Netflix and Narcos: 5 Narcos Film Locations to Visit in Medellín

commune 13 graffiti

No time to read? Barrio Pablo Escobar and Memorial Park are two sobering film locations you can visit to learn a bit more about Medellin’s history.

If you’re a fan of the popular Netflix series Narcos you know that Pablo Escobar’s empire was ruled out of Antioquia.

And, what’s the heart of Antioquia? Medellín!

In fact, 90% of Narcos was filmed in Colombia and a good chunk of that was filmed right here in the City of Eternal Spring!

For the die-hard fans out there who are interested in swinging by some movie scene spots, this guide is for you. Here are five Narcos film locations to check out in Medellín plus a few extras around Antiquia.

1. Barrio Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar nieghborhood

If you visit Barrio Pablo Escobar you’ll be greeted by giant murals of the infamous drug lord, making it pretty clear on whose turf you’re walking. 

Despite that giant mural to its namesake, the neighborhood is technically called Medellin Sin Tugurios. Still, you’re unlikely to find anyone that actually uses that name as opposed to its more colloquial title. 

The neighborhood was a place where Pablo Escobar invested his drug money. The idea was to encourage the locals to stay loyal by helping give back to the poor as a modern-day Robin Hood type figure. 

graffiti with soccer team shields

Although you’ll have to have a pretty keen eye to be able to pick out individual buildings from the series, a good chunk of Narcos was filmed in this neighborhood. 

If you remember the scenes of Pablo Escobar wandering through the neighborhood, giving out money to his admirers, you might start to notice the neighborhood feels familiar. 

2. Memorial Park

a close-up view of Memorial Park from the air

Okay, so this spot wasn’t technically a film location. But it’s definitely a place in Medellín that Narcos fans should consider visiting. 

Memorial Park in the Laureles sector is a park that is dedicated to victims of the Medellín Cartel and drug violence during the era of Pablo Escobar.

But, that’s not what’s really interesting to Narcos fans. What’s really interesting is that where this park now lies once stood Pablo Escobar’s mansion, the Monaco Building. 

another view the Memorial Park

In the Narcos series, you might recall that the Cali cartel bombed the building trying to kill Pablo Escobar. However, the attack was a failure. 

Today the park is a sobering place and a reminder of the city’s dark past. It’s also a must-see for fans of the Netflix series. 

3. Lorena Rooftops

a wide but detailed view of the communes from the Rooftops Lorena

Lorena is another location found in Laureles. This area is home to the spot where Escobar was finally killed by the United States DEA. 

What’s interesting about the Lorean district in terms of the Netflix series is that the Narcos film crew actually filmed the scene two doors away from the site where Escobar was killed.

Why didn’t they film at the actual site of his death, you ask?

Well, the spot where Escobar was killed has since had buildings constructed over it. As such, it wouldn’t make for a very good film spot. 

You can actually take Pablo Escobar tours that guide you through this area. However, the tours usually keep a pretty low profile.

While some residents of Medellin embrace this part of their history, others view it as an era they’d rather forget.

4. Bolívar Park

center of the simon bolivar park in which we can see his statue with a horse

One of the most powerful scenes in the entire Narcos series was filmed in Bolívar Park. You’ll find this park located near Casacol’s Ayamonte 105 building.

In the Narcos series, this park is where Pablo Escobar realizes that his reign is over. 

The viewers watch him wander through the park and take in life around him. He seems to be enjoying one last look at his beloved Medellín. 

Just a few hours after that moment, Pablo Escobar was shot dead on the rooftops of the Lorena area. 

Today, you can visit this park. You’ll instantly recognize the city-center park and admire the same views that were shown in your favorite Netflix series

5. Comuna Manrique

a view of the Manrique commune from the sky

Medellín is home to several different comunas, such as the famous Comuna 13 where you can take in beautiful murals. 

Comuna Manrique is another Narcos film location that you should check out. 

This neighborhood was the film location for Escobar’s meeting with popular TV reporter Virginia Vallejo (Valeria Velez in the series).

Now, what’s interesting is that this meeting actually took place in Barrio Pablo Escobar. 

However, for the purpose of the film, producers selected Manrique instead. This neighborhood is busy and active and made more sense in terms of the vibe the crew was going for. 

BONUS: Film Spots Around Antioquia

view of the garden of the luxurious construction of pablo escobar in the mountains

So there you have it! Five film spots around Medellin where your favorite Netflix series took place. 

But, don’t think the journey is over yet. 

The entire Antioquia department was part of Pablo Escobar’s reign, and there are several other film locations outside of Medellin that you can visit

Let’s take a look at a few other spots that you might want to take some time to visit if you’re a fan of the Narcos series. 

6. Hotel Escobar/Club Medellín

place in the mountains from which you can see the city

This film location goes by several names, including Hotel Escobar, Club Medellin, and La Catedral

Regardless of what you choose to call this place, La Catedral is a prison that Pablo Escobar himself built. The prison was designed to house him after signing a deal with the government of Colombia to prevent extradition to the United States. 

If you recall from the Narcos series, this building was jam-packed with creature comforts that made it a far cry from your standard prison: 

  • A soccer field
  • A bar
  • A waterfall
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Billiards room
  • Disco

Today, however, the prison has undergone a complete transformation. 

Benedictine monks inherited the building and converted it into a memorial and sanctuary for those affected by drug violence. 

If you want to visit the prison, you’ll need to venture just 45 minutes to the south of Medellín. In fact, you can get there by a combination of metro and taxi, making it pretty accessible for the average tourist. 

7. Hacienda Napóles 

themed pool with some animals spewing water

Another one of the many Narcos film locations that you should absolutely check out is the Hacienda Napoles. This spot was actually Escobar’s HQ during his heyday. 

The property was basically Escobar’s playground. Much like the prison he built, it featured a number of absurd amenities such as a zoo, airstrip, go-kart track, and luxury car collection. 

The park still exists today, although it doesn’t look much like it did when Pablo Escobar occupied it. 

Today, it’s a theme park. You can enjoy water attractions and swimming pools in a spot that’s full of history. 

Just a few remnants of the drug lord’s reign remain in this spot; you’ll find hippopotami and Escobar’s infamous stone dinosaurs around the park. 

The theme park is a bit of a trek, located about a 4 hour’s drive outside of Medellín.

However, you can take day tours by bus out to the park which will only cost you about $55 USD per person.

Explore the Top Narcos Film Locations in Medellín

Narcos is a pretty incredible film series, with some wild action that keeps viewers invested to the end. 

If you’re anything like me and got thoroughly sucked into the series, you might enjoy checking out these Narcos film locations around Medellín. It’s a unique way to learn more about Colombia’s turbulent past while exploring the city. 

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