Discover the Best Glamping and Eco-Hotels Close to Medellin

View of the lake from one of the cabins from a wooden deck

Short on time? Bosko is the best glamping spot just outside Medellin for a quick getaway!

Medellin sits in a valley belonging to a spectacular mountain range that’s well worth exploring. And, what better way to explore than by going glamping?

The natural riches that surround Medellin are the principal reason this mountain metropolis exists in the first place.

And, the vertically challenging geography explains so much about what makes the hard-working people of Medellin tick.

So if you are going to stay in Medellin, spend time discovering the rivers, forests, and mountains of Antioquia.

Switch off the wi-fi and enjoy some serious forest bathing. Recharge your batteries in some unique glamping and wild sleeping arrangements that will help you connect with nature. Here are our favorite eco-lodge and glamping options in Antioquia.

Bosko Hotel

two circular glamping cabins in the middle of the forest

If you’re a city slicker that likes your glamping with all the comforts of home, you’ll want to book one of the Golden “mush-rooms“ at this glitzy glamping venue in Guatape.

Decked out with a king-size bed, private bathroom, open-air shower, wooden deck, and hot tub, the Golden Mushroom dome tent is a cut above some of the other glamping options in Guatape.

There’s a shared jacuzzi with a great view of El Peñol and plenty of opportunities to explore the spectacular countryside trekking or messing about in boats on the artificial lakes of El Peñol.



Bubble Sky Eco-Hotel

a glamping in the form of glass with a jacuzzi on a wooden platform

The Bubble Sky team offers nature lovers and stargazers an opportunity to enjoy 360 views in three fantastic glamping locations.

Bubble Sky has nestled its popular bubbles in the woods of El Retiro, Guatape, and Altos Las Palmas in Envigado.

Speaking of Envigado, that’s close to our Casacol properties! You can get out of town for a day without venturing hundreds of miles away.

Each of the high-end glamping bubbles comes with a jacuzzi, a deck, an open-air bathroom, and a net to throw yourselves into and lay back, breath in the fresh air, and admire the wonders of mother nature.

These top-of-the-line glamping designs are perfect for stargazing but can get a little sweaty during the day. All the bubbles have been well pointed with designer furniture, deluxe BBQ, and air conditioning.
From: USD$160 / Night



Natural Eco Hotel

glamping cabins made of wood and straw with paintings on the walls.

Rustic cabañas with traditional thatched roofs, each equipped with a jacuzzi or bathtub in a lush forest setting.

Nature Eco Hotel is a popular getaway for couples that want to dive into nature and enjoy a restorative weekend escape from Medellin.

Close to Hacienda Napoles, the surrounding area can be sweltering at times.

Of course, that appeals to the montañeros looking for some tropical vibes. But, there are still plenty of waterways to jump into to freshen up if you get too hot.



Entre Aguas Ecolodge Hotel

two-story glamping cabins with 360-degree glass windows

This hippy-chic, eco-retreat is nestled in Colombia’s tropical rainforest four hours from Medellin on the road south towards Bogota.

Its blessed location between the rivers Claro and La Miel means there’s an abundance of barefoot luxury opportunities to dive headfirst into nature.

What’s more, let the free-flowing waters wash away any stress with a kayak expedition along La Miel or plunge into the cleansing emerald pools of Rio Claro.

The hotel boasts a healthy menu of sourdough pizzas, local fish, and organic salads. And, it offers the possibility of an emotional and physical reset with a bonafide encounter with Colombia’s ancestral medicine.

For more info on the latter talk with the hotel’s owner Lorena Velasquez.



Tierra de Agua Eco-Hotel

hut made of wood and straw with signs outside.

This eco-hotel sits high up in the hills around Cocorna, a lovely weekend getaway just an hour and a half from Medellin.

This eco-friendly retreat has some wonderful bamboo cabins tucked into the forest with freshwater pools dotted throughout the property.

Tierra de Agua, or land of water, sits in a spectacular valley on the convergence of two of the most important rivers running through Antioquia. Consequently, this hotel serves up a smorgasbord of activities for spirited adventurers.

There’s rappelling, paragliding, white water rafting, and trekking for starters. The retreat also works with local indigenous groups to offer ancestral medicine. So, if you’re looking for a spiritual as well as a physical escape, this is a good choice.



Pines Retreat Hotel

cabin made of wood with glass walls

For some nearby forest bathing, the three Scandinavia-style cabins high up in the hills of Envigado provide an easy escape into nature without having to worry too much about leaving Medellin.

This is hardly glamping, but these convenient cabins, just 30 minutes by car from the city, will take you on a deep dive into the pine trees that surround the city.

The trio of eco-cabins, Radiata, Pinea, and Albar, are all well equipped with a jacuzzi, BBQ, and a simple kitchen that will allow you to be self-sufficient in your woodland hideaway.

You’ll feel like you’re in the wilderness even though the city is just below your privileged perch.



Book a Glamping Getaway

If you’re sold on one of these amazing glamping options, we hear you. There are some pretty incredible destinations around Medellin!

It’s time to pack your bags and book your stays. The wilderness awaits you as does an incredible time glamping around Medellin!

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