A Guide on Where to Eat in Rionegro

Where to Eat in Rio Negro

TLDR? You can find everything in Rionegro, from traditional and sophisticated meals to fast food and picnics.

Since Antioquia’s well-known for its cuisine and gastronomic options, I couldn’t stay behind on the best food options in this region. 

Rionegro’s known for having one of the busiest airports in Colombia, but there’s so much more to do in this city!

After days of trying delicious dishes, I have to say that Rionegro has much to offer gastronomically. Keep reading, and discover the best restaurants in and around Rionegro!

Best Breakfast Places in Rionegro

Antioquian people are used to having breakfast with eggs, arepa, chorizo, and hot chocolate or coffee. In addition to the traditional breakfast, I found two places that served both brunch and international breakfast in Rionegro. 

La Jacinta

La Jacinta

La Jacinta is a classy and elegant restaurant located in Llanogrande, about 15 minutes by car from Rionegro. It opens for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner. 

You should try La Aromatica de la Casa, a blue-flowered tea with a bittersweet taste! And if you’re more of a coffee lover, try the Mochaccino or the Cappuccino with almond milk. 

What about breakfast? I recommend Huevos Rancheros, a casserole with eggs in the oven, tomato, onion, ham, ranch sauce, cheese, and some spicy sauce. If you want your safe choice, they also serve American breakfast or benedict eggs, among other options.

Concerning pastry offers, I recommend the Choco Almendras Croissant and the Tequeños, which is a salty pastry stuffed with a lot of melted cheese!

Address: Km 8 via Don Diego, Vda. Tres Puertas, Rionegro, Antioquia

La Finca De Rigo

La Finca De Rigo

Finca De Rigo is the perfect place for your weekend, where you can relax after a bicycle ride with your friends and have an open-air breakfast.

The menu has many international dishes, from BBQ ribs to Tacos and from the Chinese Bao to the national Cazuela Montañera.

I recommend two of my favorite breakfast options: El Desayuno de Michy, for sweet breakfast lovers, and El Desayuno de Rigo, for salty ones.

The first one consists of sweet french toast with fruits, a portion of eggs and bacon, and a hot drink. The second option is like a traditional Colombian breakfast: arepa, cheese, eggs, and a hot drink – chocolate, cappuccino, americano, or regular coffee.

The pluses besides the delicious food are many: they also have a bar, a picnic area, a graffiti area, a mountain bike ramp, and also showers to fresh yourself after the exercise. And for the little ones, there’s a little farm where you can feed pigs, sheep, and a llama, among others!

This restaurant is in Llanogrande, about 15 minutes by car from downtown Rionegro. 

Address: KM13 + 360 Vía JMC, Rionegro, Antioquia

Best Lunch Places in Rionegro

Rionegro offers restaurant choices for all tastes, from fancy and expensive restaurants to those that seem more like picnics in nature. I want to show you two of my favorite options!

Della Nonna Trattoria

Della Nonna Trattoria

This Italian restaurant’s one of the most known in Rionegro. It has three other sites in Medellin.

I recommend that seafood lovers try the Pulpo al Ajillo, an octopus with garlic. It’s a costly meal but big enough to share.

And for pasta lovers, find yourself in paradise! They have various pasta sauces. My favorite is carbonara!

If you want something different, try Pasta al Burro con Tartufo negro, a butter sauce with truffle. It has a robust and unique taste.

To level up your lunch, ask the waitress to suggest an Italian wine that matches your chosen dish.

Website: https://dellanonna.com.co/

Address: Mall Puerto Bulevar, Llanogrande, Llano Grande, Rionegro, Antioquia



If you’re planning a Sunday with your friends and family and want a place with a big yard and maybe some fun activities too, Pikenique’s the place for you.

The place’s main course is Picadas: a plate for two or more people with different kinds of meat, potatoes, chicharron, patacon and plantains, arepas, etc. They also have Picada with seafood and one that combines seafood and meats. 

Pikenique offers a Pike Jump to dare yourself and a play park with kids. They also play live music in the afternoon on the weekends.

Address: Kilómetro 1,5 vía el Tablazo – Llanogrande Torres del Aeropuerto José María Córdova, Rionegro, Antioquia

Best Dinner Places in Rionegro

Do you want a more casual and informal place for dinner? Are you feeling fancy and want something more elegant? For each mood, here’s your best option!

La Villa Llano Grande

La Villa Llano Grande

This place has elegant and cozy vibes for your countryside trip. 

La Villa Llano Grande specializes in slow cooking and has the best well-stocked Gin bar in Colombia.

The chef recommends the Confit de Codillo de Cerdo, a confit pork knuckle, but I also recommend Jack Daniel’s ribs, soaked with the same BBQ sauce.

The restaurant’s also perfect for vegetarians, with different salads and delicious veggie noodles.

Website: https://lavillallanogrande.com/

Address: 574, Llano Grande, Rionegro, Antioquia

Porko Burger

Porko Burger

Porko Burger’s a place for fast food lovers in San Antonio de Pereira, five minutes by car from Rionegro. 

I had seen in the reviews that this was the best burger many people had in their lives, and I just want to confirm: its juiciness is incredible! 

Get the Big Porko with triple beef or the Burger de Chicharron!

They also have other options like ribs, hot dogs, and French fries with different toppings.

Address: 4JJ9+G9, Rionegro, Antioquia

Find Your Favourite Restaurant in Rionegro

Now it’s your turn to make your choice! Touring around may get you super hungry, so depending on how much time you spend in Rionegro, you might even try all of these places!

Enjoy this beautiful town and all it has to offer!

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