More Than Netflix and Chill: 7 Creative Date Ideas in Medellín

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Feel like your love life is in a rut? Not feeling the spark when every date is just staring at a screen watching other people have adventures? It’s time to mix things up. Whether you’re taking out a new beau or setting aside some time with your main squeeze, try these creative date ideas to fan the flames of romance.

A Preparation-Free Picnic

A picnic is a classic romantic date for a reason. You’re relaxed on the ground, surrounded by a beautiful landscape. You can’t help but get close.

It sure is a lot of work, though, preparing all the food and taking it along with a blanket and silverware. What if you could skip all that?

At Alamanga, you can. With an elaborate menu including modern Antioquian cuisine, you order from the blanket they laid out for you, either under the sun or the stars, whichever you prefer. In fact, you can sit inside if you prefer or at a table, though I’d highly recommend the picnic experience.

Alamanga is located a bit outside the city, just right on the other side of the Peaje Palmas toll booth. If you’re driving, you can avoid the toll booth by parking in one of the lots on the side of the road just before it and walking just a couple of minutes to the restaurant.

Have a Spa Day

Imagine taking your sweetheart to a secluded pool in the jungle surrounded by aromatic flowers and singing birds. Imagine getting caught in a waterfall and holding hands as it washes over your backs.

You can do all that and more without even leaving the city. There are a number of spas in Poblado and Medellín in general that provide just this sort of experience along with couples massages, facial cleansing and beauty treatments. My wife and I had a great time at Clínica Antienvejecimiento, less than a 15-minute walk from Parque Lleras.

Visit the Local Theater

Medellín has a vibrant local theater scene. Going to see one of their many plays put on by the talented crews can be a great alternative to watching the new Marvel remake of a remake at the cinema. Many theaters even put on free plays with an optional donation, making for an inexpensive but memorable date.

My wife and I spent the evening laughing while watching La Última Cena at Pequeño Teatro near the city center in La Candelaria. The small auditorium provides for personal experience that’s complemented by the theater’s exhibits and bar.

La 70

Carrera 70, known locally as “La 70,” is the main nightlife district in Laureles, stretching from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the Factory Lofts in the south to the Atanasio Giradot soccer stadium in the north. Housing famous locales like La Tienda and Fonda La Chismosa, La 70 is the place to go if you want dinner, drinks and dancing with a bit more authentic vibe.

La 70 is also a good date spot if you want to dance salsa or bachata. I specifically recommend Son Havana about three blocks west of the main strip.

Ride the Metrocable

Also a very practical means of transportation in Medellín’s mountainous terrain, the Metrocable happens to make for a simple but romantic date. A quick ride gives you a beautiful view of the city and the mountains that cradle it, particularly the L line, which can also take you to Parque Arví. There you can explore the park or grab a bite to eat at the visitor’s center.

Alternatively, you can ride the line after dark to see Medellín’s shimmering lights in all their glory. Just don’t forget to sneak a kiss if you managed to get the metro car all to yourself.

The Metrocable consists of metro lines J, K, H, L, M and P. The L runs from Santo Domingo to Parque Arvi. The L is more scenic, and you can access it directly from Santo Domingo, though it’s often more practical to connect to it via the K.

Take a Cooking Class

One of the best ways to bond with someone and create a shared memory is to learn something new together. In a place with as rich a culinary history as Medellín, taking a cooking class is one of the most enjoyable ways to do that. Plus, you’ll go home with a new skill you can enjoy again and again.

Cooking classes abound in Medellín, but my wife and I took one through Chef Mont Cocina, which offers a wide range of classes including traditional Antioqueño and international cuisine. The class was detailed and informative with all the necessary supplies and ingredients included.

A Day Trip to Guatape

Guatape is the Paris of Antioquia. While I might have just made that up, I really do think the small town just an hour and a half outside of Medellín is one of the most romantic places I’ve traveled to. 

Guatape can fill up a whole weekend or even more, but it’s also compact enough that you and your partner can take a Saturday and make some memories together. Climb El Peñol in the morning, kiss under the umbrellas before lunch in Plazoleta de Los Zócalos, then go for a stroll on the Malecón. 

If you stay for dinner, you can’t miss the Casa Cuba social club. You and your date will totally lose yourselves as you’re transported back to the glamor of 1950s Havana, in no small part due to the delicious Mojitos and the charismatic and conversational owners whose hospitality is unparalleled.

You can get to Guatape a number of ways. Besides renting a car yourself, you can take the bus or go with an organized tour or driver. Casacol offers comfortable transportation to Guatape that you can arrange with your receptionist.

Carmen and Z Bar

Dinner and drinks is the classic date for a reason. In Medellín there’s no better combo than dinner at Carmen followed by cocktails and live jazz at Z Bar in the basement of the Marquee Hotel in Parque Lleras. 

Carmen is widely considered one of the best and most romantic restaurants in the city. Consider the tasting menu paired with wine. Meanwhile, Z Bar’s smooth jazz and relaxed atmosphere put you in the mood for a magical evening.

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