Where to Stay in San Rafael

Where to Stay in San Rafael

TLDR: San Rafael has many ecological and natural stays for a weekend of rest!

If you’re a tourist in Colombia who loves the natural world, you’ve surely wondered where to spend a weekend getaway outside of the city of Medellin. 

San Rafae,  a town in the east of Antioquia, stands out for its waterfalls, streams, and crystal clear waters, perfect for travellers looking to enjoy an ecological stay. 

Read ahead to find out the best places for nature-lovers to stay in San Rafael! 

Ecolodge Raices

Ecolodge Raices

Ecolodge Raices is located in the El Bizcocho hamlet, about twelve minutes minutes away from San Rafael, and stands out for being an elegant, ecological locale. 

The comforts, atmosphere and decoration of the ecolodge elevate it to luxury. Built on natural terrain, each room differs in its lighting and wood, allowing guests to choose the one that best suits their needs. 

Each room is named after a natural element, displaying the Ecolodge Raices closeness with nature: 

  • Bamboo Room
  • Earth Room
  • Water Room
  • Hummingbird Room
  • Heliconia Room
  • Poma Rosa Room

The ecolodge has a hammock area, a  natural water pool surrounded by trees and palm trees, as well as common areas, dining rooms, and a white living room highlighted by the pink flowers of the surrounding area. 

During your stay, you can try out different activities such as:

  • Organic coffee tastings
  • Native honey tastings 
  • Artisan cocoa tastings 
  • Food tastings 
  • Healthy cooking workshops 
  • Bird watching 
  • Hydro hiking
  • Water fall excursions 
  • Canyoning
  • Hiking
  • Massages

Raices is the answer when you are looking for a place that allows you to connect with nature without losing the convenience and comfort of a good place to rest.

Address:Vereda El Bizcocho,, San Rafael, Antioquia

Black Pearl Eco Hostel

Black Pearl Eco Hostel

Black Pearl Eco Hostel made of wood, bamboo and surrounded by bountiful nature.

The site’s small and simple glamping cabins offer a gorgeous view of the green mountains surrounding San Rafael, as well as shared rooms with bunkbeds. The Black Pearl’s shared common spaces include a bar and a restaurant serving national, international, and vegan food, so guests 

The Eco Hostel also has ideal common spaces shared with other visitors, serving national, international and vegetarian food, providing guests with everything they need. 

Immersion in nature and the Black Pearl Eco Hostel go hand-in-hand, and the hostel shares its land with farm animals such as horses, ducks, dogs, and chickens. 

Take a nap in a hammock after a good lunch or walk, or utilize the hostel’s private river access and go for a dip. If you’ve still got a bit of work from the outside world you need to get done, don’t worry: the hostel its own Wi-Fi network

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, the hostel catalog is jam packed with great activities for guests to try out. Some of these include: 

Find Black Pearl ten minutes from San Rafael  and twenty five minutes from Guatape! 

Address: Vereda, Bizcocho, San Rafael, Antioquia

Eco Glamping El Toche

Eco Glamping El Toche

Eco Glamping El Toche is very rustic, and you’ll be able to enjoy some first-hand contact with nature. 

Its small cabins are crafted from natural bamboo sticks, and the surrounding greenery shelters the entire lodging area in a natural embrace. Eco Glamping El Toche also has its own entrance to the river with a waterfall right in front of it. 

The area’s surplus of fresh water and lush nature is one of the biggest attractions for those eco glamping at El Toche. You’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with nature without having to wander too far into the rainforest. 

Eco Glamping El Toche is also known for taking guests on a cocoa tour at their farm near by. During this tour, you’ll get a hand-on look into the ancestral craft practices of cocoa, from harvest to preparation. You’ll wrap the tour up with a “cocoa bath,” a refreshing dip in the river. 

You’ll find Eco Glamping El Toche about five miles up the mountain away from San Rafael. 

Eco Hostal Tierra de Agua y Fuego

Eco Hostal Tierra de Agua y Fuego

The Eco Hostel Tierra de Agua y Fuego differs from the others by providing a comfortable environment decorated with murals and art pieces crafted from nature itself. 

The two-story house is one with nature both outside and inside: its walls are covered with green plants, making the house feel as if its apart of the jungle. 

The Eco Hostel provides shared or private rooms decorated with art inspired by the wilderness, lit with cozy dim lighting. 

In Tierra de Agua y Fuego you can also relax in comfy common areas with a perfect view of Antioquia’s green mountains. There’s also spaces for camping and a natural pool great for visitors in need of a recharge. 

Crystal clear water is a staple of this Eco Hostel, and you’ll find it pouring from the streams, springs, and waterfalls San Rafael is known for. 

You’ll find this lodging 20 minutes from town in the middle of the Guatape. Take the San Rafael road  and spend a night with nature! 

Address: Vía principal, Guatapé-San Rafael, San Rafael, Antioquia

Reserve a Natural Stay in San Rafael

San Rafael is undoubtedly a wonderful town to relax and spend a weekend detoxifying from the hustle and bustle of the city. Book a night in one of these great stays, and take some time to find yourself in nature! 

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