Medellín from Above: Paragliding Tours

Medellín from Above: Paragliding Tours

TLDR? You don’t need any prior experience to fly through the skies of Medellín on a paragliding tour.

Medellín’s characterized by the mountains surrounding it, which give it the alternate name Valle de Aburrá.

Thanks to these mountains, paragliding tours are a tourist attraction that allows you to admire the city from above.

If you’re interested in flying with birds of Medellin and practicing this extreme sport, keep reading! Here’s what to know about taking paragliding tours to enjoy in this city!

Where to Go Paragliding

Where to Go Paragliding

Medellin has a definitive point where all lovers of heights and flying practice paragliding: San Felix. San Feliz is a small town near Bello, north of Medellin, approximately 40 minutes from downtown by car.

There, you’ll find dozens of agencies that offer paragliding tours. There are also courses to become a professional paraglider, although this is going to cost a lot of time and money (and bravery).

Another suitable place for paragliding is Cocorná, a town approximately 2 hours from Medellin. This is a good option if you want to escape the city for a weekend rather than take in views of Medellin itself.

Bellow, I’ve listed two ways to live this experience among the clouds!

Paragliding Medellín

Paragliding Medellín

Paragliding Medellin is the biggest paragliding company in Medellin. Ruben Fly, the pioneer paraglider in Colombia, created this project. 

The company offers a two-seater paragliding tour that doesn’t require prior experience.

With this tour, you can fly in tandem with an instructor who controls the entire flight. Your only worry will be enjoying the trip, checking out the landscapes, and well, taking some pictures.

The instructors are certified and bilingual, so there’ll be no problem communicating in Spanish or English.

What to Expect on Your Tour

You’ll need to bring your valid identification document for the trip and fill out forms before you get started.

The tour will provide a complete flight kit with an emergency parachute, helmet, and harness. There’s also prior preparation, which takes place on a take-off ramp on a hill at this agency’s office in San Felix. They’ll teach you how to take off, sit in the harness, and prepare to land.

Once you’ve received instructions, you’re ready to fly! So, you can approach the grass ramp, run a few steps and jump into the void. What an adrenaline rush! The flight lasts about 15 minutes, but if you want more time, you can talk to the pilot to plan a longer route.

From your glider, you’ll see the mountains surrounding Medellin from the north and have the small city at your feet.

Prices and Getting to the Tour

These tours have different rates, but even the most basic to packages include door-to-door transportation, security training, and an insurance policy.

You can choose to be picked up at the La Aurora metro cable station for a slightly cheaper rate, or you can go directly to San Felix.

The agency can also certify you as an Adventure Pilot from the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors (APPI). This takes a bit more time, though.

Aventura Cocorna

Aventura Cocorna

Cocorná is a more relaxed environment to paraglide in than San Felix. It’s still a popular destination, and before even reaching town you’ll find booths on the side of the road offering this tour. There are many tourist agencies; one of them is Aventura Cocorna.

The procedure is simple—request your flight with a valid identity document, and that’s it! You have your flight team, training, and a flight!

Here, you can also fly without experience in a tandem flight guided by an instructor with all the necessary safety equipment.

The paragliding flights last between 15 and 20 minutes. The view is gorgeous—you’ll fly over the trees and mountains that make up eastern Antioquia, and you can even fly over waterfalls and rivers.

There’s also a discount if you go with a large group of people. 

My Paragliding Experience in Medellin

My Paragliding Experience in Medellin

I decided to paraglide for the first time with Paragliding Medellín in San Felix. I was excited but a little scared because I had never done it before. If you’re like me and want to try this experience, let me tell you how it all went down.

I arrived by car and had to climb a hill for about 10 minutes. Some spaces are a bit narrow and swampy. Fortunately, I wore tennis shoes and comfortable clothes.

When I got to the tent of the tourism agency, I filled out a form, paid, and waited for my turn to fly.

As it was my first time and I had no experience, I went in tandem with a guy, the pilot who guided my entire route, who was also very kind and taught me how to run and land.

During the flight, he also manipulated the GoPro for a while and took some (embarrassing) videos so I could just enjoy the view and the wind.

The whole thing was easy and relaxing with such a beautiful view of Medellín’s mountains and other paragliders. There were professionals doing tricks in the air, which was awesome!

The flight actually lasted almost an hour since there weren’t other tourists waiting. It was definitely an experience I’d repeat!

Go Paragliding in Medellin!

This city’s prepared to receive anyone who wants to paraglide and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains from the Paisa sky. Treat yourself a different experience and get on a paraglider. You won’t regret it!

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