What to Know About Comic Con Medellin 2022

comic con 2022 medellin

TLDR? Comic Con Medellin 2022 is coming to Medellin in December!

Medellín was the first city in Colombia to receive the honor of hosting the annual Comic Con event, followed by Bogotá.

This year, Comic Con is back. And, as you might imagine, the capital of Antioquia is set to host legions of fans. 

Read ahead to learn everything you need about Comic Con Medellín 2022! 

What Is Comic Con?

Comic Con

Comic Con is a major event held in major cities all around the world. However, it was originally created in the United States around fifty years ago. 

Created as a celebration of comics, fantasy, and sci-fi, Comic Con has been perfected over the years. They’ve added fanbases like anime and activities like meet and greets, providing fans with the opportunity to meet the Hollywood stars that bring their favorite characters to life on the big screen. 

A Bit History of the Comic Con Colombia

History of the Comic Con Colombia

The first Comic Con in Colombia was held in Medellín in 2013. The festival has had an annual appointment in Medellin to celebrate comics, fantasy literature, anime, and cosplay.

In 2018, the festival was held in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, for the first time. This was actually thanks to its years of success in Medellín. 

What Do You Need to Know About Comic Con?

Need to Know About Comic Con?

This amazing convention promises an experience like nothing else for fans of all kinds through games, meetings, shopping, talks, and meet-and-greets. 

One of the best parts about Comic Con is the cosplay. Many attending visitors come wearing epic costumes, dressed up as their favorite characters from comics or anime. 

Event Activities to Enjoy

Event Activities to Enjoy

Activities at Comic Con are divided into different areas to give attendees a well-rounded experience. 

Here are the confirmed areas:


In the commercial area are reserved exhibitions of products and services provided by companies in the world of entertainment. 

You’ll have the opportunity to check out different products and purchase anything you want, from paintings, clothes, toys, technology, and so much more! 


In this area, visitors can take photographs and be a part of brand management activities. 

Meet & Greet 

Meet & Greet

I think this is probably everyone’s favorite space. Guests are able to meet famous guests from all over the world and all across the entertainment industry, here to take pictures and talk with fans. 

You’ll need a special pass to access this part of the event. So, make sure to get yours early!


This is the place to introduce yourself to the entertainment industry, and check out exclusive scoops, products, and guests, related to everyone’s favorite movie and TV series. 


Comic Con Colombia follows much of the original format of the United States and one of its most popular places is the main stage. 

The stage is used to carry out different presentations, such as the promotion of products, contests, and advances of future film premieres. 

It’s also where artists and celebrities greet the public. 

Artist Alley

Artist Alley

This is the opportunity for local talents to make themselves known to the public.

Guests can see art inspired by animation, fantasy literature, audiovisual production, cosplay, illustration, and design.


This is the space to learn, where the public has the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and talks.

Also within the academic area are artists and experts.

Where and When the Event Will Be Held

Where and When the Event Will Be Held

If you’re already planning on visiting Medellín for it’s famous lighting, consider scheduling Comic Con within your list of activities! 

The event is scheduled between December 2nd and 4th, 2022. Come from Friday to Sunday and enjoy beautiful weather and a fun-filled weekend! 

The convention will be held inside the Plaza Mayor event center, located in the La Candelaria neighborhood.

Where to Get Your Ticket

Get Your Ticket

To get the tickets you must register on the Comic Con Colombia page.

You can pay through the PSE payment platform, with a credit card, or by generating a payment receipt to purchase tickets at Efecty points throughout the country. 

You can purchase a single-day ticket, or buy a three-day Full Pass ticket, which is approximately $15 USD. 

Where to Book My Stay in Medellin

Book My Stay in Medellin

If you’re from out of town looking to travel to attend Comic Con, Casacol has some great recommendations on where to stay to enjoy a few days in the capital paisa. 

Find the best lodgings with Casacol. Choose from: 

  • Studios with a bedroom or a single bed.
  • Lodgings with two beds
  • Lodgings with three or more beds
  • Penthouse

You can also check the list of options located in two of the best-known neighborhoods of Medellín: El Poblado, and Laureles. 

Interesting Things to Do in Medellin

Interesting Things to Do in Medellin

After figuring out where to stay, I’m sure you’ll be looking for some things to do in Medellín when you’re not attending Comic Con.  Here are some options:

Visit the Cerro Nutibara

Medellín’s pockets of nature are of the city’s biggest attractions, and you don’t want to miss a good walk in a gorgeous natural setting. 

Hike up the Cerro Nutibara and check out a museum with a sculpture garden, the famous paisa village, as well as the renowned City Museum

Address: Belén, Medellín, Antioquia

Go to the Jardín Botánico

Jardín Botánico

Medellín’s botanical gardens are one of the city’s greatest natural treasures, full of different species of animals and ancestral plants cared for daily by experts. 

Come here to learn about history, nature, and science. Check out the tours on the garden page to plan your visit. 

And don’t worry about getting hungry – the garden includes a restaurant space with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food. 

Website: https://www.botanicomedellin.org/

Address: Cl. 73 #51d-14, Medellín, Aranjuez, Medellín, Antioquia.

Walk the Streets of the Comuna 13

Streets of the Comuna 13

If you are a lover of street art or just want to witness the growth of the city, you should visit La Comuna 13. 

The murals made by local talents are the biggest attraction of the commune, in addition to the small and striking museums located at different stages of the tour. 

I recommend taking a paid tour so you can learn all about the history of the murals and have a more complete experience getting to know the other curiosities of the commune.

Visit the Museo El Castillo

Medellín has its own castle, and it’s also a museum! 

The Museo El Castillo is a building brimming with art and history, and also provides tours of the gardens where you can have a picnic. 

You can’t miss this experience

Website: https://www.museoelcastillo.org/

Address: Cl. 9 Sur #32-269, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín, Antioquia.

Go to The Plaza Botero

Don’t leave Medellín without seeing one of the places that represent the city nationally and internationally: the Plaza Botero. 

This is a famous open-air museum showcasing sculptures by the famous paisa artist Fernando Botero

After admiring each sculpture, I recommend crossing the street over to the Museum to the Antioquia to complete your experience. Here you’ll be able to view paintings by different national and international artists and learn more about the history of the region. 

Address: Av. Carabobo, Medellín, La Candelaria, Medellín, Antioquia.

Other Facts: Anime and Comics Stores in Medellin

nime and Comics Stores in Medellin

Do you know the difference between anime and comics?

For many, it is apparently the same but it is not so, although the difference is quite easy to identify. 

Though they may seem similar to the uninitiated, there are some easy to spot differences between the two. 

Anime, developed in Japan, has a distinct style recognizable from Western cartoons. When in book format, anime is read from right to left, instead of left to right. 

Like comics, anime often incorporates fantasy elements, although realistic “slice of life” narratives are also popular. 

Now that you know the difference between anime and comics, here is a list of stores in Medellín where you can buy products related to these stories: 

Anime Genial

Anime Genial

If you love anime, then this is the place for you. You’ll not only find anime books but other products related to your favorite stories, like a samurai sword umbrella. 

You’ll also be able to purchase dolls, mugs, t-shirts, and earrings. 

Anime Genial isn’t just restricted to anime – they also sell products from franchises like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Pokemon. 

Website: https://www.instagram.com/animegenial.tienda/

Address: Cra 69 #80-52, Medellín, Robledo, Medellín, Antioquia

Mundo Coleccionable

Mundo Coleccionable

This virtual store carries a wide range of products for collectors, uniting the worlds of anime and comics. 

Check out things like Batman backpacks and Dragon Ball Z merchandise. 

The virtual store is easily shoppable, divided by sections of movies, comics, anime, and video games. 

Website: https://mundocoleccionable.com/

Ciber Otaku

Ciber Otaku

Anime-lovers are sure to find something great at Ciber Otaku, such as anime-inspired necklaces, earrings, and keychains. 

They also sell mugs, clothes, posters, and K-Pop albums and merchandise. 

Website: https://instabio.cc/CiberOtaku

Address: Calle 73#51D – 71 Local 2091, Medellín, Antioquia.



Grafam is the store for fans of classic Marvel and DC comics. 

You can purchase collectable comics featuring your favorite superheroes. If you’re worried about having to read in Spanish, don’t worry – the store also carries a wide range of English comics. 

Website: https://grafam.com.co/

Address: Cra. 43 #30c-52, Medellín, La Candelaria, Medellín, Antioquia

Mundo Otaku Colombia

Mundo Otaku Colombia

Mundo Otaku Colombia’s products mostly focus on pop culture and anime. If you’re into cosplaying, you can purchase items here to help build your costume. 

They sell a ton of anime figures, as well as other products inspired by pop culture like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. 

Website: https://mundootakucolombia.com/

Address: 36d south street # 27a-105, Medellín, Envigado, Antioquia

Akihabara Colombia

Akihabara Colombia

This store provides a 15% discount to customers who register on their website. 

You can purchase anime-inspired items such as t-shirts, mugs, jackets, and even skirts. 

Check out their website and choose your favorite product! 

Website: https://akihabaracolombia.com/

Address: Cra. 55b #72 A – 154 Segundo piso, Itagüi, Antioquia

Buy Your Ticket and Visit the Comic Con Medellin 2022

December may be a busy month, but don’t let that stop you from reserving a spot on your agenda for the entertainment industry’s largest convention in Medellin! 

Buy your tickets and be a part of Medellin’s 2022 Comic Con! Keep an eye on the Comic Con Colombia page to stay up to date! 

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