Rainy Season vs. Dry Season: When to Visit Medellín

Rainy Season vs. Dry Season: When to Visit Medellín

TLDR? Any time is a great time to visit Medellin since this city has some of the best weather in Colombia!

Before you pack your bags for any trip, you should know what kind of weather you’ll face at your destination. 

While the city of Medellín generally has a sunny climate, it does have a rainy season and mountainous areas that fill parts of the city with fog. 

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the rainy and dry seasons of Medellín and let you know the best time to visit the city. 

Average Weather in Medellin

Average Weather in Medellin

Medellín earned the nickname “The City of Eternal Spring” for its beautiful weather and the flower fair, but that doesn’t mean the city never has rainy days. 

Medellín’s climate is usually ideal, never too hot or too cold, and its average temperature ranges between 65 °F and 85 °F. 

While Colombia is not a country with seasons, cities like Medellín have dry and wet seasons. During the dry season, there’s less chance of precipitation, but you’ll still experience a shower here and there. 

Don’t get overconfident in the wet season—even if the morning weather seems sunny, clouds gather quickly, so remember to carry a rain jacket and umbrella with you. 

I don’t recommend relying on weather apps either. They usually show you that it’s going to rain all the time due to the mountainous, cloudy areas of Medellín. 

When to Visit Medellin

When to Visit Medellin

Whether you’re planning your trip to Medellín or looking to extend your stay in the city, you’ll need to take the rainy and sunny seasons into account. 

  • Rainy months: April, May, October, and November.
  • Warmest month: July. 
  • Driest and busiest months: December, January, February, and March. August is usually one of the busiest for the flower fair. 

The best time to visit Medellín is from the beginning of December until March, but keep in mind that the sunny seasons are usually the most crowded with tourists, and lodging prices tend to increase. 

What to Do in the Dry Season?

What to Do in the Dry Season?

Don’t worry about boiling during the dry season. While the weather is warm, the heat isn’t sweltering, and you won’t be sweating all the time. 

Medellín has a ton of fun activities to do at any time of the day or night: this is a city that never sleeps! 

I recommend trying out some of these great activities: 

  1. Visit Guatapé: This famous place is home to the Peñol stone as well as a gorgeous lake. 
  2. Tour of the magical murals of Medellin: Make sure to put La comuna 13  on your list and check out some of Medellín’s famous street art. 
  3. Hiking: For a city, Medellin has some beautiful hiking spots, such as Parque Arví, Cerro Nutibara and Parque Piedras Blancas.

What to Do in the Rainy Season?

What to Do in the Rainy Season?

A rainy day doesn’t have to be a boring day! 

No need to stay home, you can always rent a car or use a rideshare app to take you to your destination in style. 

If you’re visiting during the rainy season, take advantage of the lack of tourists and crowds. 

Here are some great activities to try when the day turns gray: 

  1. Cooking Class
Cooking Class

If you are going to visit Medellín, you should absolutely do a food-based tour,  full of delicious typical dishes from both the country and Antioquia.

Taking a cooking course will not only help you learn more about Paisa culture, but it’ll also give you the skill to practice during rainy days. 

  1. Visit Museums
Visit Museums

Although Medellín has some outdoor museums, it also has a great list of indoor museums you can visit to soak up some Antioquian history, art, and culture. Medellín’s most famous museums are: 

  • Antioquia Museum 
  • Water museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • The Castle Museum and Gardens

Once the rain has passed, check out the Plaza Botero park, located outside the Antioquia Museum, to see some gorgeous outdoor sculptures, or walk through the gardens of the Castle Museum. 

  1. Go to Mall
Go to Mall

Going to a mall in Medellin means finding everything in one place, all while avoiding nasty weather. 

In an average mall, you can eat, watch a movie, or go to a bar. If you have kids, many malls have indoor attractions perfect for your little ones. 

What Should You Pack to Go to Medellin

Pack to Go to Medellin

If you’re visiting Medellin during the rainy season, make sure to pack some clothes that’ll protect you from cold or unexpected rain. 

That being said, the city is usually sunny during the day, so pack your favorite clothes and some sunscreen if you plan to tour Las Comunas of Medellín.

I recommend comfortable clothing, sunglasses, and a nice paisa hat. 

At night the weather cools down a bit, so if you’re the type to get chilly, pack a light jacket as well. 

If you plan to go hiking at night to one of the city’s hills, keep in mind that the higher altitude brings the temperature down, so throw a sweater in your bag as well. 

Enjoy the Weather of Medellin

Now you’re ready to visit Medellin year round! 

Pick the dates that work best for you and pack your suitcase. The City of Eternal Spring is waiting for you. 

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