Flights to Medellín from North America: The Ultimate Guide

Flights to Medellín from North America The Ultimate Guide

TLDR? There are regular flights to Medellín from North America, and with this guide, you’ll have all the tips you need to make it to the City of Eternal Spring without a hitch. 

Finding cheap and well-timed flights can be tiresome and time-consuming, but it’s all about strategy. 

If you’re about to start planning your trip to Medellin and are looking to book a flight out of North America, there are a few things you need to know to ensure you get the best tickets. 

Read on to learn some tips on booking the cheapest, fastest flights at a time that suits you best! 

Before Buying Your Tickets

Before Buying Your Tickets

The high number of websites and booking agencies available on the internet today can make booking a flight feel pretty overwhelming. 

Luckily, there are a few ways to get cheap flights without too much stress.

For one thing, research your flight using the incognito mode on your browser. Search engines collect large amounts of your data and use it to show you ads for airlines and booking websites. This makes it difficult to guarantee an objective search and find the flights that really are best for you. 

Sites like Kayak are quite popular nowadays, but be careful when using them. 

In some cases, you’ll book a flight reservation and see the charge approved on your card. However, a day or two later, they’ll tell you your purchase was not actually successful. You’ll get your money back, but this is an unpleasant situation that can cause a number of inconveniences. 

Suppose you want to use the information provided by these websites to gain a general knowledge of flight itineraries and prices. In that case, it’s worth confirming the information first with Google Flights and making the purchase directly with the airlines of your interest.

Flying From Canada

Flying From Canada

Flights from Canada are among the cheapest in North America to Colombia, thanks to good relations between both countries. Although there are currently no direct flights to Medellin, there’s a fair relationship between price and travel time. 

Here’s a list of the best cities to travel to Colombia from Canada:


Of all the cities, Toronto to Colombia has the shortest average flight time. The earlier you plan your trip, the shorter your travel time will be. If you plan a few months ahead, you can find trips with only one stopover and less than 11 hours of flight. If you’re planning closer to your departure date, the trip will take around 13 hours. 

The most profitable airlines to travel from Toronto to Medellin are American Airlines and Avianca. The stopovers vary between 1 and 3, the most general being Miami and Bogotá.


Layovers from Montreal can be long, although it is possible to find flights of around 14 hours. I recommend you use American Airlines and Air Canada for this trip, which usually has a maximum of two stopovers. The most general stopovers are Toronto, Miami, and Bogotá.

Flying From the US

Flying From the US

There are direct flights to Medellin from the United States. If you’d like to avoid stopovers for comfort or to avoid possible incidents with your luggage, I suggest finding a direct flight. You’ll need to plan ahead for this, since traveling without connections is usually more expensive and requires skill and patience to secure the best deal. 


Fancy a trip to Miami before heading to Colombia? Flying from this Floridan city might just be the best option on my list. Flights from here are cheaper than any other US city, and you’ll be able to take a faster direct flight. 

Even with a stopover, the average flight to Colombia out of Miami is less than three and a half hours, with the stopover usually landing in Panama City. 

You can find absurdly cheap flights through airlines like Sprint, but they won’t allow you to carry luggage. Unless traveling with your personal belongings is not a priority for you, I don’t recommend using this service. 


Traveling from here will not cost you much either, but I must tell you that, due to the stopovers, the flights hardly take less than 10 hours. The stopovers used by COPA and American airlines are Panama City and Miami.


The best airline options are United and Avianca considering their price. Normally there are two stops and surely one of them will be in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, or Bogotá. Your flight will last approximately 14 hours.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles airport offers the best number of airlines to travel to Medellin. The high number can lead to varying information about flights, but the average flight takes upwards of 15 hours, with around two stopovers. 


If you’re traveling out of New York City, I recommend booking a direct flight with American Airlines. The flight won’t take more than five and a half hours and is a great option for the prices available. 

There are slightly cheaper flights with a stopover in Miami, but that’ll increase your travel time up to ten hours or more. You decide what suits you best according to your budget and your needs.


Surprisingly, it’s worth it to travel out of Washington. The flights are cheap and not terribly long, with up to two stopovers. I recommend traveling through American Airlines, where flights last between seven and ten hours with a stop in Miami. 

That being said, keep in mind that flights from Washington are more expensive than those from Canada, considering the number of stopovers. 

Make sure to find out if your stopover flight is leaving from the same airport you landed in. If you need to get to another airport, figure out how to get there, how long it will take, and the money needed to do so. You don’t want to end up missing your connection. 

Score Great Flights to Medellín from North America

I hope the information provided in this article makes your life easier when booking flights to Medellín.

Just remember not to forget to check the necessary requirements to enter the country. Carry out your check-in, find out about the availability of your medications, and always have your embassy information at hand. Have a good trip!

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