Where and How to Buy Tickets to Medellin

Where and How to Buy Tickets to Medellín

TLDR? There are several low-cost online platforms that can help you score affordable tickets to Medellin.

If you’ve chosen to travel to Medellin, you’ve probably been checking the places you want to visit and making plans.

However, to guarantee those plans, you must be there: you have to buy your tickets! And that may be the most complex part of planning since you’ll find many offers online.

The internet has simultaneously simplified the ticket-buying process and made it more demanding due to all the variables you’ve got to consider.

Continue reading this guide and learn how and where to buy tickets to Antioquia’s capital!

Look for Tickets in Agencies 

Tickets in Agencies

Some people may distrust any e-commerce or virtual Tourism Agency – and they aren’t wrong since you’ll find many traps online.

However, some well-known international companies can help you find the best prices, schedules, airlines, and itineraries!

Many of them can even put together a complete tour in your destination city with which you won’t have to do anything but enjoy.

Just keep in mind some tips, such as browsing in incognito mode and having flexibility when choosing your travel dates. 

I want to talk about some easy-to-use and trustworthy websites to facilitate your process!



Despegar.com is a recognized agency that promises good flight and hotel deals. You have the following options:

  • Flight + Hotel
  • Flight + Hotel + Rented Car
  • Flight + Tours

Just choose the dates or dateless, your origins, destination, and the number of passengers, and the Despegar search engine will guide you.

Like all tourist agencies, the online ones also charge a percentage for the service. You can also search on their platform and then go to the airline’s website to purchase the tickets, but you’ll have to book hotels, tours, and rentals on your own.



Hopper is one of North America’s most downloaded Apps that helps travelers save a little.

How? This application is associated with international airlines, hotels, houses, and car rentals, offering everything you need on vacation without missing a beat and at very favorable prices.

This company works on predictions: Hopper’s algorithms continuously analyze prices in real-time.

Just enter your desired flight data and wait for Hopper’s bunny to notify you when a good deal is available.

A nice fact: For each reservation in Hopper, the company plants two trees to help offset the carbon footprint of your trip with the Hopper Trees program.



Momodo seeks to place travelers on good flights, hotels, tours, bus or train trips, and even motorhomes!

This agency compresses all the offers of up to 900 websites into one, which also operates in 35 international markets allowing users to search and compare offers. What a way to save time and money searching!

In addition, this agency’s website promises that the algorithm won’t affect the search, so the prices will always be the same.

Put together a good tour with Momondo’s help without having to browse airline or hotel pages for fear of paying service charges. This platform is 100% free and doesn’t charge you to find the best for your trip!

Student Universe

Student Universe

Those who have finished high school or college know what it’s like to save a penny on the dollar.

Student Universe is a website that offers exclusive discounts for young people, and those under 26 years of age, on flights from up to 220 airlines, hotels, tours, and car rentals.

You can put together a complete tour thanks to hundreds of offers for young people only!

Besides getting a good trip with affordable and discounted prices for students, you can receive promotional codes regularly and cancel any reservation 24 hours before without risk.

Attention to this: the promotional codes apply to people of all ages, so don’t worry if you’re already in your 30s or 60s: you can still benefit from this site!

Book Your Tickets to Medellin 

With online agencies, you don’t have to worry about hiring a stay, then finding a place to rent a car, and maybe searching every day where and how to do a tour.

You just need to find the best packages on these websites or applications. So plan your touristing and don’t sweat over the rest: buy your tickets to Medellin today! 

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