The Best Places to Buy Jeans in Medellin

The Best Places to Buy Jeans in Medellin

TLDR? Lola Jeans is the best place to buy jeans in Medellin.

Medellin’s the city of fashion in Colombia, so you’ll be able to all kinds of clothing if you choose to go shopping here. Lucky for those who tore their pants during the trip (maybe on a hike in one of Medellin’s parks and trails) or are interested in fashion, this also applies to jeans!

If you need to buy new jeans because your old indigo pants ripped or you just want to update your wardrobe, this guide is for you. Keep reading to learn about some places to buy yourself another!

Lola Jeans

Lola Jeans

Lola Jeans is a very trendy and avant-garde store. Located in Itagui, known as the Fashion Center in the south of Medellin, its catalog includes all the jean styles you can think of:

  • Mom fit
  • Mom flare
  • Skinny
  • Slouchy
  • Flare stitch
  • Straight leg
  • Wide leg
  • Medium shot
  • Straight leg stretch
  • Baggy

In addition to the designs and styles, there are varied denim fabrics and colors. The products are super versatile. You can wear them for a walk downtown, at a birthday party, to a nightclub, to go on a picnic, and even for a business meeting.

Lola Jeans also offers other garments, such as shorts, jumpsuits, and T-shirts. The prices will shock you too—it’s super cheap, so come running!

American Eagle

American Eagle

Sometimes what you want is something that you’re familiar with. If you need some good international brands, American Eagle is a good pick.

American Eagle has six stores in Medellin in the main shopping centers. They offer jeans and very comfortable clothes, at very affordable prices and of high quality.

Something I love about this brand carries out its environmental responsibility by manufacturing jeans with recycled cotton and polyester from sustainable sources in factories that save up to 7 gallons of water.

This brand also shows that comfort can go hand in hand with style. You’ll find denim trends such as high-waisted jeans for women and aesthetic skinny jeans for men, perfect for a tour around Medellín.

And that’s not all: the clothes are made for all body sizes and types. In American Eagle, everybody can look fashionable.

Stop Jeans

Stop Jeans

Fashion, trend, style, and femininity for all occasions and tastes is what you’ll find at Shop Jeans.

Stop Jeans is a brand that seeks to make women feel comfortable no matter what shape they are. That’s why they offer jeans made for all tastes and needs.

A few of the jeans they offer are:

  • Cell jeans: With a protective pocket for the cell phone. No more lugging around uncomfortable bags!
  • Cowboy: Designed for day to day wear.
  • Retro jeans: Spacious and comfortable jeans with a flare leg.
  • Magic: Jeans that lift and boost your butt!
  • Sculptor: Perfect for showing off a curvy figure.
  • Reducer: A cinching jean that keeps everything in place.
  • Lipo jeans: Jeans that enhance your curves and pull in the stomach.
  • Butt lifter: A jean that shapes your glutes and gives them visibility.
  • Mom jeans: Traditional and fashionable jeans without uncomfortable adjustments.
  • Elastic: Jeggings that are so comfortable you’ll barely remember you’re wearing jeans.
  • Maternal: Jeans to keep you covered for the next nine months.
  • Bow: With a denim bow around the waist that serves as a built-in belt.
  • Baggy: Super fresh and relaxed jeans.
  • Comfort: Comfortable jeans that are great for lounging at home.
  • Culotte: Shows off perfect curves in a wide-legged design.

You can also combine these with T-shirts, jackets, and even accessories from this store. It’s very affordable to put together a complete outfit!

Build your look at an excellent price at the Stop Jeans stores, located in the most commercial areas of the city at shopping malls, parks, and squares.

Rifle Jeans

Rifle Jeans

Rifle offers a variety of Jeans that’ll fit every day and any occasion! The shop specializes in Denim that makes jeans fun, comfortable, and fashionable.

In this shop, you’ll find an uncomplicated lifestyle, a bit urban, with ideal outfits to walk around the city, go to university, go out at night, or go on a road trip. How about going to Guatape?

Rifle offers versatile garments for men and women and looks for music festivals!

Among the types of pants offered, the following are focused on men:

  • Dad
  • Carrot
  • Relax
  • Slim
  • Straight
  • Super-slim
  • Tapered
  • Jogging

They’ve also got jeans for women:

  • Ankle
  • Boot cut
  • Balloon
  • Magic-up
  • Straight
  • Skinny
  • Wide Leg
  • Mom Fit
  • Slouchy
  • Jegging

You’ll also find jeans and clothes for boys and girls, therefore being able to equip your whole family at affordable prices. Does this sound like you?

Find stores of this brand in the city’s main shopping centers, downtown, and outlet stores in the southern part of the city.

Buy a Jean With the Best Attributes in Medellin!

Not bad at all to spend a vacation in Colombia’s fashion capital, right? Choose the shape that fits you best in the many jeans stores in this city and take home a Colombian souvenir that you can wear every day!

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