The Ultimate Guide to Parque Arvi

The Ultimate Guide to Parque Arvi

TLDR? Parque Arvi is a natural preserve where you can go hiking and try typical Colombian food.

Medellín is a city surrounded by mountains and dreamy towns with some of the prettiest flora and fauna in the country. 

If you’ve spent a bit of time exploring the city already then you know that there are tons of parks and nature trails in Medellin. 

Probably the most famous of those parks is Parque Arvi, a place packed with great hikes and gorgeous vistas. Here’s what you need to know about this place.

Getting to Parque Arvi

Getting to Parque Arvi

The first thing you should know about Parque Arvi is how to get there! After all, it’s not much use knowing what it’s all about if you can’t actually enjoy it. 

There are a couple of options: 

  • Take a bus in the downtown part of Medellin, which goes to Parque Arvi
  • Take the metro system
  • Book a rideshare

Without a doubt, the second option is going to be your best bet. Firstly, with the metro system you’ll get a chance to take the metro cables. 

You’ll get a gorgeous view of the mountains as you head up into the park. And, it’s only a couple of bucks!

The approximately 20-minute journey on the Metro Cable Arvi, will take you up and over the thick forests that surround Medellin. It’s definitely not something you see every day. 

Tips for Arriving by Bus

Buses run from  the center of Medellin, near Avenida La Playa, or in Placita de Florez out to Parque Arvi.

On top of that, some buses go to Santa Elena, a town near this park. If you’re not wanting to go direct, you can make a pit stop in this cute town and learn a bit more about Medellin’s flower farming industry. 

Tips for Arriving by Metro System

If you want to take the metro, you’ll have to make your way to the Acevedo station. From there, you’ll take the metro cable to Santo Domingo (the last station). 

Finally, from there, you transfer to the cable that goes to Parque Arvi. If all that’s too complicated you can also get there by car taking different routes.

What to Do in Parque Arvi

Once you get to the park, there are a lot of things to do. Let’s take a look at a couple of the activities you can enjoy in the park. 



The main attraction in Parque Arvi, by far, is ecotourism. The walks and tours through the trails and forests of this park are a must. On these tours, you can see different types of vegetation such as plants, trees, and flowers, of course.

Likewise, you really never know what types of birds and animal species you’ll see. Personally I’ve managed to spot snakes and ocelots from time to time.  

It’s much cooler than, say, going to the zoo. You can really get a feel for what the animals are like in their natural habitat.

Bike Tours

Bike Tours

Given the extension of the forests, a bike tour can be more enjoyable than checking out the park on foot. Or at least, that’s how it was for me. 

Parque Arvi is committed to sustainable mobility, so you won’t have the chance to drive your car through the park. But, biking is a good way to get a bit farther in the park than just walking. 

Adults and kids ages 12 and older (with supervision) can rent bikes in the park. That makes them a good pick for a family outing!

Picnic in Chorro Clarín

Picnic in Chorro Clarín

I personally love a good picnic. I mean, who doesn’t?

In Chorro Clarín there’s a river where you can go swimming (although the water is cold) and some nice picnic benches. 

Or, pack your own homemade lunch and sit down to the spread on the lawn!

Try a Typical Meal

Try a Typical Meal

Parque Arvi, despite being a park, has some little food stalls and eateries where you can sit down to try some typical paisa meals

On the weekends, at the farmer’s markets, you can check out handicrafts and gobble down some fresh fruit, too.

Recommendations for Your Visit

Recommendations for Your Visit

Okay, so you’re ready to head out for a day in the park! Before you do, there are a couple of recommendations to keep in mind. 

In terms of what to bring, you should pack: 

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes (you’ll be outdoors for a while)
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • A sweatshirt or jacket, since the weather tends to be colder due to the altitude
  • An identity document
  • Water
  • Your camera!

Now, you’ve also got to keep a couple of things in mind during your visit to stay safe and have fun. 

For one thing, avoid hiking the trails without a guide. It’s easy to get lost, and the park is big. Secondly, don’t pick any plants. Respect the environment and pack out whatever you bring with you.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are a couple of other things to keep in mind to make sure you have a pleasant experience. 

For one thing, even though most of us are used to paying with plastic, not everyone in the park accepts it. Although there is an ATM in the Park, it’s generally better to carry cash.

You should also note that the park has days when it’s closed. Be sure to check opening times before you go. 

Similarly, the metro cable stops running in the evening. Give yourself enough time to get back there and out of the park.

You should also note that some rivers or streams are sources of water for nearby towns. You aren’t able to swim in these. 

Are You Ready to Go to the Parque Arvi?

Parque Arvi is a great place to spend a day. Whether you want to go hiking or your only plan is to take the metro cable there and back, it’s a good way to get outdoors and get some fresh air. 

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