How to Get to Jardin From Medellin

Jardin, Colombia

TLDR? You can get to Jardin by car or bus and it’ll only take you about four hours!

When visiting Medellin, you’ll quickly find an endless amount of things to do. However, if you want to escape the busy city for a weekend, you should check out Jardin.

Jardin is a small coffee town known for its colorful houses and flowers. It’s located in the Antioquia department of Colombia and is about a four-hour drive from Medellin.

But how do you get to Jardin from Medellin? Well, read on as we give you all the information you need to know!

Where is Jardin From Medellin?

Where is Jardin From Medellin?

If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Medellin, Jardin should be at the top of your list. Jardin is a small pueblo town with a population of around 13,000 people.

It doesn’t have high tourist traffic like Guatape, making it the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of Medellin.

This colorful town is only 82 miles from Medellin. However, Jardin is about 4 hours south of Medellin, and even though it seems like a long trip, it is very worth it. The drive is very scenic as you wind through the mountains.

Since it is a little bit of a trip, I recommend staying in Jardin for at least two nights so you can fully enjoy everything this town has to offer.

Now, you know how far Jardin is from Medellin, but how do you get there? Keep reading to find out!

What’s the Best Way to Get to Jardin From Medellin?

There are different transportation options for getting to Jardin from Medellin. I’ll walk you through each option so you can decide what is best for you.

Bus to Jardin From Medellin

Bus to Jardin From Medellin

Your least expensive option is hopping on a bus from Medellin to Jardin. But first, you will need to take an Uber or taxi to Terminal del Sur.

Check the online bus schedule, so you have an idea of what time the bus leaves. You will find that more than one company will take you to Jardin, leaving at different times throughout the day.

Most buses will be air-conditioned and have reclining seats so that you can relax on the journey. In addition, some will offer free Wifi, so you can stay connected while en route.

While this is the least expensive option, it will be the longest journey as it is about 4-5 hours.

The time to destination will depend on the weather, amount of stops, and if the bus gets stuck behind a slow-moving truck.

Car Rental to Jardin From Medellin

If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventure, then you can rent a car and drive to Jardin.

This will obviously be more expensive than taking the bus as you have to factor in the cost of gas and the rental car.

However, it’s a great option if you are looking to explore more of Colombia on your trip. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please and make stops along the way.

Make sure you’re comfortable driving in Colombia before taking on this option, as the roads can be a bit treacherous in parts. In addition, you may run into road construction and some bumpy roads.

If you rent a car, it’s not a bad idea to get an SUV as the roads can be a bit rough.

Private Driver to Jardin From Medellin

If you want to sit back and relax on your journey to Jardin, you can always hire a private driver.

This is by far the most expensive option but also the most convenient. Your driver will pick you up from your Medellin hotel or Airbnb and drive you straight to Jardin.

You can even make stops along the way if there is something you want to see. This is a great option for those who are not comfortable driving in Colombia or do not want to deal with public transportation.

What to Expect When You Get to Jardin

What to Expect When You Get to Jardin

Now that you know how to get to Jardin let’s talk about what you can expect when you arrive in this colorful town.

As we mentioned before, Jardin is a small pueblo town with a population of around 13,000 people, so don’t expect the shopping experience you had in Medellin to be here.

It is located in the Antioquia department of Colombia and sits at an altitude of 5,817 feet. With that, you can expect more rainfall than Medellin during the wet season, which runs from April until November.

However, when the sun is out, you can’t have a better time as the weather is beautiful with clear blue skies.

When you get off your bus or out of your car, you will instantly be taken aback by the beauty of Jardin. It is truly a special place with brightly colored buildings, flowers everywhere, and friendly locals.

You will find that most people speak Spanish here, but there are some English speakers as well. You will have no problem getting around and enjoying yourself in Jardin.

After you check into your hotel or Airbnb, we recommend heading to the central square, Parque Principal. This is the heart of Jardin and where most of the restaurants and shops will be found.

At Parque Principal, you will be greeted with the sight of a beautiful church and a fountain in the center of the square. This is the perfect place to relax, people watch, and get a feel for the town.

Where to Stay in Jardin

If you haven’t booked a stay yet, you will find many different accommodation options in Jardin.

You can find everything from hostels and hotels to Airbnbs and private rooms. So, no matter your budget, you will find a place to stay in Jardin.

For those on a tight budget, you might want to try staying at a hostel. Hostels are not only inexpensive, but they are a great way to meet fellow travelers.

In addition, there are several boutique hotels in Jardin that are very affordable. These hotels offer a more personal experience and are usually family-run businesses.

Lastly, Airbnbs are also a popular option in Jardin. You can find private rooms and whole apartments for rent. Airbnbs are a great way to live like a local and have your own space.

The apartments are nice if you want to do your own cooking and save some money on meals.

Where to Eat Dinner in Jardin

Where to Eat Dinner in Jardin

Once you arrive from the long journey from Medellin, you will be hungry! Luckily, there are several great restaurants in Jardin where you can get a delicious meal.

While you will find great Colombian food, there is one place in particular that you have to try while in Jardin.

Artesana Cocina Gourmet

Artesana Cocina Gourmet is a small family-owned restaurant a few blocks from Parque Principal. When we say small, we mean there are only three tables!

But, what this restaurant lacks in space, it makes up for in flavor. The family that owns the restaurant is passionate about their food, and it shows in every dish.

You won’t get your typical Colombian food here. Instead, you can have pasta, masala, and pad thai. The portions are large, and the flavor is out of this world.

We highly recommend this place not only because of the food but also because of the family that runs it. They are so friendly and make you feel right at home.

Address: Cl. 8 #2-72, Jardín, Antioquia, Colombia

Grab a Drink at Parque Principal

Grab a Drink at Parque Principal

After dinner, we recommend heading back to Parque Principal for a few drinks. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the evening.

There are several bars located around the square, so you can find one that fits your style. This is a unique experience because locals of all ages hang out and enjoy themselves.

Grab a Club Colombia and watch the world go by. You’ll find that the beer is very cheap here, so you can have a few without breaking the bank.

If you want something stronger, ask for an aguardiente. This is a Colombian liquor made from sugar cane, and it packs a punch!

Is the Tap Water Safe to Drink in Jardin?

Knowing if tap water is safe to drink in a new place is always good. While some small towns in Colombia don’t have safe drinking water, Jardin is not one of them.

The tap water in Jardin is safe to drink, so you don’t have to worry about buying bottled water all the time. This will save you money and help the environment.

If your place has a fridge, fill a pitcher of water from the kitchen sink and put it there to stay cold. This way, you can have cold water anytime you want without having to wait for the faucet water to get cold.

Take a Weekend Trip to Jardin, Colombia

No matter if you come during the week or on the weekend, we think you’ll find that Jardin is a special place. This small town has so much to offer, and we know you’ll fall in love with it just like we did.

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