The Best Pizza in Medellin (Plus What to Order)

TLDR? The best pizza in Medellin is found at El Zorro & La Gitana!

On the hunt for the best place to eat pizza in Medellin? The competition is pretty fierce. With the world and his wife competing for the title of Medellin’s top pizzeria, the field is a crowded one.

Even whittling the list of pizza purveyors down to even a top 10 is a challenge. There are good pizza restaurants that didn’t make it onto this list too, however, so feel free to make your own list!

The pizza places that we’ve chosen not only have great pizza but also make an effort to stand out from the Medellin pizza scene.

Of course, all of these pizzerias will deliver. But, more importantly, they’re all worth leaving your luxury Casacol vacation rental for. 

El Zorro & La Gitana

El Zorro & La Gitana

The ‘fox and the gypsy’ hipster hangout in Manila, is the Heston Blumenthal of Medellin’s pizza circuit releasing a counter-cultural special each month. It has a fanatical following coming back for more over and over again.

Some of the crazy creations at this restaurant have included a re-invention of the shawarma in pizza form. Another one is the Colette, the latest off the ideas conveyor belt with grass-fed roast beef on a creamy mushroom sauce with caramelized leeks, topped off with fresh rocket.

Some of these delightfully, surprising, always seasonal, slow-food combinations might not appeal to traditionalists. But, there’s no question this pizza place is a cut above the rest when it comes to inspired ingredients.

As well as the creative juices being poured into the pizzas, the restaurant hosts a pop-up flea market on the weekends. There they sell local fashion, second-hand books, and other crafty treats with a DJ spinning the vinyl to keep the groove going all afternoon.

What to Order

Try the monthly specials whilst working your way through the rest of the more standard options. Most of the specials on the creative menu are vegetarian.

Our faves include the Rita with mozzarella, sun-dried, and cherry tomatoes toppings. Or, go for the Del Huerto with stinky blue cheese, rocket, and seasonal mushrooms.

IG: @elzorroylagitana
Address: Cra 43C #10-57, Barrio Manila, Medellín, Colombia

Pizzeria Olivia

Pizzeria Olivia

Committed to the environment, this place invites conscious consumption through practices such as ethical fishing.

At the same time, it’s a place that’s at the forefront of the restaurant biz and has tons of options for its guests!

That’s why they have included within their base doughs the “keto” dough, made from almond flour, coconut flour, chia flour, egg, and cheese, becoming a gluten-free option.

In addition, they source fresh ingredients that truly do justice to the Italian name.

What to Order

If you’re going to eat at Olivia, you’ve absolutely got to get a glass of wine. And, our favorite pizza? The Hawaiian option with cured ham and pineapple. It’s delicious!

IG: @pizzeriaolivia
Poblado Address: Cra. 43E ##11a31, Medellín, Antioquia
Laureles Address: Av. 74B ##39-46, Medellín, Antioquia

Ammazza Gin Garden

Ammazza Gin Garden

This deluxe pizza parlor with a pretty place in Provenza, earned its ‘amazing’ tag (that’s what Ammazza means in Italian) and its beau monde following thanks to a superior selection of crispy, thin-crust pizzas prepared in a wood-fired oven.

It’s not just the pizza, however, that makes Ammazza amazing. Its magnificent masas are accompanied by gorgeous gin and tonics that add a refreshing touch to the restaurant’s refined ambiance.

Ammazza’s life began in Provenza but it has added another outlet high up in the Poblado hills at Indiana Mall. And, there’s another location in Laureles to help expand its allure.

This exclusive chain is far from a poor man’s pizza place. It serves its well-heeled clientele all the usual parade of pizzas as well as a great range of carpaccios, risottos, and salads.

What to Try

What we love about Amazza is that you can find some pretty great build-your-own pizzas. Top toppings include the burrata with Spanish chorizo, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, or the pesto with mushrooms.

IG: @ammazzagingarden
El Poblado Location: Provenza: Carrera 34 #7-40
Laureles Location: Carrera 76 # 73B-39

Café Zorba

Café Zorba

Café Zorba has been a landmark in Medellin’s culinary and cultural scene for over a decade pulling in a counter-cultural crowd that loves a veggie pizza with a crispy crust.

For years, it was the cultured cornerstone of Parque Lleras until runaway rents and the seedy scene in Lleras pushed Zorba further south to closer to El Poblado’s hipster heartland.

Its cultural offering changes constantly, switching between blues, jazz, and independent cinema depending on the day of the week.

The nine pizzas on the menu stay the same. Forget stuffed crust pepperoni people, Zorba’s faithful following prefer their pizzas plant-based and rustic.

Basil, Rocket, Spinach, Kale, Onion, and Asparagus are the topping talent here. But, they have ample backing from toasted almonds and macadamia cream.

Get there early, it gets crowded and the privileged perches overlooking Parque el Presidenta go fast.

What to Order

The rocket with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and Grana Padano shavings with a Maestre Hazy IPA and some jazz. Did someone say “groov-ee?”

IG: @cafezorba
Calle 8 #42-33, El Poblado, Medellin

Pizzeria Centro

Pizzeria Centro

Rodrigo Puyo’s pizza place makes it onto the list because he’s been serving up authentic, Italian pizza longer than everyone else so he must be doing something right.

Found in a beaten-up old house downtown, Pizzeria Centro has become a legendary landmark for the locals. It’s the place you’re most likely to get taken to show you “another side of the city” by your eager Medellin host.

The thin-crust pizzas are simplicity personified, cooked with love in an old wood-fired oven. Puyo’s Italian mentor, Giorgio Budicin, passed away in 2020. But, Puyo continues to fly the flag for the traditional arts of Italian pizza making, serving up 13 varieties that all pay homage to his Italian maestro.

The pizzas from this place taste better in situ with a cheap beer or glass of wine so go to enjoy the full experience rather than ordering takeout.

What to Order

There are tons of great choices on the menu. However, we recommend the artichoke, margarita, or ham and mushroom versions of the pizza. They’re all winners.

IG: @pizzeriacentro
Address: Calle 57 # 41-57, El Centro, Medellín

Calaroca Restaurant

Calaroca Restaurant

This pseudo cave has joined the premier league of pizza places in Medellin thanks to its rustic bases, superior toppings, and kickass cocktails.

Going head-to-head with Ammazza with a Gin + Pizza formula for success, the Calaroca restaurant has nine varieties of pizza on the menu, all baked in a stone-fire pizza oven.

The pizza, alongside some other marvelous Mediterranean mains, has won its way into the hearts of a high falutin crowd of locals and foreigners.

The low lighting, devilish drinks, white-glove service, and DJ have converted the L-shaped restaurant into a scintillating launchpad for a night out in the hottest bars in Medellin in nearby Provenza

What to Order

The Margherita is the closest you’ll find to a pizza from Naples in Medellin. And, the chef takes the pepperoni into another dimension with a bullseye of a buffalo mozzarella bocconcini.

IG: @calaroca
Cra 34, #5g-62, El Poblado, Medellin 

El Graspo de Uva

El Graspo de Uva

How many pizza places in the world do you get the chance to work on your golf swing while you wait for your order? One!

This traditional Italian restaurant with an eye for the weird and wonderful delivers a truly authentic Italian pizza experience.

Like many of the most interesting restaurants in the world, El Graspo de Uva doesn’t look like much on the outside. You’d hardly notice it if you didn’t know it was there.

Once you pass through the almost derelict, graffiti-tagged exterior, however, you’ll discover some delightful surprises. That includes an expansive patio and the aforementioned indoor golf range.

The stone-oven baked pizzas are crisp and tasty and served with zero pretension, just a smile and a glass of wine

What to Order

The blue cheese and pear or asparagus, or the margarita will please the vegetarians. But, the other classics are all good.  

IG: @elgraspoydeuva
Calle 9 #43B-55, El Poblado, Medellin 

Take a Bite Out of the Best Pizza in Medellin

There are some truly fantastic pizza spots in Medellin if you know where to look for them. And, with this guide, you do!

Just make sure that you spend at least one night checking out the city’s pizza scene.

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