Spending a Day at Comfama Girardota

Spending a Day at Comfama Girardota

TLDR? Comfama Girardota is a family waterpark where you can splash around!

If you’re visiting Girardota and don’t know where to go on a sunny and hot day, how about taking a trip to the best water park in this village?

Known for its mix of amusement park and water attractions, Comfama Girardota’s abundance of fun activities promises an unforgettable day of cruising down water slides for you and your family. 

So get into your bathing suit and slather on some sunscreen, and I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to spend the day at Comfama Girardota! 

Getting to Comfama Girardota

Getting to Comfama Girardota

Also known as Comfama Copacabana or Las Ballenitas, you’ll find the water park in Girardota, a village just 30 minutes away from Medellin. 

If you’re coming from Medellin, taking the metro is the fastest way to get to Comfama Girardota. Get on at the Niquia station and take the Candó or Comfama bus. You’ll then need a ticket for Copacanbana that’ll take you directly to the park. 

You can also get off at the Prado station and take route 2 of Expreso Girardota or a bus to Barbosa.

If you’ve skipped leg day and are in need of a bit of exercise, consider renting a bike! You can keep it in the park for the day for your ride home. 


Address: Cra. 18 #5A – 65, Girardota, Antioquia.

The Best Time to Visit Comfama Girardota

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Comfama Girardota is in the dry season, between December and March. 

I recommend arriving at the park when it opens at 9:00 am, giving you enough time to get good places in line and tour the entire park. 

Weekends and holidays usually bring big crowds and long lines, so if crowded places are not your thing it’s better to go on a weekday. 

Keep in mind that some attractions temporarily close in rainy weather, so make sure to check the forecast before you go. 

You’ll definitely want to have the entire day off to take full advantage of Comfama Girardota’s attractions and cool off in the pool! 

Inside Comfama Girardota

Inside Comfama Girardota

Comfama Girardota’s close proximity to Medellin and reasonable ticket prices are part of why this water park is one of the area’s most popular. If you’re bringing kids along, their ticket prices come at a discount. 

If you get hungry, grab lunch or a snack at the park restaurant. Visitors are also allowed to bring their own food if you’re trying to stay frugal. 

The first thing you’ll notice when entering the park is the lush greenery surrounding the lakes and pools, where you can find the perfect green spot to eat a small picnic or set up your tent to take a nap.

Now that you know how to get to Girardota Comfama and what to expect when you arrive, let’s talk attractions! 

Kids Aquapark

In the middle of the children’s pools, you’ll find the famous whale-shaped attraction that gives the park the name “Las Ballenitas,” or “the little whales.” The shallow pool depth is ideal for kids, but keep an eye on your little ones all the same! 

The carousel and train circuit are two great dry attractions for children tired of the water, but keep in mind that rainfall, weather, and maintenance may cause temporary closures of these attractions. 

Lanchas Choconas and Boats

The Lanchas Chonconas is my favorite attraction at Comfama Girardota—imagine bumper cars, but in the water. Don’t expect to leave with dry clothes! 

If you’re looking for something a little quieter, take a ride on the lake in a larger paddle boat but make sure you avoid running over the ducks! 

Chorros Locos

The water obstacle course will make you feel like a child again. Take advantage of water guns to annoy your friends as they try to overcome all the obstacles! 



Take a few rides down Comfama Girardota’s waterslides for a bit of an adrenaline rush! There’s usually a bit of a line, but I promise it’s worth it. 

I recommend bringing some nose plugs to avoid getting water up your nose. 

Mini Golf

If you need a rest from the water, take a break and play a game of mini golf with your friends. There are some great courses to test your skills! 

Bumper Cars

If you liked the Lanchas Chonconas or are a fan of traditional bumper cars, hop into the ring and bump everyone around! Just remember to keep your hands and feet inside the cart. 

Spend a Sunny Day at Comfama Girardota

Whether you’re looking for a fun family day or just want an opportunity to cool off from the heat, Comfama Girardota is the perfect place to try new things and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know to plan a refreshing day at the water park, all that’s left for you to do is have fun! 

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