colombia usually have a visible current that gives them a unique touch of beauty.

Recommendations for Visiting the Park

Recommendations for Visiting the Park

In addition to being careful with all the species you find during your tour, you should take into account the following recommendations:

  • Take enough hydration and some food with you.
  • Don’t leave trash for any reason.
  • You shouldn’t do your tour alone. Always be accompanied by a guide who knows the area.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes, preferably a covered outfit to protect you from mosquitoes and the weather.
  • If you have any type of physical injury, you should wait before making this trip.

Change the Atmosphere and Visit Parque Nacional Natural Paramillo

Ecotourism is the best way to escape the city for a weekend, and the Paramillo Natural National Park is one of your best options.

You’ll find a lot of biodiversity in its natural environments, which you can enjoy up close. Now you know what to expect from this beautiful Colombian jewel, add it to your to-do list, and don’t hesitate to plan your trip!

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