A Quick Guide on Where to Stay in Doradal

Where to Stay in Doradal

TLDR? If you want to be in the heart of Colombian Santorini, there are some great places to stay in nearby Doradal!

You already have your trip planned to Doradal, but don’t know which hotel to choose? 

That’s ok! Doradal’s a small tourist village, and you’ll find hotels on every corner. Whether you want a five-star experience or just a place to rest after spending the whole day practicing extreme sports, I’m sure that the Colombian Santorini has the ideal place for you.

Nevertheless, let me help you! After spending two whole weeks in Doradal, I’ll tell you which are the best hotels and why you should stay there.

Hotel Aldea Plaza

Hotel Aldea Plaza

Located in the village’s heart, Aldea Plaza is a beautiful hotel inspired by the Mediterranean architecture of the Santorini Islands. 

It’s one of the most famous and iconic places in town, and its fresh beach atmosphere will make you feel as if you were in Greece.

They offer rooms for up to eight people, including breakfast, air conditioning, Led TV, a private bathroom, use of social areas, and a Wi-Fi area.

There’s a restaurant service, a pool for children and adults, and a bar where you can have a pina colada while you enjoy the weather.

This hotel doesn’t provide ecotourism services, but they can give you the contacts to schedule your activities.

The prices are reasonable considering their location and the services they offer.

If you have the opportunity, I recommend you try the suite! It’s very spacious, and you’ll have a king bed to sleep in peacefully. Not only that, you get a small jacuzzi perfect for when you arrive after a busy day!

Website: https://hotelaldeaplazadoradal.com/index.html

Address: Doradal, Puerto Triunfo.

Hotel Parador del Gitano

Hotel Parador del Gitano

This hotel’s between the Hacienda Napoles and the Rio Claro nature reserve, making it a perfect location.

Its rooms accommodate up to five people and include a private bathroom, Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioning.

The hotel has an outdoor pool, a restaurant where you can eat a typical Bandeja Paisa (one of the best I have eaten), and free parking lots.

The green areas are very spacious, and you can have a drink in the social areas or garden. There’s also a laundry service.

They can lend you a bike with which you can go to the Hacienda Napoles (it takes two minutes) or the Cañon de Rio Claro (10 minutes).

Sometimes it’s a little hot in the rooms, so it’s better to turn on the air conditioning.

As for the prices, it’s a perfect hotel for low budgets, plus you’ll save a lot on transport since you have tourist places a few minutes from the hotel.

Website: https://www.paradordelgitano.com/

Address: Autopista Medellín – Bogotá en el kilómetro 164

Ecohotel Natural

Ecohotel Natural

Ecohotel Natural offers cabins with a beautiful and cozy natural environment. It’s a perfect experience for couples and one of the best places to stay in Doradal.

Although this option is a little more expensive and luxurious, it’s worth its price and they offer services.

What stands out most about the place is the private access to the river of crystal clear waters, so you can take a day to stay in the cabin and take a walk. Also, you’ll have a balcony overlooking the river in your room!

All rooms include breakfast, but depending on your preferences, they can also come with a jacuzzi, private bathroom, outdoor shower, fan, bathtub, catamaran mesh, parking lots, and toiletries.

It’s a common place to propose to your loved one or celebrate birthdays due to the beauty of its cabins and the landscape.


Address: Doradal, Puerto Triunfo. 

Hotel Yahaya

Hotel Yahaya

Another very well-located hotel, Yahaya is five minutes from the Hacienda Napoles and 15 minutes from the Natural Reserve Cañón del Rio Claro.

Its rooms accommodate up to seven people and include breakfast, a private bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi, and an entrance to the pool, where you’ll find water slides and a tanning area!

You’ll have to pay a few coins for the parking lot, but don’t worry, it’s only a few cents.

They also have 24-hour restaurant service, in case you fancy a chicharron at 3 am. In addition, they have a Bancolombia ATM and a shop of typical Colombian crafts in case you want to buy a souvenir.

You can choose to cool down with a fan or air conditioning in the double rooms. However, in the high season, the price difference is noticeable. Now you know, if you want to save some money, you’ll have to get used to the fan!

After all, it’s a perfect hotel for big families, at an excellent price, and with all the necessary services for a good holiday.

Website: https://www.hotelyahaya.com/

Address: Autopista Medellin, Doradal

Choose Your Ideal Hotel in Doradal

Now that you know the best hotels in Doradal, you can choose yours and enjoy this beautiful place! Whether in a jacuzzi, by the pool, or walking along the river, I’m sure it’ll be an unforgettable experience.

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