The Best Bike Tour in Necocli

The Best Bike Tour in Necocli

TLDR? Rent your bike with Alex Bikers and take one of the best tours in Necoclí!

Are you a bicycle lover?

If you want a new track where you can ride a bike because the city no longer excites you, Necoclí is one of the best places to do it! You can ride in the middle of nature while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about where to ride a bike in Necoclí!

Where Is Necoclí?


Necoclí is one of the smallest towns in Antioquia.

You can find it eight and a half hours from Medellín towards the country’s coastal area. It’s a very different place where you can take a bike ride in the middle of the mountains.

This tour is the best excuse to get out of Medellin and have a different and unmissable weekend!

How to Get There

Get There

It’s a journey that may be too long for some people. You have two options to get there.

The cheapest option to favor a traveler’s budget is taking a bus. From Medellín in the North Terminal, you’ll find companies dedicated to traveling to Necoclí.

Check which of the two bus options pleases you more. Buy your tickets from the ticket office in the terminal or on the transport companies’ online pages.

Another option is to travel by plane. Although it takes less time to arrive, it’s the most expensive alternative. You must go from Medellín to Rio Negro, and take a plane to Los Garzones airport in Montería. It’s the closest airport to Necoclí.

Once you arrive, you must take a taxi to the city of Montería and from there a bus that takes you to Necoclí.

A third option is to rent a car in Medellin and make your trip using Google Maps. I don’t recommend this option if you aren’t used to Colombian roads and the country’s variable climate.

In addition to this, due to the mountainous areas, you can run out of signal and have road signs as your only support since these spaces aren’t generally populated.

Rent Your Bike

Rent Your Bike

Alex Bikers is your best option to rent bikes and have a good tour of Necoclí.

It’s known for having good service and tours that help you discover Necoclí from different points of view.

Alex is a very kind person. He likes to give you knowledge of the different points you can go to, and it’s reassuring to see a place through the eyes of someone who knows it perfectly.

You can go at your own pace without problems: it’s not a race but a journey. Enjoy each pedal stroke and the beautiful landscapes this warm place offers you.

Their bicycles are of good quality and according to the different paths available. If you aren’t so active and expert at riding a bike, this equipment helps your lungs and body to resist the trial.

The Best Mountain Bike Routes

The Best Mountain Bike Routes

Necoclí is a small town but touring it by bicycle and getting to know its surroundings makes it seem bigger.

You can choose different bike tours! There are short and long tours. If this is your first time, I recommend taking one of the shorter tours and slowly venturing to the other options.

Here you have some of the best-known routes in Necoclí. Make sure you have a good bike and check the weather before you go on any ride.

Cerro Del Águila

One of the best-known tours is the Cerro del Águila. With almost 18 miles (30km) of pedaling, it’s one of the longest routes in Necoclí.

The tour can take up to two and a half hours if you stop several times to take a break and hydrate yourself, which is one of the recommendations to avoid inconveniences.

You’re likely to find water on the road, mostly rain puddles due to the state of the road.

The route goes from the town of Necoclí to the Caribbean tip of the Atlantic Ocean. So when you arrive, you’ll have a beautiful sea view as your reward!

Completing these types of tours is very satisfying for bike lovers. Make sure to go with company, don’t risk going alone so far.

From Necoclí to San Juan de Urabá

Now we’re talking about a much longer route to travel! Going from Necoclí to San Juan de Urabá isn’t recommended for amateurs.

Keep in mind that the route is long and hot, and you must bring water for hydration and a comfortable suit. This tour can take up to four hours to complete because you won’t be able to resist stopping to take many pictures along the way.

San Juan is one of Antioquia’s beautiful towns, but if you decide to tour there, you should do it with a big group: unfortunately, illegal groups are infiltrating there.

Get To Know Necocli by Bike

Going riding in less traditional places takes your experiences to another level.

Bike tours are one of the first things on my list when I travel to a different place. Add this activity to your travel calendar and enjoy this wonderful experience!

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