10 Things You Can Find for Cheap in Medellín

10 Things You Can Find for Cheap in Medellin

TLDR? The Precios Bajos Tour will take you to Medellin’s best and cheapest shopping places.

Who doesn’t love to get great items at low prices? And when traveling to Medellin, it’s no surprise you’d want to take home something to remember your trip. 

Certain things in Medellin are budget-friendly and worthy of spending your money. And to help you out, we have compiled the ten cheapest things you can get in this Colombian town. 

So, prepare to be surprised with these affordable items, and let’s get started!

1. Taxis


While you can’t bring home a taxi from Medellin, you sure can ride one while visiting tourist attractions.

Taxis are relatively cheap and frequent in Medellin. They almost always use meters, so you can also see how the cost increases.

Riding taxis in Medellin is convenient and budget-friendly. And because they’re everywhere, you can easily hail one with just a quick raising of your arm.

If you don’t want to hail taxis on the streets, you can call a few phone numbers in Medellin:

  • 444-4444
  • 444-1111
  • 444-1000

You can also connect to Medellin taxis through mobile applications, including Uber, EasyTaxi, or Tappsi.

It’s safe to take a taxi in Medellin, but always be cautious, especially at night.

2. Pharmacy Medications

Pharmacy Medications

If you need medications, pharmacies are low-priced and everywhere in Medellin. You can also get certain medicines from supermarkets like Jumbo and Exito.

But if you prefer more affordable options, buying from pharmacies is your best shot. And you can get generic medications for even lower prices.

Don’t forget to prepare your prescription when looking for medicines. While Medellin pharmacies aren’t strict about that, it’s still best to practice caution.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Even when traveling, health is wealth! Ingesting fruits and vegetables daily is a habit that will enrich your trip and give you an energy boost!

Fortunately, these nutritious kinds of food are cheap in Medellin. And you can see them almost everywhere. You’ll probably find exotic fruits you’d never even heard of!

Colombia is known for being a bio-diverse country. Tourists love buying fruits in Colombia because they’re cheap, delicious, and bountiful. Plus, they love buying extra to take home to their loved ones.

Fruits and vegetables and abundant in supermarkets like Jumbo or Exito. But if you want lower prices, go for farmers’ markets or small neighborhood tiendas.

4. Fashionable Clothes

Fashionable Clothes

If you’re heading to Colombia, you should know it’s a famous fashion capital. It hosts annual fashion shows, including Colombiamoda and Colombiatex.

You’ve probably known by now that El Poblado is the wealthiest neighborhood in Medellin. And for this reason, it’s more packed with high-end shops than cheap finds. 

But if you explore the streets in other parts of the city, you’ll find inexpensive fashion pieces.

For great promotional deals, look for clothing in malls such as Puerta del Norte and Mayorca. These malls feature different high-end brands but sell the pieces at affordable prices.

5. Phone and Internet Providers

Phone and Internet Providers

Internet and phone services are cheaper in Medellin than in the US. Even major internet and TV providers such as UNE and Claro have affordable services.

You can also (on occasion) find more affordable Apple products in stores like Falabella or Exito. You can also find business centers in Medellin if you need to have your devices repaired or serviced. The costs of the services are cheap. Plus, you can have them back in no time!

6. Haircuts


Getting a haircut can be an irresistible urge. And if you suddenly crave that new look, there’s a bunch of haircut salons across Medellin. You’ll love it even more that these services are cheap and affordable!

You can find even lower prices at hairdresser shops near Unicentro Mall. Competition is real in this area, so the cheaper the service, the more customers visit the salon!

You can also get a haircut in hair salons inside malls. While it can be more expensive, it’s still relatively cheap compared to services outside Medellin. 

7. Shoes


Shoe shopping also sounds fun, especially when you don’t need to spend so much of your budget. El Centro is your best option if you don’t mind wearing impressive replicas. This area is known for cheap yet good-quality markets and bartering.

Palacio Nacional is also a great place to do your shoe shopping. It’s a grand and beautiful building with boutique shops selling all types of clothing pieces, caps, and sneakers. Plus, you can also find replicas of expensive brands, if you don’t mind wearing those kinds. 

8. Coffee


Everyone knows this. Colombia is famous for making coffee beans with rich flavors. It’s also one of the best souvenirs you can bring home to your family. 

And even though Colombian coffee tastes excellent and unique, cafes and artisan shops don’t sell them at high prices. You can buy a couple of packs of coffee beans even when on a budget. 

Enjoy the same delicious Colombian coffee in the comforts of your home!

9. Colombian Chocolate

Colombian Chocolate

Aside from coffee, Colombia also makes famously tasty chocolate bars at affordable prices! Colombian chocolate can be an excellent souvenir from your Medellin trip. 

Chocolate bars range from affordable to expensive ones. If they’re handmade, chances are the prices will be higher.

10. Swimwear


And finally, flaunt your summer bodies with fashionable swimwear from Medellin! Swimwear pieces are cheap, especially when you get them from boutiques or local shops.

Buy a swimsuit in Medellin and flaunt it at Antioquia’s coastline!

Precios Bajos Tour in Medellin

Precios Bajos Tour in Medellin

Medellin is a city where you can find quality things at excellent prices. If you don’t know where to start, some tours will allow you to live this experience without worries!

Precios Bajos tour is for those who want to shop for low-priced clothing and accessories.

The first part of the tour lasts about an hour and a half inside the Fashion Center in Medellin.

That’s the perfect opportunity to visit factory outlets and get low-cost garments since Medellin is the textile city of the country.

You can find casual clothing, women’s lingerie, sportswear, and textile supplies.

The second part of the tour lasts approximately two and a half hours. You’ll get to know the El Hueco sector, which aims to go through different shopping centers. Here you can find shoes, clothing, jewelry, perfumery, countless accessories, and much more.

The tour includes exclusive transportation for participants with a duration of five hours, the company of a guide at all times, and a Medical Help Card.

The tour doesn’t include expenses, consumption, and services not specified.

To attend Precios Bajos, you must book it in advance and check the availability of participants. The tour takes place every day between 9 am and 1 pm.

The meeting and arrival place is to be agreed upon by all tour participants, always in Medellín and its surroundings.

Other Cheap Things to Do in Medellin

Finding cheap things can always be a journey and lead you to discover the city in a different light. But there are other activities you can do without spending much or anything.

Here are some other ideas of what to do when visiting Medellin.

Walk Through the Center of Medellin

Center of Medellin

There’s no better way to discover Medellin than visiting the city center. Here you can see how the city moves and find some hidden gems!

Medellin has good references for the metro and buses, both of which are cheap. You can also take advantage and try the local food at affordable prices.

Take Photos in the Plaza de Botero

Plaza de Botero

A trip would not be complete without photography, and this is something you can do without spending a single penny.

You’ll find 23 sculptures by Fernando Botero in this Plaza visited place by locals and tourists.

It’s a very representative place of Medellín. In front, there’s the Museo de Antioquia.

Get To Know the Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa

This place is a little piece of tranquility on Cerro Nutibara. You can get to Pueblito Paisa by subway, car, or even on foot.

You’ll find several expressions of Paisa culture: handicrafts, colonial houses, and fruits. Everything with economical prices.

You can also try the city’s most typical dishes. In my experience, you cannot leave without trying the bandeja paisa.

Relax in the Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Enjoy a walk through the Botanical Garden. It’s an excellent plan to save money and have fun.

You can admire the country’s biodiversity, have a picnic, and breathe fresh air. There’s much to do at the Botanical Gardens of Medellin.

Tips When Buying in Medellin

When Buying in Medellin

As a tourist, it’s normal that you want to save as much as possible and enjoy many things on your city tour.

So I want to give you a few tips on making smart purchases during your stay in Medellin!

  • Find out prices and visit several places. There’s nothing better to save a few bucks than comparing prices. It’s also a good way of sightseeing.
  • Buy seasonal products. You all know that buying citrus and strawberries in summer is much cheaper than out of season. Buy fresh seasonal products, and you’ll save money.
  • Find good promotions. Medellin is full of daily promotions. This way, you can find the best prices in the city and spend less.
  • After making your purchases, analyze and review what you have spent. Doing this will let you know if you stay within your budget to visit Medellin.

Using the Local Currency

Local Currency

At this point, it’s clear that Medellin is a cheap city compared to others in the country. For this reason, many tourists come every year to do a lot of shopping.

One advantage international tourists have is that Colombia uses the Colombian peso (COP). At the moment, one US dollar is equal to approximately COP 4300. That’s why I recommend you always pay in pesos.

In Medellín, you’ll find many exchange houses. It’s always better to bring dollars and change them within the country because they pay you better.

Medellin Has Something for Everyone

These are just a few of the many things you can do in Medellin without spending much.

Medellin is a budget-friendly city in Colombia. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, you can get unique items at reasonable prices. 

Don’t forget to check out the cheap finds in Medellin, and bring home something to remember your marvelous trip to this Colombian city!

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