Origen Fest Medellín: The Health Nut’s Guide to the City

Origen Fest Medellín

TLDR? Origen Fest is the perfect event to reconnect with your health and well-being. 

Healthy living is essential. You must take care of your body to prevent illnesses and accidents from happening. 

And when you’re vacationing in Medellin, you should not miss out on the Origen Fest. It’s a unique event focusing on establishing connections with your inner well-being to improve your lifestyle. 

In this guide, discover more of what Origen Fest Medellin has to offer. Let’s get started. 

About Origen Fest

Origen Fest

Origen Fest is a unique festival focusing on individuals’ patches, well-being, and awareness. You can join various talks, workshops, and activities with your kids and pets. 

Origen Fest also brings together healthy food options from local brands. And you’ll love the music diversity as you enjoy the festival with your companions.

The Origen Fest will take place right in the heart of Medellin. Save the date on February 4, 2023. If you want to check out the Origen Market, it’s open from November 25 to 27, 2022. 

Joining the Origen Fest comes with an admission fee. You can enjoy all shows, workshops, and entrance to the local market by paying 13,000 COP. Children below ten years old don’t need to pay the entrance fee. 

Origen Fest collaborates with nature reserves in Medellin. This means that buying a ticket serves as your support in preserving Medellin’s beautiful forests. 

The Local Market

The Local Market

The local market is one you should not miss out on. It features famous healthy brands selling local products from all over the world. And for the best part, all items are affordable! 

Tourists and even locals love visiting the Origen Market. It’s also a nice place to meet new people who share the same love for food as you do. And the local market also features famous icons and health gurus you can seek advice from! 

The local market also features local goods and products aside from food options. You will find several boutique booths selling clothes, accessories, and footwear. And because they’re boutique and vintage, expect the prices to be affordable! 

The Shows and Activities

The Shows and Activities

Aside from the local market, you can also learn about the importance of food and health relationship in Origen Fest. You can join various talks with famous guest speakers. 

These speakers vary in their professions. There are chefs, while other icons are health gurus, nutritionists, and fitness trainers. Origen Fest is about encouraging all participants to live better by making healthier decisions. 

And for the best part, the talks come with Q and A portions to interact with the audience! So, collect all your health-related questions and ask them in Origen Fest! 

Because you can bring your pets, the festival has reserved a spot as a pet area. Your fluffballs can interact with one another and even make new friends! 

What’s better than seeing your pets play? It’s seeing more animals getting adopted! Yes, you read that right! Origen Fest has also collaborated with animal adoption centers. 

You can also enjoy listening to music with the invited live bands for the festival. For the best experience, join Origen Fest at night to witness fireworks, good music, and even better food stall options! 

And for your little ones, they too should be aware of the importance of health and the environment. Throughout the entire afternoon, there will be a program showcasing everything the kids have to know about different bodies of water.

Aside from the program, Origen Fest will also host various games and activities to allow the kids to participate and have fun. It’s the best time to roam around the festival while your kids are busy enjoying it! 

It does not end there. You can also try out yoga for a completely new experience! Most health gurus and fitness addicts love doing yoga because it calms their minds. And if you want to reconnect with your health, yoga is certainly a great activity. 

At Origen Fest, it’s more than yoga. It’s a combined wellness and meditation experience to soothe your soul. 

And if you don’t have a yoga mat, don’t worry. All you need to bring is yourself in comfortable clothes! The yoga experience at Origen Fest will also get you lots of surprises, so don’t miss it! 

Discover Your Love for Your Health in Origen Fest

Joining the Origen Fest is the best way to treat yourself. You deserve to have an optimum health condition to enjoy life and conquer the world!

If you’re interested in joining the annual festival, don’t forget to wait for updates through Origen’s Fest Instagram page

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