Is There WiFi in Necocli? What to Know and Where to Go

Is There WiFi in Necocli? What to Know and Where to Go

TLDR? The Hostal Colibrí del Mar is one of the places where you can find wifi in Necoclí.

Now more than ever, people need to get their work done anywhere in the world. For digital nomads, a cafe in the city might have already become like their second home, but finding a place to plug in their laptops in smaller towns might seem more difficult.

Since Necoclí’s a small coastal town, I’m not gonna lie: it’s not easy to find places with Wi-Fi service on every corner.

But don’t let that stop you from enjoying your trip! Here’s a quick guide on places you can access the internet and do your work before going out to catch some Caribbean breeze.

Where Is Necoclí?

Where Is Necoclí?

Necoclí is about eight and a half hours away from Medellín, but the town’s Caribbean culture will make you forget that you’re in Antioquia.

You can get there by taking two bus lines that leave from Medellín’s North Terminal.

If you prefer a faster option, you can also travel by plane, but note that Necoclí doesn’t have its own airport. You must get to the Montería airport, take a taxi into town and from there a bus that’ll take you to Necoclí.

Why Go to Necocli

Why Go to Necocli

After experiencing Medellín’s cultural life, you might think the whole country looks and behaves like its capital city. However, Colombia is full of cultures, and each place has its personality.

Necoclí is entirely different from what you know of Medellín and its surroundings.

Here you’ll find a small town with a coastal soul, seafood, and music that isn’t reggaeton. Here they listen to the customary music from cities on Colombia’s sea border, such as Reggae and Vallenato.

So if you’re looking to spend a few days on the beach, get down to Necoclí, and don’t let work stop you from getting to know this charming town with beautiful beaches!

Where to Find WiFi in Necocli

As a nomad, you may be used to having Wi-Fi wherever you go.

As Necoclí’s main charm consists of culture, nature, and the sea, there’s not much technology to be found. Their priority is to make their tourists take a break and enjoy the environment.

But not all is lost: you’ll find internet in some hotels, and, even if it’s not the fastest Wi-Fi, you’ll still be able to work as usual!

Here’s a list of places you can go to get things done and jump into the ocean.

Hostal Colibri Del Mar


Hostal Colibri is very close to the seashore.

Wi-Fi is available in the rooms with desks or the common areas, where you’ll find tables for more comfort.

You could also work from the pool although it’s not a very large space and you could get splashed.

Address: Cl. 47 #37 – 03, Necoclí, Antioquia

Hotel Boutique Alpha

Hotel Boutique Alpha

Alpha offers access to the internet in its rooms, but the most comfortable area to work is the one that borders the pool.

It has different tables surrounding the pool where you can sit alone or with company to do your work while enjoying the breeze and the sun.

Alpha Hotel is also in front of the sea, which might help you enjoy Necoclí’s main attraction as fast as possible after work.

Address: Carrera 51 #52-157, Necoclí, Antioquia

Casa Hotel Mar Y Brisa

Casa Hotel Mar Y Brisa

Mar y Brisa is a simple hotel located one block from the sea.

You can work from the balcony if you want some natural breeze or enjoy the air conditioning and TV from the bedroom.

Address: Calle 50 #50a- 15-21 diagonal al parque principal, Necoclí, Antioquia

Hotel La Ensenada Necoclí

Hotel La Ensenada Necoclí

La Ensenada is a hotel named after one of Necoclí’s tourist attractions, Ensenada de Río Negro, a place full of mangroves in the middle of the sea.

The hotel has gardens where you can sit and work surrounded by flowers. You can also sit on the terrace, or, if you want to work inside, you can do it in your room or the hotel’s restaurant.

La Ensenada is three blocks from the sea, which, being a small town, is still pretty close.

Address: Carrera 49 #46-133, Necoclí,Antioquia.  

Tiki Lounge Necoclí

Tiki Lounge Necoclí

Necoclí’s full of surprises, and its hotels are no exception. You won’t find many luxuries in this small town, but its natural beauty makes up for it.

The Tiki Lounge Hotel is the perfect option to mingle with nature while taking time to work. While this hotel has Wi-Fi service, it’s also literally on the beach’s edge.

There are many outdoor spaces you can adapt to spend some time on the computer.

Address: Kilometro 5, Vereda Río , Necoclí, Antioquia.

Work, Eat and Drink in Necoclí!

I know there are no places to work like the cafes you may be used to, but you’ll find hotels very close to the sea where you can do your work comfortably.

Remember that not everything is work! Necoclí’s full of places where you can eat, as well as the best-known drinks in this coastal town of Antioquia.

Combine business with pleasure and enjoy your trip to Necoclí!

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