How to Get to Carmen de Viboral from Medellin

How to Get to Carmen de Viboral from Medellin

TLDR? You can get to Carmen de Viboral by private car, tour group, or bus.

Since the 90s, Carmen de Viboral has been known for precious pieces of art. As a result, many tourists visit this little town daily to buy ceramics, see the town’s beauty, and learn how to make ceramic crafts.

But, are you wondering, “how long does it take to get there from Medellin?”, “is it worth the trip?”, and “is it better to sleep there or come back during the day?”. Well, I’ve been to this unique town and know pretty much everything you may want to know, so reading on will make planning for this getaway a lot easier for you. 

Scroll down to learn more about Carmen de Viboral and how to get there. 

Where Is Carmen de Viboral?

Where Is Carmen de Viboral?

Carmen de Viboral is a municipality in Antioquia, and its ceramic industry is one of its principal sources (besides its agricultural industry) of income. 

It’s the best place for a weekend getaway and can be like El Penon de Guatapé or the town of Guatapé as it’s a quiet and affordable town to stay in. 

It’s located about 50km from Medellin, approximately one hour and a half away, and we’ll tell you the best ways to get there. Keep reading! 

How to Get to Carmen de Viboral From Medellin

How to Get to Carmen de Viboral From Medellin

Medellin is a big city full of different modes of transport, making it easier to travel to another destination. Here are three ways to get to Carmen de Viboral.

Take a Bus

You can get a bus from Medellin’s Terminal Norte: the bus route is Flota El Carmen. These buses leave the terminal approximately every hour and take about one hour and a half to get to Carmen de Viboral (depending on the traffic). 

The prices change yearly, but they’re very budget-friendly.


Taking a cab is an expensive but fast way to get to this small town. This mode of transportation is also great if you have a lot of baggage and want to travel comfortably, or if you want a bit of privacy. Or, it works well for those who prefer to travel alone or with their partner. 

It’s about one hour’s travel drive. And, compared to a cab ride in the USA, this long-distance trip will only cost between $15 and $20 (subject to change). If you share with two or three people, it’s even cheaper.

If you’re looking for some safe and reliable taxi companies, check out Tax-Individual or Moviva Taxis to feel safer during your trip to Carmen de Vibroal. 

By Car

If you rented a car, it’s perfect because you can just take the Tunel de Oriente road, pass through Rionegro, and go down to Carmen de Viboral. It’ll take you about 50 minutes to get there. And, the only expense is gas. 

If you want to rent a car, Medellin is full of rental companies with fantastic promos. This is a reasonable choice if you want to visit more than just Carmen de Viboral. A rental car will get you there most quickly and conveniently. 

It also gives you a great way to check out what other places are around Medellín. In that case, you can consider visiting Rionegro, trying some adventure experiences in San Francisco, and maybe passing through El Santuario on your way out to Carmen de Viboral. 

How to Get to Carmen de Viboral From Rionegro

How to Get to Carmen de Viboral From Rionegro

The story gets easier when we talk about the trip from Rionegro to Carmen de Viboral because this city is just 10 km, or about 6 miles, away (which takes about 20 minutes), and you’ll get to the ceramics town.

From here, the cheapest way to get there is the bus, which will take about 30 minutes.

Otherwise, if you can’t wait to get there and you’re looking for the fastest way, you can catch a taxi and get there in 15 minutes.

Sure, taking a taxi will be the more expensive choice, but if you’re going on a long weekend trip it’s going to be a lot more comfortable.

Where to Stay in Carmen de Viboral

Where to Stay in Carmen de Viboral

Despite being a small city, Carmen de Viboral offers many places to stay, each with its own unique amenities. These are some of my favorites:

  • Vista Hermosa: This is a wellness place for those who want to take a break from the busy city routine and enjoy nature. Vista Hermosa offers unique stays for couples or groups. You’ll love their Turkish bath and healing pool.
  • Casa Rosé: A well-designed place perfect for remote workers. Casa Rose has luxurious rooms and is close to the Parque principal.
  • Estadero y Piscina El Cacique: Estardero y Piscina El Cacique is 10 minutes away from the town. It’s an ideal hotel for families, as it has a massive pool with slides for kids and adults. 
  • Hotel la Perla Azulina: This is perfect if you want to get out of your room and be right in Carmen de Vibora’s park. Hotel la Perla Azulina is ideal for families or couples. It offers simple yet very comfortable rooms, as well as many facilities. 
  • Eco Hotel Naturnia: In the countryside and surrounded by nature, Eco Hotel Naturnia offers fishing, using a hand-made bamboo rod, in their artificial lake. You can also eat your catch if you want to! Thanks to the big swimming pool and the fun park for kids, it’s an excellent option for families. 

It might not be a bad idea to stay at one of these places for at least one night if you’re taking a ceramic workshop or simply enjoying Carmen de Viboral’s beauty.

Plan a Weekend in Carmen de Viboral

Now that you know how to get there and where to stay you don’t have any excuses to keep you from this special trip to Carmen de Viboral! It’s definitely a must-see while in Medellín.

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