How to Spend a Day in Santa Fe de Antioquia


TLDR? Santa Fe de Antioquia is a great place to spend an afternoon or a few days taking in Colombian culture.

Many travelers leave the small, colorful village of Santa Fe de Antioquia off of their travel itineraries, writing it off as just another small Colombian town. 

In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Santa Fe de Antioquia is a hidden gem and a must-visit for those traveling around the city of Medellin. 

In this guide, I’ll walk you through all Santa Fe de Antioquia has to offer. Plus, I’ll share the itinerary I followed while visiting, which is full of fun activities, beautiful sightseeing locations, and delicious restaurants and coffee shops. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know about this cute town.

How Long to Stay in Santa Fe de Antioquia

How Long to Stay in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia provides a refreshing rest from the noise of big cities like Medellin or crowded tourist spots like Guatapé. 

Luckily, the village is only about 34 miles from Medellin or a one-and-a-half-hour journey by bus or rental car. That makes it close enough to plan a one-day trip if you leave early in the morning and return at night. 

If you ask me, one day isn’t enough to enjoy this small town’s history and charms. I recommend staying for at least two or three days to get the full Santa Fe de Antioquia experience and get your fill of its delicious food and artisanal coffee

The Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit

If you’re interested in attending religious events in Santa Fe de Antioquia, one of the best times to visit is during Colombia’s Holy Week in April.  

This is a popular time for tourists, so travelers should make sure to book their hotel or Airbnb a few weeks in advance. You should also consider talking to a tour guide about booking a table at the best restaurants. 

If you’re not interested in attending Holy Week in Santa Fe de Antioquia, I recommend visiting anytime during the dry season, which lasts from December to March. 

The weather can get a bit hot, ranging from 77-99 °F, so make sure to pack some light and comfortable clothes. 

Throw a wide-brimmed hat and rain jacket in your suitcase as well—sunny mornings are often by followed by a bit of rain in the afternoon,

How to Spend Your Time in the Village

There are tons of way to spend your time in this cute village.

From visiting the village’s famous churches to checking out the western bridge, there are tons of things for you to do.

Let’s take a closer look at what to do while in this town! 

After Arriving in Santa Fe de Antioquia

After Arriving in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Before leaving your hotel, grab a cup of coffee or a quick snack, but make sure not to fill up too much. Many of the village restaurants serve great breakfast menus that’ll keep you full until lunchtime. 

If you get a bit peckish from walking around, check out the food stalls in the main square. Or, buy something from the local street vendors

At lunchtime, you’ll be able to find some small restaurants offering delicious homemade meals. Just keep in mind that some restaurants in town won’t open until five or six in the evening. 

How to Spend an Afternoon

How to Spend an Afternoon

On your first day, I recommend taking a walk through the different central squares of Santa Fe de Antioquia. 

The Parque Plaza Mayor Simón Bolivar is great place to start. Relax, people watch, have an ice cream, and enjoy the historical colonial structures around you. 

After that, walk a few streets over to see the Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de la Inmaculada Concepción. This beautiful historical building houses religious pieces and jewelry from the colonial era. 

Santa Fe de Antioquia’s network of churches is close enough together to visit in a single day of walking, so it’s the perfect way to see the city. 

Spending an Evening in the Village

Spending an Evening in the Village

At the end of the day, you can walk or take a ride in a moto-taxi to the Puente Colgante de Occidente, a suspension bridge hanging above the Cauca river. The bridge is a complex work of engineering and a huge source of local pride. 

Don’t be too nervous to cross over the imposing Cauca river—the bridge is a tourist attraction, so it’s super safe.

What to Do on Longer Trips to the Village

What to Do on Longer Trips to the Village

If you’ve decided to stay a second day in Santa Fe de Antioquia, consider taking a morning visit to the Juan del Corral and Francisco Cristóbal Toro museums. You can learn more about the village’s history and religious traditions there. 

And, don’t forget to take a traditional horse ride to the beautiful Dos Palmas farm. At the farm, you’ll have the privilege of visiting a “hacienda paisa.” 

One more thing to keep in mind: if you’re visiting the village during Holy Week, I recommend extending your trip a few more days to truly get the complete experience. 

Where to Eat

Where to Eat

Everyone knows good food is one of the most important parts of a vacation! In this quaint town, you’ll be able to sample a large selection of artisan coffee. And, you can try some new and exciting exotic fruits!

I recommend Cafe Canelo for breakfast and La Casa Solariega for lunch or dinner. Let’s take a closer look at these two places.

Café Canelo

Cafe Canelo serves a typical Colombian breakfast in a building considered a historical heritage of Colombia. You’ll be served scrambled eggs, hot chocolate, waffles, and a fresh fruit salad. Yum!

Address: Carrera 12, 9a-2, Santa Fé de Antioquia

La Casa Solariega

if you’re looking to switch up your dining experience, this romantic restaurant specializes in Belgian food. They also have a wide menu of international beers! 

The restaurant provides vegan and vegetarian options and is also pet friendly. If you dine there on a sunny day, I recommend asking for outdoor seating. 

Address: Carrera 8 #10-97, Santa Fe de Antioquia

Take a Weekend Trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia

A weekend trip to this village will have you falling in love with the magic of this wonderful little village. So, add Santa Fe de Antioquia to your Colombian travel itinerary—I promise you won’t regret it! 

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