A Guide to Museo Juan del Corral in Santa Fe de Antioquia

A Guide to Museo Juan del Corral in Santa Fe de Antioquia

TLDR? Juan del Corral is a museum where you can learn more about the history of Antioquia!

“Historical museum” is a term you probably won’t find in many people’s vacation plans. Unfortunately, they prefer to skip these places as they think they’ll be too boring.

Luckily, Museo Juan del Corral is not a museum where you’ll walk through dull corridors that remind you of elementary school field trips. Instead, here you can learn about Antioquia’s history and get a chance to participate in unique Colombian traditional events. 

Do I have your attention? Good! Read on to know how to enjoy this wonderful place fully.

What Is the Museo Juan del Corral?

Museo Juan del Corral

Museo Juan del Corral is a very traditional paisa spot which at first may seem like a typical art museum with a few antique paintings to see. 

This place was founded between the 16th and the 19th centuries to familiarize locals and tourists with the village’s history. However, Museo del Corral also stands out for its music and cinema.

As a lover of art and museums, I can assure you that this place completely exceeded my expectations.

You’ll find many interesting sculptures; for example, I came across two oxen with an “enjalma” and an “arguena” on the back. I recommend you ask the guide about its meaning.

Admission to the museum is free, so you can enjoy many activities at no cost!

How to Get There?

Get There

Getting to Museo del Corral is very straightforward since the museum is located in the village (which is very small) center. I recommend walking there, and if you don’t find the way, you can always ask someone.

You can also take a taxi and tell the driver you’re going to the Juan del Corral Museum; he’ll know exactly where to take you.

The museum is on “Bitterness Street, “ where the Spanish mistreated enslaved people in colonial times.

Fortunately for you, it’s a well-known street; you can use this as a reference point.

What to Expect?

What to Expect?

When you arrive at the museum, you can wander through the exhibits yourself or take a guided tour to learn about each of the 496 pieces they have in their collection.

They also have different exhibitions every month. For example, they were presenting the “Exvotos Coloniales” exhibition when I visited. You can check their Instagram page to know what exhibition they’ll have the day you go there.

You can also check their online catalog of items currently on display!



If you’re a classical music fan, this museum is a great option to enjoy shows by national and international symphonic bands and talented musicians.

Museo Juan del Corral has variety. For example, I attended an event called “Café Jazz,” which was full of music and delicious food. I heard fantastic music while having local craft beer and chicken medallions with gruyere cheese.

There are all kinds of cultural shows that are suitable for adults and children, and most are free. However, a few, like Café Jazz, are very affordable!

Whether you like classical pieces, Colombian ballads, or Andean music, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your taste.



Museo Juan del Corral also hosts movie nights (but don’t expect to watch something like Toy Story) playing Colombian or Mexican films. Their selection of movies usually addresses current issues that leave you with important messages on life.

Keep in mind that most (if not all) of the films presented are in Spanish; you can always ask for English subtitles or take it as an opportunity to learn the language!

Besides the films, Museo Juan del Corral also plays documentaries about Latin American problems that you may not have had in-depth knowledge about.



Museo Juan del Corral offers fascinating workshops that can keep you busy on your free days. For example, you can learn to paint with watercolors or make a quilt through their patchwork workshop. 

I was lucky enough to participate in their engraving workshop and join their embroidery club for a few days. So, I got to make friends and learn something new.

Keep in mind that their spots run out quickly, so you’d better book quickly if you want to attend one.



If you don’t want to leave your home, you can stream classical music festivals, choirs concerts, string orchestras performances, and more from your laptop.

You can check out their Instagram page to stay up-to-date with their festival dates.

IG: @museojuandelcorral

Address: Calle de la Amargura 11 # 9-77

Special Mention: Monseñor Toro Museum 

Monseñor Toro Museum

Monsenor Toro Museum is dedicated to the Catholic religion. Their tour lasts one to two hours, and it’s the perfect way to kill time while waiting or when you have nothing to do.

Their goal is also to teach people about Santa Fe’s first few years as well as show items belonging to previous parishes.

Monsenor Toro Museum is Museo Juan del Corral’s sister museum. They’re both committed to sharing the Catholic message with all their visitors.

Monsenor Toro Museum is a perfect museum to visit on a rainy day to marvel at the traditional Antioquian building.

Facebook page: Museo Monseñor Toro

Address: Cl. 11 #8-12, Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Learn Something New in Museo Juan del Corral

Santa Fe de Antioquia is a colorful town that is full of history. Whether you want to acquire a new skill or learn about Santa Fe’s culture, Museo Juan del Corral is the place to go!

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